​Sex Drive Increase Causes & Solutions – Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Libido

​Sex Drive IncreaseAre you struggling with your partner in bed and looking for how your sex drive increase?

One’s sex drive may experience ups and downs, just like everything else in the human body.

Sometimes, you feel driven and active – ready for action, anytime, anywhere. Other times, your hormones chill down for a bit, and you just want to go to sleep instead.

It often makes sense. At the end of the day, it is perfectly normal for your sexual desire to go down with time. A teenager will want to be super active. On the other hand, someone in their 50s is less likely to be that active.

But then, there are situations when a sex drive increase is needed even in your 20s or 30s when you are supposed to be active. Your sexual health could be fine – forget about medical affections or perhaps the hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Other priorities are taking over. Your parents look after you when you are a teenager – no worries. But as you grow up, they need to work will kick in, a mortgage or even kids. At the end of a long working week, the last thing you think about is sex.

The good news is you do not have to leave it this way. Your sexual function is still there, and your sex life can get back on track and bring many benefits. Here is what could cause a low sexual desire and how you can make it skyrocket again.

Most Common Causes of Low Sexual Desire in Men

More causes may cause a low sex drive, and sexual dysfunction is not always the main one, despite most expectations. A sex therapist could help regain sexual satisfaction, but most men can identify causes by themselves too.

Low Levels of Testosterone

Causes of Low Sexual Desire in Men

This is the main hormone in men and the hormone defining masculine characteristics. It also maintains sperm production, not to mention sexual functioning. It starts lowering around 1% a year during adulthood once you turn 30.

This issue is more common in old men, but young adults can also experience it. Natural remedy meds and natural supplements may help, as well as testosterone therapy. Sexual problems like erectile dysfunction are not caused by low levels of testosterone.

Depression Affects the Sexual Desire

Depression is one of the main causes of low libido and can reduce the need for sexual activity to a minimum. You may experience an increased sexual desire if you overcome this issue and explore your sexual fantasies more.

Chronic Affections Can Affect the Sexual Health

Chronic disease may cause different levels of pain or even tiredness, and all these things will negatively affect sexual pleasure. You will experience lower sexual desire, as well as low sexual interest. You can, however, do a few things to boost your libido.

Arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fybromyalgia, kidney failure, prostate cancer and other types, diabetes, or heart affections can give you a low libido. According to every international journal, the list is long, but these are only the main causes to affect both female and male libido.

Other Causes For a Poor Sex Life

Other issues that may cause a decreased libido to include:

  • Constant exposure to stress
  • Sleep-related issues and other similar underlying medical conditions
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Drugs and tobacco
  • Too much or too little physical activity
  • Obesity
  • Relationship problems
  • Lower hormone levels – not just testosterone levels
  • Side effects of medication

Sex Drive Increases Ideas, Tips, and Tricks – How to Overcome the Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Now that you understand the sex drive increase causes and risk factors of a low sex drive, how do you improve it?

Improve Your Relationship

Most people need a sex drive increase at some point, and improving the current relationship is probably the easiest way to overcome most causes. There are plenty of solutions out there – such as planning date nights or perhaps adopting better life habits together.

Scheduling sex is not bad, especially if you are too busy. Get a healthy diet, participate in common activities, go to health food stores and plan the diet together, make sure your communication is open, and always spend quality time together.

A date night once a week will also help – make it a priority.

Focus On The Foreplay

Focus On The Foreplay

Most people overlook the foreplay, especially when there is a bit of a routine in their relationships – bad idea! The foreplay or kissing of the body affects the libido too. The better your sexual experience is, the more you will want to have sex.

Spend quality time touching the genital area and kissing each other. You can use oil for sexual wellness, these comes with herbal ingredients that provide nutrients as well as soothing sensation and desire.

Oral sex is a good idea too, not to mention sex toys. Foreplay is even more important for ladies, but according to impotence research, it may help men overcome mild erectile dysfunction.

Most women fail to get an orgasm from intercourse only, so further stimulation is also required.

Quality Sleep Does Matter

Quality sleep is critical for men’s health – just as useful for women and maybe even better than certain herbal supplements. Good sleep will add to your overall mood, not to mention the energy. Sleep is also related to your libido – if you are tired, you would rather sleep.

Both men and women will benefit from more sleep – get a systematic review of your sleeping hours to ensure you are on track. Sleeping more on the night before sex will add to the sexual desire. Being in a good mood will also prevent further relationship problems.

Change Your Diet

Blood flow will be improved by a healthy diet, leading to better overall health. Natural remedies can work wonders on the libido. Remember that metabolic affections can lower the sex drive – the same goes for polycystic ovarian syndrome or hormonal contraception.

Have less sugar, get plenty of lean protein and veggies – your sexual issues will become history.

Try Out Some Herbal Solutions

There are lots of herbal remedies out there that can improve sexual drive in women and men. There is not much research on these things, but many of them have been used for hundreds of years, so there must be something good about them.

Maca is excellent for your desire for sex, not to mention Tribulus, ginseng, or gingko. No matter what supplements or lifestyle changes you are after, you need to discuss them with your doctor to ensure they are safe. There is little evidence of their effectiveness.

Get Some Exercise

Regular exercise and a nutritious diet will also add to your libido. For example, exercise can boost the natural hormonal production in the body. The libido is not everything, though – your body image will also improve, adding to more self-confidence.

You will be able to maintain a decent weight too. After all, obesity affects everything in your body – from the actual fertility to the sex drive. This is also due to hormonal issues. With these thoughts in mind, a healthy weight will add to your life.

Never Overlook Sex Therapy

Your sexual desire is a complex consideration – not always physical, but also psychological. Even when there is a physical issue, boosting the psychological response to sexual activity can boost your sexual function.

Therapy does help. It may seem a bit difficult to open yourself at first, but an expert can help you find the cause, as well as some solutions. A sex therapist can work with you individually – or you can also bring your partner in.

Quit Smoking

Your whole body will thank you for it. Tobacco will ruin everything – smell, taste, cardiovascular health, sex function, and so on. You must be in good health if you want a good sexual life. The improvement is obvious as soon as you stop.

How About Some Chocolate?

Chocolate has always been associated with desire and sexuality. On the other hand, there are no clinical studies to prove that chocolate will boost your libido. However, its sweet taste and association will most likely psychologically affect your libido.

From a scientific point of view, chocolate helps because it boosts the natural production of serotonin and phenethylamine, which have aphrodisiac effects on the body. Do not exaggerate with it or it can make you feel heavy.

Work On Your Self-Confidence

Sometimes, your libido is all about how you feel about yourself. It sounds hard to believe, but if you are embarrassed with your body, chances are you will not feel too confident in bed – you will avoid sex, especially during the day.

Some of the tips mentioned above – exercise and a healthy diet – will help boost your self-image. You can also work on it from a psychological point of view – forget about your flaws, but focus on your strengths only.

One Glass of Wine May Help

Glass of Wine Couple on Bed

Normally, you should reduce the level of alcohol. Too much alcohol can and will ruin your erection. A glass of wine is alright, though. Two glasses might be a bit too much, so stick to this rule. A glass of wine will help you relax and will increase your interest in going intimate.

Besides, a glass of red wine will also promote a healthy blood flow. On the other hand, if you cross the line, your erectile function will be affected. You will also struggle to reach orgasm if you have too much alcohol.

Keep Your Relationship Open

No relationship is perfect, and it is perfectly normal to have arguments every now and then. But there is a catch here. After an argument, you probably do not feel like having sex. Unresolved conflicts will build up with time, though, and sex will become less and less desirable.

Communication is critical to building trust and feeling more intimate, especially since women require emotional closeness before sex. Therefore, do not leave any unresolved conflicts, or they can ruin everything before you even realize it.

Give Oysters A Chance

Oysters are some of the most popular aphrodisiacs out there – and more importantly, their effects are backed by clinical research. Your sexual behavior may not be visibly increased, but everything in your body will be more intense.

They are super high in zinc, which adds to the sexual function. Zinc will also help the testosterone in your body do the right thing. The connection between oysters and your libido is not direct, but the effects of such a diet will help.

Pistachios – A Healthy Snack

Just three ounces of pistachios daily will give you protein and healthy fats, but more importantly, it will help you experience firmer erections in the long run. On the same note, the blood flow in the penile area will be dramatically improved.

Further research is required, and the effects are not 100% clear, but it is worth a try.

How To Increase Interest In Sex For Men

How To Increase Interest In Sex For Men

Most commonly, libido is related to the level of testosterone in men, which goes down naturally as men grow older. Replacement therapies has been known to work wonders.

Another method for sex drive increase is by using a vacuum erection device. This can boost your erectile function, not to mention reducing your anxiety and depression.

There is not too much evidence regarding what herbal supplements or particular foods can do to boost the levels of testosterone naturally. Still, there are plenty of them out there, and some have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years – why not?

Wrapping Up

In short conclusion, a low libido does not always have a physical cause. It is not always caused by something obvious. Sometimes, it is nothing but a shift in priorities – work, a baby, or other projects that may distract you.

No matter what it is, there are small things people can do to increase sex drive, and the good news is some of them work wonders. There is no general solution, so you will need to try out different ideas. Hope you get the all information on sex drive increase solutions in this post.



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