How To Get A Bigger Penis: 14 Best Penile Enlargement Methods

For many years, having a big manhood has been linked to men being brawny, manly, and masculine. If you have a small or average peepee, you’re not a man. You better find a way how you can get a bigger cock. That’s the belief of many men.

Right now, thousands of guys would do everything just to find the holy grail of increasing cock size. Throughout the years, various methods and products have been posted online to meet the demand of men to make their penis bigger.

Asking the majority of guys what they want to improve in their body, you’ll most likely have responses such as “penis enlargement, increasing the girth, or making your penis bigger permanently.”

There are immense pressure and insecurity for guys to have a long cock to the point that they would think they really have a small penile. Most of the time they would compare themselves to male performers in adult videos, thinking 7 to 9 inches cocks is the norm.

Sadly, this leads to a lot of stress and anxiety which makes a man lose self-esteem in meeting women. Worse, this may turn to serious sexual health issues like dysmorphic disorder and erectile dysfunction.

So, is there really a need for guys with small or normal measurements to get a larger dick? Are there ways to increase man-size, boost cock length and girth? Read on to learn more so you can set realistic expectations on penile enlargement techniques you may consider.

How To Get A Bigger Penis

Do you think you have a small package and your girlfriend would laugh at your member? Do you ask yourself every time you see yourself naked if there are ways to make your penis bigger?

Yes, there are ways to have larger manhood; however let’s be honest, they can be risky and costly. There’s good news though.

According to NCBI studies, it’s natural for any man to desire for his johnson to be longer. And the majority of men are actually in the mean if they only feel comfortable in the size of their penis. Most guys would not need penile enlargement. All they need to deal with is change their beliefs and self-image.

One of the beliefs that men need to change is that they think women’s requirement for a sexual relationship is for you to be well-endowed. This is not true.

In 2017, a study says that women look forward to foreplay, genital stimulation, and kissing from their partner, with penis size the least of their concerns. The studies also placed the average size of cock from 5-6 inches long and around 4-5 inches wide.

What we can learn from these reports is that many men may have a normal size of their penis and they may not know that it’s fine.

If for any reason you have below normal size, you have many options available for you. You can learn from the following sections the different means to have a longer dick.

Increase Penis Size

So, how to increase your man size? Is it possible to increase the size of the male reproductive organ? How to increase the size of your penis?

The queries are endless and take many forms. Understandably, men from all walks of life seek ways to enlarge their phallus.

Consider that there are guys who are comfortable with what they have. On the other hand, some men wish to have a larger penis even if there are average.

These preferences from men have spawned a billion-dollar industry of male enhancement. The products range from vacuum pumps, traction devices, male sex pills, penile creams, oils, gels.

While some of the services offered for penile augmentation include penis inserts, penis injection, and surgery. There are also non-invasive and now cost means such as penile exercise and jelqing.

However, what you need to know about these procedures is that they may be risky. There’s always the danger of itchiness in using topical products like oils, gels, and creams. Your cock may be sore with the daily use of vacuum pumps or traction devices. Your meat can be swollen from overexercising.

You’ll also need to consider the accuracy of results. Some men report a considerable gain of 3-4 inches, while a few said they only notice a gain of less of an inch. Some users say it needs consistency to see the results if any and should be maintained in case you wish to keep those gains.

Some go for surgical procedures, where results are faster and long-lasting. However, there’s a “high rate of complications,” says the Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons.

As you can see there are lots of considerations if you wish to increase penis size.

Penis Enlargement Methods

If you do search online, you’ll see a list of ways to increase the length of the penis. However, would they really work? We’ve gathered all the methods to enlarge your phallus to help you know what works, what doesn’t work, and what are the best options to make your penis bigger.

Penis Stretching

There’s a lot of information on the web about cock exercises, stretching, or jelqing. The method requires pulling or massaging the johnson.

The exercises are simple, just use your hands and fingers to stretch your willy regularly. Penile exercises are commonly done to help a man increase the flaccid penis length. At other times, it is believed to increase penis girth.

At the moment, there’s no verifiable proof and documentation that say a man may considerably increase penis size. There were personal reports, with minimal gains and temporary results.

However, it is said to have the same concept as any type of muscle exercise, where pulling creates the “micro-tears”. This makes the tissues look swollen or engorge when they heal, making your manhood appear longer and bigger.

Similar to workouts in the gym, doing it regularly, daily, and consistently is the key to see any results or maintain any gains says most sex therapists. They said that there’s nothing wrong with exercising your member as this also allows you to be comfortable with your cock appearance and size.

So, how to do penile stretching? You can follow these steps:

  • Do the exercises with a flaccid member
  • Sit comfortably in bed or couch
  • Grip the head tip of your cock.
  • Pull and stretch upward, hold it for 10-15 seconds
  • Pull and stretch to the right, hold it for 10-15 seconds. Repeat on the left side.
  • Do 1 to 2 times a day, never more to avoid injury
  • Stop if you feel discomfort or pain
  • Talk to a doctor before doing penile exercises

Penis Enlargement Surgery

You can consider a surgical procedure if you want a bigger penis with faster and more visible results. There are numerous surgical procedures to lengthen and increase the girth.

However, surgery has complicated procedures. For instance, it will add fat to your cock from another part of your body. There’s also an option of inserting a biodegradable frame to your member. Another procedure is cutting a suspensory ligament in the pubic bone while doing a skin graft at the base of the penis.

Take note that penis enlargement surgery can cost $10K to $50K and involves risk, injury, and side effects.

Medical professionals only recommend permanent male enlargement for those born with micropenis or below average size, usually below 3 inches in length. They don’t recommend length and girth surgery for gratuitous reasons.

Penis Injections

If you want to increase girth, penile injection is one of the most common procedures. The doctor would usually inject cosmetic fillers into the shaft of the penis.

The cock filler injection are similar to the injectable derma fillers used on lips, eyebrows, below eyes, smile lines, and cheeks. Enhancing the manhood size using dermal fillers is temporary and could only last 6 months to a year, as these fillers usually absorb into the body.

Though penis injections can definitely increase flaccid penis size, experts do not recommend derma filler jabs.

The reason is that a man’s membrum verile is made up of smooth muscle says most doctors. There are spaces that hold blood and engorged the erect penis. Adding derma fillers on the member can shape it to look lumpy or blotchy as soon as your wood turns into a hard boner.

Penuma Implant

One of the popular penis enlargement methods right now is Penuma implants. In penuma surgery, doctors placed permanent implants under the cock skin. In 2004, FDA approved the Penuma silicone sleeve as a cosmetic enhancement.

Penuma surgery can add flaccid length and increase the girth up to 2 inches. The Penuma implant is a 270-degree soft silicone tube that’s inserted in a small incision on your phallus. According to the company, Penuma feels natural because of soft silicone and can last up to 15 years.

Penuma is available in following sizes:

Penuma L14cm42gm
Penuma XL16cm50gm
Penuma XXL18cm60gm

Penis Vacuum Pumps

Using penis pumps requires you to put a cylinder tube over your dick, then start pumping to create a vacuum pressure inside the device.

The vacuum inside the tube allows the blood to rush and make your penis hard. Types of penile pumps include manual, electric, and hydro pumps – all with the same function to gorged the manhood with blood.

Besides, a vacuum pump can help males achieve an erect penis which has made it an applicable solution for impotence. Regular use of a penis pump claim to cause microtears in the penile, which can lead to an increase in penis size.

In a Journal BJU International published paper, they studied 37 men who used penile pumps for 15-20 minutes, 3x a week for six months. The researchers found that the men’s average penis length increased by 0.3 cm.

To use a penis pump, just place your cock inside the tube. Then use the device mechanism to guzzle the air out of the cylinder. This creates a vacuum that gobbles a lot of blood into your dick, which then gives you a solid erection. Attach the clamp to your member to seal the vacuum pressure.

Keep this erect for up to 20 minutes, then remove the ring. If you wish, you can proceed to masturbation or penetration after.

Penile Extenders

Traction devices help expand your man meat to increase its dimension. Its other medical use is to correct curvature.

Using penis extenders involves attaching an extending frame, also called as traction devices, to a flaccid penis to stretch its length.

In a 2010 study, Professor Wiley says that there’s some evidence that using traction devices can add some length to men with shorter flaccid penis length. He said patients who used penile extenders for 6 months have seen gains of around 1-2 cm. However, he warned that any user of the device needs medical supervision to avoid complications or injury.

To use a traction device, insert your member at the extender’s base end. Then secure the head tip of your dick with the notches at the other end.

Fasten the silicone tube to the shaft, then grip the tube end on the bottom. Slowly pull your cock outward to stretch its length.

Stop pulling if you feel uncomfortable. Allow your phallus in this stretched position for 4 to 5 hours a day.

Be sure to consult a doctor before using traction devices to avoid complications.

Male Enhancement Pills

Men’s sex pills can provide sexual health benefits needed for your manhood to become harder and bigger.

The penile needs a healthy supply of blood and this can be done by taking sex enhancement pills. These supplements also have other health benefits which include longer sexual stamina, stronger libido, and harder erections.

To have the best results for penis size increase, it’s best to take male enhancement pills while doing cock exercises, using vacuum pumps, or using a traction device. The nutrients optimize your cock health for exercises, vacuum pressure, or stretches.

Always consult your doctor before taking any male enhancing supplement to avoid side effects.

Penile Enlargement Oils, Creams, Gels, Lotions

There are penile enlargement products available right now that comes as topical solutions. Male enhancement products like oils, creams, gels, and lotions are said to contain minerals, vitamins, or nutrients said to help improve sex health, libido, and blood circulation that can in turn guzzle the phallus.

The efficacy of male enlargement oils and creams claim to increase blood flow for harder and larger erections, while also thickening the skin of your cock. Its other effects are said to lessen sexual frigidity while promoting relaxed muscles in and around your member.

These sex products are alleged to contain herbs and natural ingredients known to be sexual medicine that promote sexual health and wellness. If you experience any reactions to the skin, stop using and consult a doctor.

Penis Enlargement Sleeves And Cock Rings

Another means to help you achieve a large penis is by using sex toys or attachments like penis sleeves, penis sheaths, and cock rings.

Penis Sleeves

These are prosthetic extenders allow you to have a safe and faster way to increase man-size.

Penis sleeves work by covering your entire penis with silicone or synthetic material, providing an instant appearance of a large cock. Just wear the sleeve to have a thicker girth and elongated member. This can also be used in sexual intercourse or anal penetration.

The penis sheathes comes in different design, colors, and material. It can come in realistic skin color from fair skin, light brown, dark brown, and dark skin. Penis sheaths can also have patterns like skin textures, veins, beads, and wrinkles. The materials used in cock sleeves are often made of soft silicone, latex, or rubber.

Using penis sleeves is fairly easy, you just fit it into your penis using strap-ons to prevent it from falling.

One of the drawbacks of using dick sheathes is you don’t really feel your girl’s legs, pussy, or anus. Though the thicker and longer size of your meat can be stimulating to your partner, your penis doesn’t touch their skin, which makes it not as enjoyable and stimulating.

Cock Rings

Cock rings on the other hand are worn in your member to help you get a longer and harder erection. This sex toy is not the same as sleeves, as cock rings are used to restrict the blood in your dick, so it stays hard during intercourse.

Though cock rings don’t provide you an apparent larger member, it gives you a better way to have sex with your girl as the skin of your member isn’t covered with a sleeve.

This means your penis can feel your woman’s pussy, legs, butt, or anus. Some men say that wearing cock rings gives them a longer and hard erection during sex, allows them to feel as if they have a larger penis.

Abs Exercise

If you’re overweight and you think your penis size is short, you’ll be surprised that losing weight can be a way to change the way you look into your manhood.

Doctors actually suggest that men get into shape if they feel they have an inadequate size.

Though losing weight can’t really transform your package, it can lessen the excess fat in your tummy to make your penis look bigger

Doing regular abs exercises that will flatten the large pad of fat around the pubic bone can reveal your penis so it will look bigger.

You can even take this a notch by toning the abs and try to get a six-pack. This will not only let you become more attractive, but it improves your well-being, boost your self-esteem and allow you to feel comfortable with your body.


If you’re severely overweight where you feel exercise can be too difficult and take a while to lose the fat in the stomach, you can just undergo liposuction.

As noted in the previous section, excess weight in the tummy can make the penis look shorter. The reason for this is that the base of the penis is buried in the padded fat. Having liposuction can remove this extra pubic fat.

Even if losing that extra weight in your stomach doesn’t really add length to your penis, the changes in your body can make it look longer.

Remove Pubic Hair

Having thick and bushy pubic hair can hide your member which makes it look short. Consider shaving the hair surrounding the base of your penis and your balls.

This will not only reveal your whole package, it’s cleaner and hygienic during sex. Pubic hair often makes the penis smell as it retains trapped sweat and even urine.

Also, shaving the pubic hair makes it more appealing if you intend to receive oral sex.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Studies have shown that men dealing with erectile dysfunction could be at high risk of having penile shrinkage. A PubMed study included 1,027 adult men, who are ED patients of a different race, height, age, and weight.

The patients with erectile dysfunction shown a considerably shorter penis, showing a link between ED and shrinking penis.

In another controlled study, it says that men with diabetes that developed ED had penises that look smaller than average. While a Harvard study says that there’s a side effect of penis shrinkage on men with prostate cancer.

Consult with your doctor to find the best treatment for ED. This can help manage and prevent a decline in size.

Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

Penile curvature or Peyronie’s disease can also make the penis look smaller. This disease is an abnormal curve in the phallus, usually caused by scar tissue or plaque in the erectile tissue.

Having this disease can shrink your erection size or even be deformed in shape. The medical treatment given for this disease is essential and includes collagenase, verapamil, steroids, and vitamin E. Consult a medical professional to properly treat the curvature in your penis.

How To Make Your PP Size Bigger Naturally

One of the interesting queries related to penis enlargement is on how to make pp size longer naturally.

‘PP’ is actually a shorter term for ‘peepee’ which is a known slang for penis.

Foods That Increase Size

Is it possible to make your penis look bigger with food? In a review of the Scientific Literature in Journal Nutrients, foods with quercetin “have a biological effect that includes anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and antiviral activities.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean it can change your man size to be longer for the long term, but it’s effective in preventing urological or other sexual diseases that can shrink the penis.

Some of the foods mentioned in the study include:

  • Spinach – Helps boost testosterone levels
  • Coffee – Increase energy in sex
  • Avocados – Healthier heart, longer stamina
  • Chili peppers – Boosts the libido
  • Carrots – keep your sperm healthy
  • Oats – For stronger and intense orgasms
  • Apple peels – Prevent prostate cancer

Does Apple Juice Increase Your PP Size?

So, you might be wondering, can apple juice make your pp big? This is one of the most asked questions online.

In an interview with a registered dietician by Men’s Health Journal, it says that apples contain quercetin, which is a flavonoid “that inhibits the secretion of androgen-regulated, prostate-specific tumor markers in prostate cells, which decreases the risk of prostate cancer.”

This doesn’t directly say that apple juice is a treatment to make your PP longer. However, as mentioned previously, having an overall healthy body can prevent side effects of penis shrinkage.

Age Limit For Penis Growth

You may be wondering, what age does penis growth begin? Or even at what age does penis growth stop?

The penis growth timeline starts with a young boy’s surge of hormones of puberty. During this time, the young man’s penis starts to grow rapidly.
This usually happens from 10 – 13 yrs then continues to grow until ages 19 to 21 yrs.

Most young men start to feel self-conscious about their penis size during adolescent age, with the majority reaching their normal penis size by early ’20s.

The growth in penile goes along with changes in physical appearance such as becoming taller and developing muscles. This is also the time when young boys start to feel their penis erect when sexually aroused. The testicles also grow bigger and pubic hair starts to grow.

The growth rate in a male’s puberty can vary from one to the other. In a study in 2010, it says that the average penis growth rate is less than 0.5-inch yearly from the age of 10 to 16. After this time, the penis still continues to grow, but slower until the ’20s.

The study says that most rapid growth happens between the ages of 12 and 16. The peter grows in length initially and then it starts to grow the girth.

In general, your member would continue to grow for two years, after you reach your maximum height.


Psychologists call men’s short penis anxiety “penis dysmorphic disorder”. It’s the irrational belief that man size is inadequate.

Watching porn and seeing male adult actors with huge “7 to 9 incher” have something to do with the belief that what they see in videos is the norm. The truth is a majority of men are in the normal size range, with guys with large penises just a small percentile of males.

Most men would think that increasing their man size can make them attractive to women and make them a great lover. However, the truth is women look for an emotional connection with a man before they give up themselves. Even if your cock is smaller than the mean, this may not matter to your girl in the long term.

The best treatment for your concerns on penis size would be to change your beliefs and overall self-image. If you can accept your body as it is, it will show how you make your love to your partner.

There are many ways to make a woman reach an orgasm like foreplay, kissing, cunnilingus, and sex positions. If you have average penis size, it’s more than enough for you and her to enjoy sex.

If you have further medical questions or men’s health concerns, please consult with a doctor for professional medical advice.


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