How to Make a Woman Come Faster – Everything You Need to Know for 100% Satisfaction

How to Make a Woman Come FasterDid you finish? If you need to ask your partner whether or not she had an orgasm, chances are she is still waiting for it.

The average time a man will need to finish is around six minutes, but women need more than that – almost double.

Scientific research still leaves a series of unanswered questions regarding female orgasm. Many things are still misunderstood, and there are many myths out there – many untrue, unfortunately. The female orgasm can occur in several ways.

Figuring out how to make a woman come faster will not just add to your sex life but will also keep her happy and satisfied. Despite all the myths out there, some facts are certain regarding the woman’s orgasm. Here is everything you need to know to keep her happy.

How To Tell If Your Partner Has Come

Partnered sex can easily lead to an orgasm for women, and unlike most expectations, it will not always be like fireworks or screams.

Sure, clitoral stimulation can lead to such things, but each woman experiences orgasms differently – some of them can even have multiple orgasms.

You do not always need direct clitoral stimulation – sometimes, penetration is enough, yet most women tend to require more. Generally speaking, there are signs to pay attention to. Automatic muscle contractions are the most obvious ones – butt, stomach, legs, thighs, vaginal wall, and so on.

Moving on, moaning is quite obvious, too, and depending on the sexual positions, many women will also start moving their fingers and toes. Her breath rate will also increase, not to mention the heart rate – as well as the blood pressure, of course.

The body becomes extremely sensitive – especially to the genitals. Once she is done with the orgasm, she will feel physically hot – even sweaty. At the same time, she will start getting a bit sleepy. If she experiences all these, you no longer need to know how to orgasm.

How Long Does It Take For A Girl To Finish

It normally depends on what kind of sex acts and positions you take and how good she feels about it. Oral sex will help before penetrative sex. Sex toys may also help it depends on what sex toy you use.

Your female partner will most likely need twice as much intensity to reach an orgasm. If the man averages about six minutes, a woman will need around 13 minutes to reach an orgasm. It can take longer in some women and faster in others.

Again, oral sex counts as good foreplay and will get her ready. Most women claim that they need more than penetration to reach an orgasm, so focus on direct clitoral stimulation as well. So many women love all these things, and a woman’s clitoris and other parts have numerous nerve endings – focus on them.

Going in and out fast may also help her reach orgasm faster, especially if aroused.

Why Do Some Girls Take Longer To Come

Every individual out there is different. You do not need a sex therapist just because she cannot reach an orgasm immediately. Instead, you need to explore her body and make sure she knows what turns her on.

Some women can do with nothing but G-spot stimulation, and certain positions can help. If there are no results, stimulate her with your hands – and never overlook the foreplay. The pubic bone can be touched and stimulated too.

Generally speaking, sexual experiences vary from one woman to another, and to help her orgasm quickly, both of you need to know what works for her. Most commonly, the clitoral hood will need some direct stimulation, so feel free to use every part of your body during sex.

With these thoughts in mind, some women can reach orgasm fast – within five minutes. Some others may take more than half an hour. But even if they do take so long, there are numerous ways to rush it, especially if you cannot hold for so long.

Improve Her Sex Life – How To Find Her Clitoris

Lots of men focus on the G-spot stimulation – which is just as important, without knowing that women need more than that. To make a woman come, you will need to tackle the whole body from more directions.

The clitoris is probably the most difficult to find, mostly because of all its myths. Before digging deeper, you should know that the clitoris is an erogenous organ with a significant role in her sexual response.

In theory, it is not hard to locate, but people tend to be ignorant – yet all men want to make a woman come. Reading erotica will not teach you too much. Instead, this is biology. When looking for the clitoris, you will normally try to find something small and round – shaped like a pea.

The clitoris is located by the upper wall of the vulva. However, this organ is only part of the whole thing – the external part. The clitoris goes deeper inside and can count up to five inches. Now, finding the clitoris also depends on how aroused she is.

If she is well aroused and has enough stimulation, erogenous zones will open up – it makes sense, just like men get erections. Without stimulation, the clitoris might be retracted – it depends on her anatomy – and hard to find.

8 Steps To Reach The Woman’s Orgasm

Here are a few general steps to ensure you are on the right path.

Step 1: Foreplay

Without foreplay, the vagina will be quite dry, and the clitoris may end up hiding. The foreplay will get her in the mood and wet and ready for penetration. It will contribute to the orgasm, but it will also get you ready.

Step 2: Kiss Her

Kissing is not just for the foreplay – do it all over. Focus on a sensitive area, even during sex. Kissing all the time can help you reach faster orgasms. Besides, chemicals released by her brain will help her relax a little.

Step 3: Compliment Her

Not just randomly, but while taking her clothes off. Some women lack self-esteem, which prevents them from experiencing pleasure. Compliment each part of her body while kissing her and undressing her. Your approval will help you with your goal.

Step 4: Hold It

Undress in 20 seconds with no foreplay – error occurred! Take it easy. When you get to the underwear, do not just go straight in. Instead, hold it and build anticipation. Use two fingers in her underwear and slow things down.

Step 5: Bring In The Female Orgasm – Rub The Clitoris

This is the first major step in helping her reach orgasm. Insert one finger inside the vagina and use the thumb to slightly find and push against the clit. A circular movement will do. Keep a finger on the clitoris and thrust your fingers in and out.

Step 6: Eat It

This step is critical because it helps up to 80% of all women reach an orgasm. She is already turned on, but you need to lick it like there is no tomorrow. Run the tongue all over the place – the sides as well. Do the infinite sign with your tongue and pay attention to how she feels – her moans will guide you.

Step 7: Keep Going

Positive response? Keep going. Forget about trying something else. Women hate when men change the technique every 30 seconds – even during penetrative sex. It distracts them, so they need to start all over again.

Use your hands while licking her and slowly build up the tempo.

Step 8: Go For The G-Spot

women neck kiss

Once she seems ready, you can take it further and push for the climax by choosing a sex position that hits her G-spot.

Remember that this is not science – it is more about feeling relaxed and having fun while exploring yourselves.

Some of the most popular positions that hit the G-spot include:

  • Side spoon
  • Laid back cowgirl
  • Legs on shoulders
  • Doggy style
  • Wheelbarrow

Do everything by the book and take your time. Most of these steps will get her close. Some women can reach orgasm from oral sex too, but penetration is when the magic happens. Use a finger for stimulation during penetrative sex, too – you should be able to get some hints about how she feels.

How To Make A Woman Come Faster

The above-mentioned guide is likely to work for every man when not sure how to make a woman come faster.

Obviously, small adjustments must be made based on how she feels.

There are also a few tips and tricks to help her reach orgasm.

Women’s Orgasm Easier With Direct Clitoral Stimulation

Whether her legs are on your shoulders, you are behind her or whatever other position you have in mind, try to find a way to gently stimulate her clitoris during penetration. Most women will find it difficult to reach an orgasm with penetration only.

Stimulation can be achieved in other ways too. If she is on top, you can raise her elbows, so your lower abdomen will rub against her clitoris. Anything works as long as the clitoris gets in contact with something – even a sex toy if she is into such things.

Never Ignore The Butt

To most couples, the butt is out of the discussion – unless they are into anal sex. Her butt is rich in nerve endings, so you need to pay attention to it. Grab it, touch it, squeeze it – if you are into slapping it, make sure she is up for it.

Do it gently – unless she makes it obvious that she likes rough sex. Some women do with a good spanking, but this is not something you try out of nowhere. Instead, you need to ask her what kind of things she is into.

No Racing

Sex is about pleasure. The orgasm is the final show, but it will only last for a few seconds. Meanwhile, sex lasts for much more. Therefore, this is not a race. Forget about racing her towards an orgasm. Just make sure she feels good and focuses on the moment.

Follow Her Lead In Partnered Sex

Just like when giving oral sex, you need to pay attention to her reactions and insist when she obviously likes it. She will guide you through her reactions. When it comes to penetrative sex, signs include a slightly swollen vulva and more lubrication.

The clitoris tissue is similar to the erectile tissue in men. Erectile tissue in men gains in size when you feel good. On the same note, if her clitoris – including the longer part – gains in size, you are obviously doing a great job.

Follow the direction she moves to feel good – both during foreplay and penetration.

Keep Kissing

Kissing becomes a thing of the past once things go hot. Instead, you tend to focus on the actual pleasure, rather than kisses. Deep kissing is a must, though, because it shows love and confidence. It shows passion, and it helps her relax.

Bring in a mix of penetration, stimulation, and kissing, and she will love it.

Focus On Her Fantasies

Some women struggle to reach an orgasm. Not sure how to make a girl come that has never come before? Communication is critical, and while some women are not so much into physical arousal, it looks like being psychologically aroused will do the trick.

Sometimes, this is how it all begins. Role-playing could help – just ask her what suits her.

Dirty Talk

Dirty talk works sometimes, and it does not necessarily have to be dirty. It works for some women, but not for all of them. Sometimes, complimenting her while kissing her body will do the trick – say something specific about her, and she will find it super sexy.

Lube, Lube, Lube

Lubrication is critical for anal sex, but sometimes, vaginal sex could also do with some extra. Sure, the vagina will lubricate by itself, but extra lubrication will add to the comfort. You can also go in and out faster while grinding against the clitoris, so feel free to add some more.

Go For The Neck

The neck features super thin skin, so sensations are much more intense. This is one of the best places for stimulation. If you have access to it, start kissing her as she moans and gets close to the orgasm. No bites or hickeys though! Go from the collarbone up to the jaw and reach behind the ear.

Sex Toys – Why Not?

Sex toys can help when not sure how to make a woman come faster. A vibrator is not necessarily about penetration – you do most of the work. However, holding it against the clitoris while penetrating her will help – or maybe she likes to hold it herself.

Fastest Way To Make A Woman Come

Fastest Way To Make A Woman Come

What works for some women will not work for everyone, but there are certain combos that will definitely help you when not sure how to finish faster for a girl. From all the techniques mentioned above, some of them stand out.

Obviously, it would be much better if you can do everything in one go – not difficult, so focus.

You are pushing her orgasm from all directions. But some combos seem to be better than others. Here are a few must-do things in bed if you cannot handle everything in one session:

  • Oral sex, vibrator for external stimulation and consistency when going in and out
  • G-spot positions and direct clitoral stimulation at the same time
  • Slow passionate sex at times, fast and rough other times, based on her preferences

What Causes A Girl Not To Come?

More reasons can cause a woman not to come:

  • Partner ignoring her needs – ladies come first
  • Partner finishing too soon – take your time
  • High anxiety – help her relax
  • Low oxytocin levels – for instance, no foreplay
  • Failure to hydrate – look after her
  • Failure to let moans, feelings, and screams out
  • Lack of self-confidence – compliment her
  • Not enough lubrication – use lube at times
  • Not vocal about her needs – ask her if you have to

Closing Thoughts

The female orgasm is a concept that works differently for each woman. If you were good in bed with a partner, you could be irrelevant to another one. You need to adapt and understand that each woman has different needs.

Some of the above-mentioned techniques and ideas will work for all of them, though. Clitoral stimulation is a must. Kissing and foreplay are just as important. You could get an erection by thinking about a woman naked – she will need more than that.

Communication is critical; sometimes, it is made with no words. Pay attention to her needs, how she guides you, how she moves your head when you lick her up or how she changes her position during penetration to reach a different angle – such things make the difference.