Kegel Exercises for Men to Last Longer in Bed – Benefits, Tips & Best Rated Exercises

Kegel Exercises for Men

Are you looking for the benefits and tips of Kegel Exercises for Men? Here we discuss this.

If you think Kegel exercises are for women only, you are about to have a surprise – sure, they were initially developed by Arnold Kegel for women.

Still, the truth is they work wonders on anyone with pelvic floor muscles. They work for both men and women.

Initially, Kegel exercises were used for women to enhance bladder control after giving birth – urinary incontinence.

Further research showed that their benefits go further than that, and they can actually make orgasms more intense, but they will also add to the sexual performance – a novel therapeutic approach.

When it comes to men, Kegel exercises for men to last longer have been proven extremely efficient. Lasting longer is necessary for those who want to satisfy their partners – after all, you want her to reach orgasm too.

Unfortunately, there is plenty of misinformation over the Internet. Sure, there are male potency supplements to help with ED issues and perhaps some natural remedies, but science beats them all. Simple exercises are proven to work and will take your sexual performance to another level.

Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation Go Hand In Hand

Erectile dysfunction implies the inability to get an erection or maintain it for satisfactory sexual activities.

Most men experience it at one point or another – sometimes, it has physical causes. Other times, they are psychological. They are normally related to blood flow.

High blood pressure is a common cause, so it pays off trying to improve blood flow.

Premature ejaculation is often considered a type of erectile dysfunction. It is defined as the uncontrollable release of semen – way earlier than normal. It will affect your relationship and even your self-confidence. While related to other conditions, it has a cure.

Expensive medical treatments are not the only way forward. Sometimes, if the issue is relatively mild, you can find all sorts of PC muscle exercises for a male to last longer. Kegels to last longer will take time to show results – it is, after all, a workout. However, the good news is results are long-lasting.

You may also use high vacuum erection device and this will likewise enhance your sexual performance progressively, adding to your self-confidence too.

Now, what do you need to know about the pelvic floor muscles, and what type of pelvic floor exercises can you do? Learn more on the next sections.

How Pelvic Floor Muscles Work

The pelvic muscle consists of a few muscles – mostly the ischiocavernosus and bulbocavernosus muscles.

Before starting any pelvic floor exercises or trying to figure out the best male Kegel exercises to last longer, you need to find them and understand how to hit with every Kegel exercise.

Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation is the natural way to improve things, yet there could be more severe causes leading to premature ejaculation – medical advice will be needed then. Such cases are quite rare, though.

All in all, these muscles go around the organs in your pelvic and support them accordingly. While there are more muscles out there, the original Kegel exercises used to target three main muscles – this is what you have to focus on. These muscles come together as the levator ani and represent the main area.

How Do Kegels Help You Last Longer?

Performing Kegel exercises regularly will work on the muscles around the bottom of the pelvis. They are quite long and mix with all sorts of tendons and ligaments to create a solid structure for the organs – mostly for your bladder and bowels.

While often confused with stomach muscles, they are completely different. Before you perform Kegel exercises, you have to identify them. Try to do it while you urinate – do it for a while, so you figure out exactly where they are.

Start urinating, then try to stop urine flow. Stop peeing midstream. You will feel a bit of strain in the lower part of the abdomen, mostly on the sides. This is where the pelvic floor muscles are. Start and stop the stream a few times to know precisely where they are.

Do it a few times, and you may have a few sore muscles. The constant flexing will cause a little discomfort. You have just performed your first Kegel exercise for long-lasting in bed. This slow Kegel exercise tightens the muscle and strengthens it.

When flexing to stop the stream, most men will flex more than just the pelvic muscles. It may feel like anus muscles are also engaged – sometimes, they are, but they have nothing to do with the pelvic muscles. The same goes when you practice Kegel exercise – nearby muscles may also be affected.

You can also try to hold in gas – even if there is no gas. Simply do it. Simply squeeze the sphincter, and you will also work on your muscles. Make the difference between your butt cheeks and the anal sphincter, though.

Now you understand that Kegel exercises can add to your performance, you should also know that strengthening them naturally will prevent lifelong premature ejaculation. Work on the same muscles over and over again, and improvements will not hesitate to show up.

Just like for any other type of workout, you need to take it easy. Start with a few repetitions and work your way up. Figuring out how to use Kegels to last longer will give you extraordinary results, but only if done correctly. Here are the top-rated exercises to perform.

Top 3 Kegel Exercises for Men to Last Longer

The Slow Kegel Exercise

There are both slow and fast Kegel exercises – what truly matters is to perform Kegel exercises for Men correctly. Here are steps for slow kegel exercise:

Step1: First start by squeezing the muscles based on the technique mentioned before. Flex these muscles – imagine trying to hold the stream.

Step2: Hold the muscles flexed for about five seconds – simply count to five.

Step3: Once you are there, relax the muscles slowly. Now, most people will hold their breath while staying flexed and counting to five – bad idea. Instead, breathe freely with every second.

Step 4: Once the muscles are back to normal, start squeezing again – do it slowly. Every move has to be controlled. To improve sexual intercourse and your overall sexual health, you must perform up to 10 cycles for your first workout.

There is nothing to worry about if you cannot reach ten cycles. Do less and focus on getting there the next day. After all, you will find it a bit difficult. If you feel exhausted or you experience too much discomfort, stop and try again tomorrow.

With time, you will increase two different things. First, once you reach ten cycles, you can increase the holding period to six seconds or even more. You can easily go up to 10 seconds. Then, you can also increase the number of cycles – more effort, but it will add to your sexual health.

The Fast Kegel Exercise for Pelvic Muscles

Not sure how to use Kegels to last longer? Thinking that Kegels premature ejaculation worsens with time? Wrong. The fast Kegel exercise is just as helpful for your potential sexual dysfunction and will also add to your sexual stimulation – not to mention being able to control ejaculation.

Step1: Focus on the same muscles, but instead of holding them for five seconds and adding to this time frame, you should hold them for a second only.

Step2: Squeeze, hold for a second, and relax your whole body in one go straight away.

Step3: Repeat the exercise about ten times. If you want you can apply natural penile creams as this can also help your sexual desire to skyrocket if combined with regular work on your muscles. Also, ensure you breathe normally throughout the workout – forget about holding your breath, even when flexed.

How does this prevent premature ejaculation? The results are the same. Just like when you train arms or chest, you do long and slow exercises at times, but also fast and intense workouts. The same rule applies to your pelvic muscles too.

Just like the slow workout, the fast one may feel a bit tiring at first – no problem. With time, as your muscles get stronger, you will be able to increase the number of repetitions. All your muscles will benefit from this growth.

Whether they deal with urinary or fecal incontinence or simply want to learn how to use PC muscles to last longer, most men will find a mix more efficient.

Start with ten fast Kegels, then move on to ten slow Kegels, and you can call it a session.

If you can find five minutes three times a day, you are a winner. Ideally, you should do such exercises daily, but four or five days a week are better than nothing at all. Target the right muscles, and you will improve your sexual stamina, last longer, and improve bladder control and bowel movement.

Fecal incontinence will also be improved by kegel exercises for Men.

The Squeeze Technique

Step1: First you need to lay on your back. Keep hands on the floor, and knees should be bent – make sure they point upwards. Draw the penis inwards.

Step2: After that hold this position for five seconds.

Step3: Once you are done counting to five, relax, but squeeze the anus muscles instead. Just imagine you are trying to stop a bowel movement.

Step4: Maintain the position for another five seconds and relax. Get about ten such repetitions and perform the workout three times a day.

You can perform this exercise in more positions. The side squeeze implies going on your side on the floor. Grab a pillow, put it between your legs, and squeeze them. Hold the position for five seconds and relax. Finally, the chair squeeze implies sitting down in a comfy position. Squeeze the penis as if you would try to stop urinating. Hold for a few seconds.

It is worth noting that squeezing techniques work just as well for erectile dysfunction.

How to Use Kegel Exercises to Change Your Sex Life

Kegel Exercises to Change Your Sex Life

While starting a new routine task can be challenging, Kegel exercises will soon become part of your lifestyle.

The proper technique will help you prevent premature ejaculation, which is great for your motivation. Besides, you only need 15 minutes a day.

Performing Kegels will give you more intense orgasms too. You can start by doing Kegels while doing something else – such as reading your morning newspaper or brushing your teeth. You can also do a quick set after urinating – get rid of those last few drops.

If you get involved with any activities putting pressure on the abdomen, you can also take it further and simply contract the pelvic floor muscles. You need consistency, so some men simply do a set in the morning, one around noon and another before going to sleep – a healthy daily routine.

Seek medical advice if you are unsure about these exercises or experience pain.

There might be an underlying medical condition.

How Much Longer Will Kegels Make You Last?

You will not go from a minute to half an hour overnight. These exercises for men do bring in sexual benefits, but your sex life will improve in the long run. You can control your orgasms and ejaculation. You can last for up to three minutes after a few weeks.

Keep doing it, and you will be able to go up to 10 minutes. Results vary from one man to another. Expecting certain numbers or clocking your time puts pressure on you, so forget about it. Just focus on feeling good.

It may take up to a few good months to enjoy sex with no issues whatsoever. Meanwhile, you will notice other benefits – such as less urine leakage.

Closing Thoughts

Bottom line, Kegel exercises for men bring in many benefits and little to no side effects – just make sure you are in decent health and perform exercises correctly. A few minutes a day are enough to add to your sexual health routine.

Kegel exercises do not imply going to the gym or buying any equipment. You can do them at home or even at work. You can do them while watching TV or reading the newspaper. Should any issues arise, seek help from medical professionals – less likely to experience such problems, though.