Weight Loss and Sex – Sex After Weight Loss

You do not need to be a genius to figure it out – if you are in a good physical condition, you are less likely to suffer from different health conditions, and your sex life will be better.

Overweight? Sex will feel like a burden – a difficult exercise.

Weight loss and sex go hand in hand, but at the same time, there are plenty of myths about erectile dysfunction, sexual issues, high blood pressure, effects of low body weight, your blood flow, and your sex life – you name it, there is a myth or a misconception about it.

This article will give you all the details about the correlation between weight loss and sex.

Does Sex Make You Lose Weight Or Gain Weight?

You search over the Internet and you will find different answers. Some say that sex can make you gain weight, while others see it as exercise.

After all, any type of physical activity (including sex) will burn some calories. Therefore, you should be able to lose weight, belly fat, you name it.

Where is the truth then?

Based on scientific studies, sex will make you lose weight. On the same note, losing weight will also prevent ED (erectile dysfunction) and heart disease, improve erectile function overtime and give you normal sexual function.

The myth about weight gain is related to women. It is not necessarily about weight gain, though.

Once they lose their virginity and engage in active sexual life, muscles around the hips and thighs strengthen to keep their legs spread for too long – just like any other exercise.

Therefore, some women – especially the skinny ones – will gain a bit of muscle on their hips.

Bottom line, you will never gain more weight by having sex. Instead, you will burn calories and lose fat. Integrate using a device like electric vacuum pump for men and it will increase your sexual performance and even improve your testosterone levels with no risk factors.

Why Does Sex Feel Different After Weight Loss?

Sex, when you are overweight, is a harsh exercise. Your heart is under pressure, so unexpected problems may arise.

High cholesterol will also affect your blood flow and erections due to clogging blood vessels.

So, why does sex feel different after weight loss? What are the changes?

Higher Self-Esteem, More Confidence In Bed

You lost some weight and you can see a bit of shape around the abs. Your chest looks better, and you no longer look like you have breasts.

You are more attractive, and you know it – in other words, people will also notice it, adding to your self-confidence and self-esteem.

There is more body confidence to help you feel good in bed. You no longer need to hide your belly.

You are no longer embarrassed, so you have a normal erectile function. Your testosterone production is also higher – better erections. Blood vessels are clear of fat too.

Less Intimacy Issues

A healthy relationship is based on deep intimacy, but intimacy issues are common in many couples.

Consensual intimacy is no longer necessary if you know your partner is out of your league. Excess belly fat, a high body mass index, blood pressure, and poor blood flow will affect your erections.

Your confidence will increase when all these problems disappear. Once you lose excess fat, your increased self-esteem will clear out the stress associated with not being able to connect with your partner. A healthy weight is often the key to a healthy relationship.

Easy To Masturbate

Masturbation is healthy and necessary. Even if it is still a taboo topic for many, masturbation will help you realize what works for you.

It also keeps you healthy – a must for everyone out there. With all these, masturbation can be an issue when you need to lose fat.

Due to the extra layers of fat, overweight people will find it difficult to masturbate.

Furthermore, you will fail to experience the right level of sensitivity when your partner touches you. Losing weight will make masturbation easy.

A few lifestyle changes can help obese men do it by the book.

Plenty Of Stamina

Losing weight will prevent cardiovascular disease and other health conditions. High blood sugar, low testosterone…

All these things kill your stamina, even if you get a blue pill to impress your partner. Losing weight will clear blood vessels, leading to healthier sex.

If you end up hyperventilating, tired, thirsty, and in need of a break throughout or after the first round, you need to lose weight.

Sex exercise can be exhausting and will lead to health issues. Boost your heart health and shed a few pounds to feel good after sex rather than about to die.

Higher Sex Drive

Obesity appears to bring an increased risk to your libido and overall health. ED pills or any other ED treatment like penis cream may work temporarily, but not in the long run.

You need a healthy weight to supply blood to all organs and even prevent the metabolic syndrome that ruins everything. Your libido will improve when you feel healthy and self-confident – when sex is no longer an issue.

Your body will function normally, so your partner will be happier. A healthy weight can even prevent erectile dysfunction, a common issue among overweight men.

More Testosterone, Less Erectile Dysfunction Problems

Talking about erectile issues, natural male enhancement pill is a good option. You need physical activity and a healthy diet for all ED treatments.

High self-esteem and a good appearance will also add to your natural testosterone production, which can prevent performance anxiety. Plenty of testosterone and good blood flow can prevent a potential cardiovascular event.

Extra weight will not let the penis dilate accordingly and can reduce the blood flow in the penile area, causing ED.

Can You Lose Weight By Having Sex?

Sex is considered a form of exercise. The difference between sex and gym exercises is the ending. You are happy and fulfilled when you are done with a workout in the gym, but you have a happier ending when you have sex.

The repetitive movement – regardless of what sex positions you use – will burn some calories. This is why you often feel like you are out of breath or exhausted after having sex.

It is not as intense as a proper gym workout, but it gets the job done and will burn some calories.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Having Sex?

Many factors can influence the number of calories burned during sex.

For example, it depends on which partner moves more. If she only lays on her back or in the doggy-style position, you will probably burn more calories than she does.

She will burn more calories if she goes on top and does most of the work.

On average, a man will burn around 100 calories over a 15 or 20-minute sex session. Men tend to dominate and move more in bed. On the other hand, women tend to burn around 70 calories whenever they have sex.

Again, many other things can change the outcome. Intense or rapid sex will burn more calories. The longer you go, the more calories you will burn too. All these things can affect the final result.

Is Sex Enough For Weight Loss?

Long sex sessions can burn up to 250 calories, but these cases are rare. Now, if your main goal is to lose weight, chances are sex will help, but it will not be enough. It makes a good cardio workout without the hassle of going to the gym – and with a happier ending too.

On the other hand, a cardio session in a gym can easily burn over 500 calories in an hour. Do a long session, and you may burn up to 1,000 calories, so the gym is much more effective than sex – basically, sex is only a bonus.

On the same note, even if you are not into cardio, a gym session involving weights can burn just as many calories. Still, over a longer period of time – basically, you will keep burning calories even as your muscles and body recover.

Bottom line, sex is great to lose weight, but you will need a bit more than that.

Best Positions To Burn More Calories Having Sex

The butter churner position and the kneeling wheelbarrow will burn more calories than other sex positions.

Besides, they are fun, so your partner will enjoy the slightly unusual positions – a win-win situation.

The eagle, spooning, and missionary positions are also great for men. They end up doing most of the work, and sometimes, they need to do it in an awkward position, meaning they must make some effort and burn more calories.

The doggy style is somewhere in the middle. This position makes most women come – great for men as well. At the same time, men need to move a lot, so it is not just fun for both partners but also suitable for weight loss.


Weight loss and sex do go hand in hand. It is like a vicious yet positive circle. You end up having sex to lose weight, and you lose weight to make sex more exciting.

Of course, there are a few ideas, tips, and tricks to do it more effectively – and chances are you will need more than sex.

Armando Reyes
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