How to Shorten Refractory Period And Impress Your Partner in Bed

Also known as the resolution phase, the refractory period occurs once you reach an orgasm.

It is the time between the orgasm and when you are ready to engage in sexual activities again. Both men and women have it, yet men tend to experience it more clearly.

Once the orgasm is reached, muscles start relaxing. The heart rate goes back to normal, as well as the blood pressure. Sexual stimulation will no longer get the body to respond.

This is when it starts. Figuring out how to shorten refractory period will benefit both partners, but is there a way to do it?

Here is everything you need to know.

How Long Does the Refractory Period Last?

There is no such thing as a general rule for the sexual response cycle. Sexual stimulation could begin within minutes for some men, for example.

The refractory period varies widely from one man to another and varies based on a few considerations – diet, sexual health, libido, and age, just to name a few.

If some men are ready to go in a few minutes, others may need an hour or half a day. Then, there are men who will require a full day or even longer. The older you get, the longer the refractory period will be.

Those with sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction will most likely experience more than a day. There is much more variety in refractory periods in men than in women – for instance, some women can have multiple orgasms and experience sexual arousal within a few seconds.

Do Older Men Have Longer Refractory Periods?

Older Men Have Longer Refractory Periods

Everything changes with age, including sexual function. There are no medically reviewed standards, so the refractory period varies widely.

A young 18-year-old male will have a refractory period of 15 minutes to an hour – usually, just a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, a man in his 60s will most likely need half a day to a day – about 20 hours on average. Younger adults will require at least half an hour. A short length of the refractory period does not mean sex is an easy option straight away – most men need proper stimulation to be ready.

While such cases are extremely rare, some men have no refractory period – or if they do, it only lasts seconds. They are ready to go straight away. It has nothing to do with the overall health or human sexuality – pure luck. Besides, even so, their refractory period varies at times.

Tips for How to Shorten Refractory Period

There are many articles or guides on refractory periods written by specialists and numerous techniques to reduce the post-ejaculatory refractory period. What works for some men will not work for everyone else, but here are some tips to get yourself ready for sexual intercourse sooner.

Generally speaking, this time frame, called the refractory period, can be reduced if you are healthy. The healthier you are, the firmer your erections will be, so you may need to make a few lifestyle changes for your sexual desire.

Keep An Eye on Your Cardiovascular Health

Erections are all about the blood flow – good blood flow, good erections. Apply male erection cream, you’ll eventually start getting that hard on and boner.

But for your sexual desire? Not so much, coz you still need to be in good health. Good cardiovascular health will bring in a short refractory period. The necessity of good blood flow is even more obvious if you struggle with erections.

There are simple things you can do to add to your sexual activity, especially if you are after a shorter refractory period. Eat healthy foods and ditch the oily and greasy ones. Stop smoking – very important – and keep the salt intake under control.

One food or another suggests greater satiety, even if it may not be as tasty as a pizza or fries.

Not only will a bad diet affect your sex life, but you will also lose interest in the long run. Regular exercise is also recommended – several hours a week will do.

Try Something New in Bed

A boring routine may also lead to a longer refractory period. You know what is going to happen. You are about to sweat again and come up with another long exercise. How about something new then? You can regain interest in sex and get ready straight away if something exciting is waiting for you.

The recovery time will be dramatically reduced if you try out a new scenario or perhaps some new sex positions. Got a fantasy? Make it happen. After all, both men and women experience a proper sexual performance if stimulated and aroused.

There are lots of evolving ideas out there. Different forms of foreplay, sex toys, and sex positions will help.

Drop The Alcohol Consumption and Cigarettes

Alcohol Consumption and Cigarettes

Alcohol – just like cigarettes – will ruin your life in bed. You do not need professional medical advice to figure it out.

Alcohol is associated with different types of sexual dysfunction and will greatly increase the refractory period by working on the orgasm-induced prolactin secretion.

A day’s glass of wine will not kill everything, but if you truly want a second round, avoid excessive amounts. Furthermore, alcohol is prohibited in the ED treatment – every crossover laboratory study advises against it.

Get Some ED Medication

There are plenty of sexual medicine reviews, but normally, you should take such medication only if you suffer from ED. However, if you are in good health, such a pill now and then will make you last longer and can significantly reduce the refractory period.

Natural male libido supplements will make you feel sexually aroused straight away based on most impotence research.

Foods That Shorten Refractory Period in Men

Talking about a healthy diet, the post-orgasmic prolactin increase can be reduced with certain foods too. hat shorten refractory period in Men;


Watermelon is rich in citrulline and will dilate blood vessels, meaning obtaining a second erection is much easier.


Spinach has nitric oxide and will allow blood to flow freely. Plenty of spinach will cancel the necessity of sildenafil citrate and other ED medicines, not to mention helping with ejaculation latency. Peer-reviewed studies claim that it can also help against various health conditions.


Salmon has vitamin D, which will help your erection during the first round, as well as other rounds following intercourse. There are more studies performed on men eating salmon and placebo-controlled men to prove it.

Other foods that will reduce the resolution stage after the first phase and provide additional orgasms include:

  • Pistachios
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Oranges
  • Blueberries
  • Spicy Foods

Liquids and Juices That Shorten Refractory Period in Men

There are many factors your healthcare provider may recommend for the shorter refractory period. Here are some juices that may reduce the sensation of greater satiety.

  • Coffee
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Banana smoothie
  • Orange juice

More research is needed on other variables, but these beverages can indirectly affect the gonadotropin inhibitory hormone and dopamine levels.

Does Viagra Reduce The Refractory Period?

Viagra Reduce The Refractory Period

Absolutely. There is little research on how the blue pill affects the refractory period, but there is plenty of research on other effects.

It will give you a firm erection and make you last. It stays in the body for hours, meaning you might as well try getting aroused as soon as you have an orgasm.

According to almost every international journal on medicine, Viagra and other similar drugs will get you up and running immediately. However, do not expect to have an orgasm too soon after the previous one.

Can You Skip The Refractory Period?

It depends on how healthy you are, as well as your lifestyle. Other factors include your age and experience in controlling yourself. Young men may need seconds to go again, while older men may need up to a day.

Skipping it completely is nearly impossible. Most men will have some sort of a break in between, whether it is a shower or a few minutes to catch their breath. If they have good stamina, those few minutes are more than enough to go again. After few minutes break, using vacuum erectile devices can likewise help you get an erection for a new round.

But then, even more, you still have to consider other factors that can affect the refractory period, such as the emotional connection. If you have an emotional connection with your partner, you might be able to go again. Some other men find it easier if they have no connection whatsoever – such as one-night stands.

To keep it simple, the refractory period varies from one man to another, and you need to identify yourself where you are. You can then make small adjustments to your lifestyle and reduce this period to a minimum.

Final Thoughts

The refractory period is something every man has to deal with – just that some men need to wait for minutes, while others need hours. Obviously, the moment and circumstances will also affect it sometimes.

The good news is slight lifestyle changes can reduce it. It is less likely to happen overnight, though, so you need patience and consistency.