Do Penis Extender Really Work? Top 5 Extender Stretchers to Increase Size

If you’re already unhappy with the size of your manhood, there’s a helpful solution for your sad sex life. I’ve gathered the best penis extenders right now to bring some smile in your face. After using it for a period of time, you’ll be able to flaunt your big front in the office, beach, bars, or anywhere you like women to stare.

I understand how your self-confidence can crash whenever you see the face of your partner cringe in the awful state of your cock. After all, no guy wants to be small in front of their girl.

Of course, a big penis is a boost in your esteem when you meet women, coz you know you can satisfy them. I know for sure coz I’ve been there. Small is terrible in sex. That’s why I’m ecstatic when I learned about cock extenders.

I’m not going to let you wait any longer. Read on to know more about penis extenders to help you increase dick size.

Top 3 Penis Extenders For Cock Enlargement

Have you ever wondered how to enlarge a short penis so you can satisfy your sex partner? There’s no more need to be anxious, as I’ll now give you a review of best penis extenders that work well to extend your manhood. Check the three best penile stretchers available, devices that help you and works like a charm in dick enlargement.

Penis ExtendersRatingPrice CheckFeaturesSuccess Rate
Size Doctor
5/5Click Here to Buy-Worldwide ShippingSolution for small penis size. Helps straighten penile curvature95%
4.1/5Shop HereEffective in size gain. Improve your erections. Solution for Peyronies Disease.95%
Male Edge
4/5Shop HereUse it for size gain. Aids in overall sexual health. Peyronies Disease treatment.94%

#1 Size Doctor Vacuum Extender

Size Doctor is rated at the top and has gained quite a number of good feedback from users for its effectiveness in increasing the cock size.

This product is innovative and specially designed device following 5 years of deep research.

The development underwent many years of tests to produce an advanced penile traction product to enlarge short sized dicks.

This item has been effective and received positive votes from users. It’s at the top of my list and I’m certain you’ll love it as well.

Size Doctor comes with good design and construction. It even has a tube at the tip, to boost the girth with pressure. It comes with sturdy support bars which use traction to stretch your penis. This traction device has several parts made simple and user-friendly to use.

The overall quality is impressive. The company who made it state that Size Doctor is safe for generally healthy men without any side-effects upon use.


This male sex device has a comfortable design, so most men have no trouble with it. It’s convenient to wear, as you get the gains in months of use.

Size Doctor functions so well to lengthen your cock as it even enlarges the cock glans or head. It can also correct penile curvature so you’ll finally have a more satisfying sex life with your spouse.

The device has an interesting feature, the durable gasket seal. It comes in different sizes so it can accommodate various man sizes.

This penis vacuum extender can likewise be used as a penis weight stretcher device utilizing penile glans expansion at the grip.

The grip doesn’t necessarily stop the blood, which makes this safe to use longer, compared to noose designed extenders.

There were case studies and feedback of customers that proved the efficacy of the methods. The safe traction force, according to the company brings positive effects and satisfying results.

The company even offers to return your money in case gains are not as expected after some use. You can visit the product’s website, in case, you need to reach out to them on some concerns.


Size Doctor has an excellent success rate of 95-99%. You can achieve as much as 2 to 3 inches in length, with the glans even enlarging up to 60%. If you have a curved penis, it can be corrected up to 80% all in just 6-8 months regular use.

  • Increase penis length
  • Boost glans size
  • Improve penis erection
  • Cures curved cocks
  • Product is quite expensive

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#2 SizeGenetics

The SizeGenetics brand is one of the best penis extenders available right now which you can use to increase cock length.

Most of the users attest that the device has quite an extreme method, but its effective and generally safe for male enlargement.

It has the huge 2,800 grams tension that really brings the needed stretch and pulls of small dicks.

The big tension is not as bothersome as the company puts a strict production policy to make sure of product safety.

I know that wearing the stretcher can be tough at times, but the Size Genetics provides an ease of comfort. It has durable straps that have a cushion and covers the penis to avoid any tissue injury and soreness.

The product comes with sturdy long bars that can be adjusted in lengths. It’s stretchable, durable, lightweight and rust protected.

A lot of doctors and urologists often recommend this penis stretcher. So, there’s no need to be anxious when you choose this as your product of choice. You’ll certainly like Size Genetics on how it can give you length gains.


With the effective and comfortable use of Size Genetics, its features are surely something you’ll put in consideration if you get this brand. It functions using the principles in traction causing tear and repair of extension ligaments.

The traction gives the tissues the space to grow within the gaps. The cell divides then multiplies to fill the gaps, thus there’s growth in your shaft. This allows your penis to have more blood leading it to increase in length.

SizeGenetics has multi-way comfort system, so it’s easy and convenient for you to use.

Most penis stretchers can be inconvenient when you wear but not with this extender.

As mentioned, the huge tension (2800 grams) is responsible for bringing the desired results.

The company even offers a money back guarantee, so, you need not feel short-handed if you don’t have any size gains. You can seek any answers for concerns at You can also call their phone numbers on their official site for any help.


SizeGenetics has an awesome 90-95% success rate from users. Some attest 2 to 2.5 inches gain in length in 4-5 months of regular use. You should gain more if you’ll use the extender for longer periods.

SizeGenetics has various packages you can choose depending on your budget and needs. The two available package right now are Basic Device (for starters) and Advanced Comfort (for Quick Gains).

  • Effective in length size gain
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Has warranty
  • Doctors recommended
  • Results vary

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#3 Male Edge Extender

The Male Edge Extender is the third item on my list and it’s one of the best sellers in sex shops.

Like the other products, it also uses the science on stretching the penile ligaments for efficient length increase.

The company designed and made the product is based in Europe, stating they’ve used the highest quality materials, with the goal of comfortable wearing for long periods.

Though, keep in mind that this comfort may still vary among users since individuals have different thresholds.

Nevertheless, the Male Edge Extender just weigh less than 70 grams. Just like the second item, this also has 2800 grams tension for that efficient stretch. It can fit any tiny dick sizes from as tiny as 1 inch to big 8 inches in length.

It has the extending rods in a two-front layout. You can adjust the rods and fit accordingly for easy wear that’s comfortable for your body.


The Male Edge Extender‘s features make it one of the most top brands on penis enlargement devices. The product operates on the shaft, as it pulls the tissues to create tears, which results in tissue growth for length in your penis after months of use.

The company provides clear and simple instructions, even available in varying languages. You can see their specific User Guide on their official site. They show a program on how you should use the device in around 2 months before you’ll be able to see noticeable results.

They have a guide to show you how to start if you’re a beginner, telling you the hours of wearing and traction to apply in your first weeks of use.

If you’re from non-English speaking countries, the company provides instructions in other languages to help you out in the manual. The currently available languages include are English, Arabic, German, Japanese, Swedish, Spanish.

This feature is a great indicator on how reliable and trusted their product can be in terms of support.

In case you need additional help or other concerns, you can reach them via email, chat or just call them.

The company makes sure that their product meets your money’s worth so they offer a money back guarantee based on their policy.

As of this writing, there are more than 700,000 happy customers, satisfied with Male Edge Extender, using it every day to achieve their size targets.

The product has 95% success rate for its users, with the average penis length increase of 30% increase in around 6 to 8 months use. Not bad if you’re born with a naturally tiny penis that causes you to lose opportunities in dating hot women in the office or class.

Male Edge has different packages for men with different needs such as Male Edge Basic, Male Edge Extra, Male Edge Pro. Get the one that would meet your budget or your situation.

  • Treats Peyronie’s Disease
  • Recommended by doctors
  • Clinically proved
  • Backed by research
  • Easy to use
  • Can help you gain up to 3 inches
  • Results take time to show

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What Is A Penis Extender

Penis extenders are popular sex product for men and it’s fast gaining approval from lots of users for a way to gain inches in their penis. Extenders are specially made to ‘stretch your cock’.

At first, the known treatment to a bigger dick is surgery, which is quite costly, risky, painful, and its long-term efficiency isn’t as reliable. Regarding this, a new discovery was made, which is affordable, safer, and reliable.

By the way, is also known as penis traction device, as it follows the concept of the traction principle. Penis extenders work extremely well if you care to achieve a longer manhood.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

The device is based on the body process, where muscle and skin tissues undergo
microscopic tears as soon as it is stretched or extended.

There are spaces in the cells that open upon stretching, so your body triggers its natural repair reaction. The cells near to the affected stretched portions, then divide and fill in spaces, bridging the gap, thus causing an increase in size.

There’s healing with the addition of new cells and tissues. If this process repeats regularly, the area gets stretched longer. This is the science behind skin grafting and bodybuilding, which is now popular in penis enlargement.

Penis extenders work in the same way, stretching the cells, making it an effective method to gain cock length.


As you can see, there’s no more need to feel hopeless if you only have a ‘kiddo penis size’. The answer is penis extenders! There are a lot of men worldwide using it and getting the gains promised.

It has been around for many years and has even been prescribed by doctors and urologists. You’ll lose nothing if you try it. As always, consult a doctor to determine if you’re in good health to avoid any side effects and body reactions.

Do you have any questions, reactions, just let me know in the comment section below.

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