3 Best Water Penis Pumps For Longer and Thicker Penis Enlargement

As soon as you get to that point in life where you begin worrying about your penis size, it can definitely flatten your self-esteem. No guy wants to accept the idea that their cock is small and it’s nonetheless a very taboo subject for boys to deal with. After all, who wants to confess of their “size” problem?

If you’ve been searching online for some time now for a solution to your modest pecker, you may have already stumbled upon male sexual products. You may have questions on its effectiveness, use, and type.

Of course, it’s important to understand that solving the issues you have in your sex life should be the main goal, so obviously, you want to know if such devices can provide the help you need to achieve harder erections and a bigger dick.

In this article, I’ll show you if these can be possible using penis pumps. I’ll review three of the best water penis pump in the market right now. You’ll know how penile hydro pump typically works if it can give you that bigger male package, and even help you achieve rock solid boner. You should know if water penis pump is the answer to your wildest dream of a being a sex magnet for chicks.

Water Penis PumpRatingSiteGains in lengthGain in girth
HydroMax X-Series
5/5Shop Here2-3 inches35%
Hydromax Xtreme
4/5Hydromax Xtreme
25% or 2-4 inches30%
Penomet Penile Pump
4/5Shop Here3 inches30%

Best Penile Hydro Pumps

After plenty of research and testing, these represent the best water penis pumps available right now. If you’re looking for the solution for increase girth size, your search is over. Every single hydro pump listed below can give you superb results.

I bought and tested various Penis Enlargement Products and used one of them every single day for 6 months and had 0.75 inches in length size. I slowed down using them because I needed to focus on girth or circumference.

That’s how I discovered Hydropumps. From my research, I discovered there were leading brands that are distributed online, namely Penomet and Bathmate.

I ordered 3 variations of Bathmate and Penomet so I could compare them. I’ve since been testing them out, on different occasions, usually in masturbation and prior to sex.

#1 HydroMax X-Series Penile Pump

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Hydromax X-Series comes at the top in my reviews since it’s proved in research by a team of scientists and feedback by users that it can help you improve the dimensions and can preserve the penile erection for a long period.

It’s authorized by healthcare doctors and can even help you fight Peyronie’s diseases.

A reasonably priced penis growth device, the Hydromax X-Series is one of the top male sex products preferred by many men.

Think about it, the pump is convenient to use, whether you’re in the shower and taking a bath. The device comes in handy as you prepare in the morning. The product has undergone a number of improvements to meet the needs of the times.

The is not the only water penile pump brand by Bathmate, but it comes in a series of pumps that vary in dimensions and tension. The Hydromax pumps are much like the other brand, however, the overall construction is different.

The X-Series pumps come in as efficient and has a compact advantage over Penomet. If your dick is very tiny (under 3 inches) the Hydromax X20 would be a perfect selection for you.


The pumps have an excellent feature called Bellow Pump System, which provides a new smooth sealing for your genitals. To put it differently, you’ll have greater convenience for your cock pump use. Your testicle area and penis base would have less stress, and you’ll see a gradual improvement in your everyday use.

In addition, it also has a full 360° positive rotation capability, by its Swivel Bellows attribute. This will help you get a perfect look at your manhood inside the pump’s chamber when you used it in the shower. Hydromax X-series has earned a lot of awards for its design, function, and capabilities.

The label on this penis enlarger provides a specific size designed to meet the circumference and length of your cock.

Along with an exercise regimen, this HydroMax X-Series can scientifically enlarge your penis.

The same qualities can be said from the products with the exact same brand. If ever, this device operates in any way, for the greater benefit of your penis, so it gets hard and large before sex.

The X-Series has a remarkable quantity of suction, compared to Bathmate, the original. It has a flap on the top that opens/closes and accommodates and controls its suction in the see-through holding chamber. The holding chamber can come in different shades like red, white, or blue.

HydroMax X-Series, like the other products, comes with an optional measurer at the part holding chamber.

Some claim that other penile pumps are much better looking than the X-Series, but all those fancy designed devices really failed to do the things they’re supposed to do.

The designer for this series may have failed to spend a great deal on impressing you with the appearance but proved helpful that it focuses on the functionality, operation, and ease of use.

HyroMax penis pump is common as compared to other penis pumps that use water pressure in revitalizing penis cellular growth. It looks more durable and sturdily made.

The comfort patches offer a lot tighter seal against the body that helps in increasing the suction power.

Its capability to deliver 35% far more in suction power from the original BathMate is worth getting the product.

I once believed that using the X-Series could be complicated once I opened the package. However, I’m amazed by the simplicity of the design. I definitely appreciate every one of the improvements to this model. You’ll notice the internal compartment which brings more space for cock expansion.

Inside Bathmate Hydromax X-Series Package includes the HydroMax X-Series penis pump
soft-touch comfortable removable pad, advertising flyer to the other Bathmate items
hand manual for bath and shower use.

This product is simple to use, with the recently designed Superflow valve, a standard function of all HydroMax models, made it easier to control the pressure in the holding chamber, making it safe and secure.

  • Big and powerful -The X-Series is available in a variety of styles to choose from, with more room on the inside to accommodate growth.
  • Design – The new control design will help you from rupturing blood vessels when increasing suction power.
  • Warranty – The product comes with a 2-year restricted warranty.
  • Metric Guide – The measurement at the front of the holding chamber, has inches and centimeters
  • Safe to use – Made from skin-safe materials, 100% phthalate-free.
  • Tested And Doctor Recommended – Aspen Clinical Analysis Facility helped on the test, trials, and improvement.
  • Brings Results – Manufacturer claim that it can indeed give you a fatter and longer dick.
  • User-Friendly – HydroMax shows how easy you can use the water penis pump (on their site)
  • Quite Expensive – Pricey than the BathMate Original
  • Time-consuming – You need to use 15-minute daily for results

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#2 Hydromax Xtreme Penis Pump

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You can also try an Extreme variation of the Hydromax. The Hydromax Extreme includes a ball and hand pump for a completely customized pressure.

If you’re serious about real results, you can e the Hydromax Xtreme Series. The Hydromax Xtreme is a lot more like an improvement of the Hydromax X-Series.

When you get the Hydromax Xtreme Series, you will be getting a portable case. This has adequate space to place your device and its accessories.

Additionally, it has a unique lock, which means your pump will be secure and no one can see it.

The kit also comes with a shower strap that you can use in the shower, without the need of holding it. You’ll also get a cleaning set, specifically made for cleaning the Hydromax Xtreme pump. It’s vital that you clean the pump, to ensure that it stays free from microorganisms, smudge, and dirt.

Other extras that come in the package include measure gauge plus lube.

If you use the pump as instructed, you’re going to increase your cock by a typical length of 1.77 ins and a girth of .83 inches. Furthermore, using this pump regularly will give you lasting results.

If you read the reviews of the other HydroMax pumps in the lineup (the BathMate with the X-Series), you can guess that the Xtreme model function in the same way as the other devices. The enhancements in the Xtreme series include the valve and some accessories which the others in the lineup don’t have.

HydroMax Xtreme can be considered as a high-end water penis pump, mostly aimed at advanced users. Its designs come with added accessories and in appealing colors.

You can see how innovative their new layout, with the various size designed, geared to the men with a huge penis.

HydroMax Xtreme was made for men who need more enhancement, regardless of whether their dicks are already big.

Not only that, as this version was built for dudes who can use it properly under stress. The standard suction’s pressure, once used, is not for the weak of the heart.

The Hydromax also comes with worldwide delivery, for those guys from other countries who want to order. It also comes with full customer care support if you need queries and 60-day money-back guarantee, in case it didn’t pan out for you.

FeaturesThe makers of the Xtreme Series say that this brand is more expensive, but it can help dudes enlarge the beast between their legs. This series consists of accessories like a detachable handball with a hose attachment, intended for maximum moving pleasure.

This lineup features four different models: the XX20, XX30, XX40, and XX50, each one with the capacity of imposing tremendous pressure in your shaft. By these features, the Xtreme is the best option for seasoned pumpers.

X20- For boys with erect dimensions less than 4.5 in.
X30- For dudes with erect size under 6 in.
X40- For guys with an erect size of 6 in. and over
X50- For men with the erect size of 9 in. and above

What’s Included in the Box?

The HydroMax Xtreme Penis Pump comes with a handy travel case, cleaning sponge, handball pumper, hose to attach to the pump, detachable comfort pad, lubricants,
shower band, and instruction handbook.

  • Lots of Accessories – This series comes with a ton of extras. It’s the greatest model in the Bathmate product line.
  • Brings results – If you faithfully follow the daily penis exercises, you’ll see penile growth after about 2-3 months.
  • Safety – This device in the HydroMax lineup is phthalate-free.
  • Heavy – The Xtreme feels heavy on your crotch.
  • Heavy – The Xtreme feels heavy on your crotch.
  • Expensive – The brand is quite costly

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#3 Penomet Penis Pump

penis pump penis enlargement penis pumps vacuum pump The best penis pumps can be used for erectile dysfunction and for penis enlargement

The Penomet is a scientifically tested and top-rated penis pump unveiled in 2011.

If you get the premium package, you get 5 different power gaiters, which means you can start having a lighter pressure but be able to boost the intensity as you start increasing the size.

Within a good price range, the Penomet pump has been in the industry for a long time and has earned a positive reputation because of the incredible results it brings. Penomet can be considered as an advanced masturbator, but its more viable function is to induce penile growth.

This phenomenal male advancement product has received an SGS ISO 9000 certification, and in 2012 was awarded as “Best Male Enhancement” device. These certifications and awards are not easy to get because the product is required to successfully pass extensive impartial testing to ensure that it indeed provides what it promises.


Penomet features a Gaiter System that’s interchangeable, that can increase the pressure slowly. It comes with over two years of technological research. The tube is made of polycarbonate plastic material, which unbreakable. For basic safety, it also includes a 360-pressure valve.

Penomet has exchangeable Gaiters that allow users to control the chamber’s strain in order to use it safely but with brings satisfying results. The gaiters are made from health-grade silicon, a material that provides higher levels of ease and comfort to your shaft.

Another awesome feature is the two-part function that helps reduce the regulating pressure for efficient results. The tool features a 360 stress release valve for increased safety.

The cylinder is made from polycarbonate plastic that’s durable and sturdy. Furthermore, the cylinder possesses an accurate measurement range, printed clearly so you can see the measurement of your dick as it gains size.

Penomet is available in 3 different offers, this makes it simple to choose one, which will meet your requirements.

The only thing I didn’t like about this penile pump is that users have to fit different personalized-measured parts, in order to make the pump that fits perfectly in the shaft.

You can make sexual intercourse fun and exciting yet again; no more getting filled with the anxiety of not being able to execute in bed. Penomet is the best penis pump for those with erectile dysfunction. I highly recommend this to those who are planning to buy hydro penis pump.

What’s Included In Penomet Package

Package 1 – Standard
This kit uses the Penomet 3.0 pump and the Force 70 Gaiter. You’ll need to visit the Penomet website for full instruction on use.

Package 2 – Extra
This edition actually costs more, but the 3.0 pump includes three gaiters – the 65, the 70, and the 75. It can be worth the extra cost for additional gaiters, but it comes with an automatic lifetime replacement guarantee. It’s definitely worth investing if you want those gains.

Package 3 – Premium
Penomet’s premium is the most expensive as it comes with the 3.0 pump with some extras that makes it a higher cost. The package includes Force 60, 65, 70, and 75 gaiters, with the Extreme Force 80 gaiter for the real pros.

All three packages have different cylinder colors available such as Red, Orange Pink,
Clear Blue, and Violet Green.

  • Size Gains – The Penomet promises girth increase by up to 30% and can extend your penile 3 in.
  • Impotence Prevention- This device also helps males prevent impotence
  • Straighten Up -The Penomet help reverses Peyronie’s condition
  • Sex Performance – This pump can enhance sexual endurance and stamina
  • Hygienic – This can be utilized in the pool area, bathtub, or shower
  • Safe to use, No Batteries – Penomet includes no electric parts with 360 stress release valve
  • Costly – The product is quite expensive for some

penis pump penis enlargement penis pumps vacuum pump The best penis pumps can be used for erectile dysfunction and for penis enlargement.

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What Is Water Penis Pump

The water penis pump is also known as a hydro pump. These pumps can be used for penis enlargement. It uses water to make a vacuum as opposed to air. This is a new method and design in penile pumps, but it’s considerably been proved to be more effective than traditional penile pumps with air pressure. This type of penis pump may look like a standard sex product, but it is a great tool to stimulate your penis to grow.

Hydro Penis Pump Review

Other than knowing the best male sex products you can buy, I’m going to review the best Water Penis Pumps that can boost your sexual masculinity. I’ve spent the past few years trying out distinct brands of male enhancing products, but recently, I’m looking for ways to improve the size using penile pumps. My first goal was to have length and girth gains, after a lot of research.

I find it more valuable to help you in choosing the cream of the crop of hydro pumps. The average dude finds it tough to select the best hydro penis pump, simply because they look only on the seller’s product descriptions.

This is a hard approach due to the fact, merchants out there, go out of their way to promote their products. What matters is that I’ll help you understand what makes a great water penis pump and the decision if you going to follow that bigger size journey is up to you.

Do not be lost in the decision process to select a product only because of its price, since the cost is not necessarily an indicator of effectiveness and quality. Avoid the distress and mistakes by looking at my buying information below.


When it boils down to boosting your cock size, you have to understand that it’s not going to happen overnight, it’s not immediate. Depending on the regular use of your water penis pump, it can and often will increase the girth and even the length of your penis. It can also contribute to stronger orgasms and long lasting hard erections.

It’s crucial and you should keep in mind that the quality of the hydro pump that you buy will almost certainly affect your progress and the results you want. Going for something cheap can get you poor results, it’s that simple (most first-time users make that mistake).

However, investing in a pump like Bathmate can pay off the gains over time. Not only that you will obtain the best water penis pump on the market, but you’ll also have a better total experience. Rest assured, that you’ll have the most secure and most efficient product on the market today. Always, remember, the best penis pumps can be used for erectile dysfunction and for penis enlargement, and they are safe.

Should you have any questions, reactions, just let us know in the comment section. And for those who want to discover more male enhancement products, check out this store.

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