3 Best Penis Enlargement Oil to Become Pornstar Size

If you’re looking for a natural remedy to enhance your penis size, erection, and ejaculation – you can use a sex product I’ve been using in the past few years, penis oils.

Why use sex oil application for your cock? If you don’t want risky and painful surgery and can’t afford it, your best choice would be using penis enlargement oils.

The benefit of using penis oils is you just apply them to your genitals, which most of the time has a good aroma. It smells great and puts you in a good mood for sex. This can translate to a stronger sex drive, harder erections, and more energy for longer sex.

With penis enhancement oils, simply massage it in your cock to make it larger, longer, and firmer. Curious if penis oils really bring positive results, read more on my article.

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Lanthome Herbal Penis Oil
4.9/5Shop HereEnhances your sex drive. Boosts larger, fuller erection. Smells good with sex enhancing the aroma. Also delays ejaculation. Size gains with the long-term regular use.
Boarun Penis Oil
4.8/5Shop HereFast absorption. Organic ingredients. Harder solid erection. Nonsticky feel. Well known sex product company. Treats ejaculation issues. Penis growth with the long-term regular use
MK Penis Enlargement Increase Oil
4.8/5Shop HereUses natural sex health enhancers. Enlarges your cock safely. Noticeable size gains in length and girth. Boosts nitric oxide, for more blood flow. Improvement in erection quality. Helps in ejaculation problems.

What is Penis Enlargement Oil

Penis oils are popular topical methods right now for male enhancement, with ingredients, when applied on the skin, go directly into the bloodstream of the penis. The ingredients used in male sex oils mostly come from natural ingredients, so they’re safe to apply.

Essentially, you can have sex without having to think about any harmful substances. Of course, this depends on the ingredients and the brand you’ll get. I recommend you get the penis oil products I mentioned in this review since I bought and tested these brands and it works for me.

Most of the popular penile oils include basic amino acids and essential nutrients like arginine, which is known to treat erectile dysfunction and has been discovered p to help men with sexual issues.

Other common ingredients for oils include organic plant seeds, aloe vera extracts, fruit extracts, essential oil extracts, and other pure compounds that brings good vitamins for topical medication in the penis.

How Penis Oils Works

Penis oils are made up of 90% organic ingredients that directly go into your penile tissue. The process it undergoes is it then raises the nitric oxide in your genitals, so more blood gets to flow in the vessels and tissues.

For this reason, your cock gets engorged and gets a harder erection. Aside from enlarging the size of your dick, the sex oil product then helps you achieve better control in your ejaculation. Penis oils rightfully work for those looking for a helpful treatment to boost your sex life.

How To Use Penis Oil

You can use penis oil as a practical solution for erection, ejaculation and penis enlargement needs. Get used to it as directed to get the best results. I’ve prepared some tips to help you get started in the use of penis oil.

Apply a few drops – Don’t use more and think that pouring a lot of oil can give you fast results. If you go beyond the amount suggested, your risk having side effects like burning, rashes, and irritation. Also, it can be a waste as it will only drip instead of being absorbed into the penile area.

Use fingers – When you massage, gently stroke and rub using the index finger and thumb. Don’t use palm or whole hand, since oil will just go to the hands.

Store in a cold dry dark place – Be sure to store penis oil in the cold and dark area, not near light or heat.

Top 3 Penis Oil for Penis Enlargement, Erection, Ejaculation

Here are three of the best penis oils right now in the market. I’ve bought and tried the products myself and can attest to their effectiveness to improve erection hardness, ejaculation time, and importantly boost penis length and girth size

1. Lanthome Herbal Penis Oil

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The Lanthome Penis Oil is my top recommended penis oil. I’ve recently used this for a year and noticed growth in my manhood by a few centimeters in length and girth (using it in conjunction with pump and extender). I massage this every day in the morning and at night.

I also noticed an increase in my libido, stamina, and energy. I would say it already improved my sex performance, for I can stay longer in sex. It has built my confidence in bed and I had the self-esteem to ask girls for a night, without fear of any trouble on ejaculation or erection.

The Lanthome penis oil is made from 100% natural ingredients, so yes! It’s generally safe to apply to your member. I’ve been massaging and it smells good too.

Oh, by the way, this can enhance the circulation in your penis as it naturally uses vasodilators, so no more erection problems for you.

However, remember that you get the best results if you also do penile exercises, with the use of penis pumps, or penis extenders. I discover this myself, Lanthome penis oils work best if you also do exercises, pumping, and stretching, as it works out the arteries and tissues in your penis. Before and after exercise, when you apply the sex oil on your cock, it absorbs the vitamins and nutrients faster.

I’ve used this wonderful penis oil myself before sex, and yeah, it made sex encounters more exhilarating. I feel stronger erections, while I was able to control and delay my ejaculation whenever I really want to explode.

There are many men who can attest to how Lanthome helped them improved ejaculation, erection, and more importantly, gain growth.
Having used Lanthome Penis Enlargement Oil, I really like its aromatic smell and lovely sensation. The best part about this penis oil is the sexual benefits, which I can’t stress enough. Overall, Lanthome is a good value for money.

Some of the tips I can give you when using Lanthome is to always store it in a safe, cold, dark spot. Don’t store it near heat or light.

Be sure to clean your penis and it’s completely dry before you apply the natural oil. It’s safe to use 1-2 times every day. If you’ll apply, no need to use the whole hand and palm since oil can spread there which can be a waste. You can just use 2 or 3 fingers when you rub your pecker. Also, don’t pour in a lot of oil. Just gently, tilt the bottle to get a few drops.

Using this herbal penis oil can help you want sex more, all over again, just like in younger years. Lanthome is generally safe to use with its natural ingredients, so it does not have side effects or cause any harm to your cum.

The ingredients of Lanthome penis oil include jasmine, jojoba, grape seed, actinolite, chive seed, Epimedium, and other potent male enhancement botanicals. I highly recommended that you get 4 bottles, for you to get the full effect and benefits in long-term use.

  • Enhances your sex drive
  • Boosts larger, fuller erection
  • Smells good with sex enhancing the aroma
  • Also delays ejaculation
  • Size gains with the long-term regular use
  • Results may vary

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2. Boarun Male Permanent Penis Extender Enlarger Oil


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Boarun sex oil product provides you that potent effectiveness for hard and firm erections. I’ve tried this brand myself and I can attest to how it helps me get more control in penetrations and ejaculation. It even increases my size by a few centimeters. This is not as messy as a lube or some type of oil product.

This penis oil uses natural ingredients pure natural plant extracts, including jasmine, sandalwood, Epimedium, Actinolite, Philippines rapeseed, camellia oil and Jojoba oil. It uses the Chinese herbal formula to promote blood circulation and make your penis grow thick, improve your sex life and extend your longevity in the bedroom.

This penis enlargement oil is a great topical solution for male enhancement with a quick-action transdermal formula that fast absorbs into your body. It does not have any artificial colors or petrol compounds.

What I like about Boarun penis enlargement oil is how it gets absorbed fast into my penile tissue. It’s easy to use and has no side effects. It doesn’t leave any residue so your partner will not know you’re using it. When I bought the package, it came in a 10ml container, which is light and convenient to bring if you travel. It’s discreet wherever and whenever you want to use it.

Easily apply a few drops of VigRX Oil to the penile head, shaft, and base. Don’t use too much oil, just apply a couple of drops and massage your whole genitals.

Keep in mind, that you’ll feel some sensation as soon as the ingredients get absorbed into the penis. This is actually a good feeling and it’s part of the enhancement process. It just shows you that the formula is at work and that’s I highly recommend it for those who have ejaculation and erection issues.

  • Fast absorption
  • Delay ejaculation
  • Organic ingredients
  • Harder solid erection
  • Treats ejaculation issues
  • Penis growth with the long-term regular use
  • Some results vary from users

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3. MK Penis Enlargement Increase Oil Extension For Men

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In case you really want to enlarge your penis, boost erection quality and achieve overall male enhancement, another penis oil I recommend is the Boarun Male Penis Oil. I’ve used this too and it has a fast effect that can last for long hours.

In terms of penis enlargement, I’ve observed it closely and all I can say is yes, it does help you gain additional size in girth and length. I’m using the penis oil with an extender and pump, to achieve the full effect of Boarun Male Penis Oil. Since it boosts the nitric oxide, so it increases more blood flow to the penis, I’m having the time of my life with a harder and longer erection. Any premature ejaculation problem is also solved since the penis oil has a soothing and calming effect.

I’ve seen a considerable delay in my ejaculation time and I can really hold a solid erection longer, naturally for more than five minutes. This is long enough for my partners in penetration as I also do foreplay for longer sex pleasure.

Once you apply it, you’ll feel a powerful sensation. You can use it regularly in massage and exercises to get the full benefits.

BOARUN Male Permanent Penis Extender Enlarger is one of the leading penis oils in the market. It’s made with pure natural essential oils, which easily gets absorbed into the genital area with no harmful effects or pain.

For best results, use the penis oil to treat premature ejaculation by applying it regularly. Long-term use from 6 months and above can yield gains in length and girth. However, you have to be patient with regard to penis enlargement oils. Some users look for overnight success, which obviously is not the case. Just apply the penis oil regularly, with massage, exercise, pumping, and stretching (you can use penile devices). Since it takes off stages for enlargement, one bottle is not enough. I recommend you get 4 bottles course for the long-term.

So, how to use this, it’s quite easy. Simply pour small five drops into your penis and then massage for 10-12 minutes. Don’t forget to spread all over from head to shaft and bottom of the penis so it gets absorbed. Include the other areas, like near the kidney area, and back near buttocks, as this helps you relax to any fatigue.

The penis oil help purify your body, as detoxifies the area from any toxins that cause erection and ejaculation problems. This then allows the blood to flow more, which then engorges the penis, making it full, firm, and bigger.

  • Uses natural sex health enhancers
  • Enlarges your cock safely
  • Noticeable size gains in length and girth
  • Boosts nitric oxide, for more blood flow
  • Improvement in erection quality
  • Helps in ejaculation problems
  • Results vary

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Penis enlargement oils work and are safe to use for penis enhancement in girth and length. They also help in delaying ejaculation and extending your performance in the bedroom. Most are made of natural ingredients and don’t have side effects.

Please consult your physician before you use any kind of penis enlargement oil, for you to be on the safe side since not all bodies are the same. Yes, results may vary, so you might need to explore what’s the best product for you. You may need to experiment and change products until you get the best one for you.

Also, your doctor should tell you of any risks, side effects, and reactions that may occur. As always stop using it asap if you or your lover experience some symptoms. Ask for emergency medical help on any major symptoms upon use.
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