​How to Get Better in Bed for Guys – 27 Tips You Need to Know for Women to Worship You

Who wouldn’t like to get better in bed? This isn’t about good sex life, but about great sexual satisfaction.

You want to stand out whenever you sleep with someone, whether you are single and interested in one-night stands or you have a long and serious relationship.

Some say sex is like pizza – even bad sex will do when you haven’t had some in a while. But then, great sex will make you remember and enjoy every single moment. Of course, there are more factors that can influence the outcome – oral sex, a few tips on boosting energy, or perhaps a good mood.

Even if you do not necessarily suffer from sexual dysfunction and your sexual desire is through the roof, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for better – there are plenty of sex tips to take things to another level, of course. You don’t always need sex toys or sexual fantasies.

Besides, healthy and enjoyable sex life comes with a wide variety of advantages. Your heart will be better. You will get a better immune system, and sleep is just great. The better your sex life is, the more benefits you gain in the long run.

Now, there’s a very fine line between striving to be better and ruining everything by overthinking. You can talk dirty, for instance, but if you only focus on your performance, you’re likely to fail. The connection is essential, as well as the overall communication.

Dirty talk can help and makes a good sex tip, but great sex goes further than that. You need to be open about your desires and also pay attention to your partner’s needs. Focusing too much on your performance can lead to anxiety and affect the result.

Before digging deeper and introducing you to how to better in bed for guys, keep in mind that the best sex is both about your emotional and physical connection. You want an orgasm, but you don’t need to focus on it. Instead, focus on having fun and being there with your partner.

Balance and experimentation rule the evolution of a great sex partner.

All in all, here’s the best sex advice you can find out there.

How to Get Better in Bed for Guys – 27 Easy Tips Included

Below we share some amazing tips on how to get better in bed for guys. Check below;

1. The Foreplay Gets You in The Perfect Mood

Exactly! Sure, clitoral stimulation is important during this step too, but most men believe everything is about penetration. In fact, they believe this is the defining part of their sexual adventures. Indeed, in the end, it all leads to the same issue.

Some men just can’t get hard straight away, so foreplay is extremely important. Men with mild or severe sexual dysfunction will be happy to find out that there are more ways to satisfy a partner. In fact, this may actually be the reason to learn new strategies and ideas.

Foreplay can go in more directions. It could be about kissing and touching. Oral sex will also make you better in bed, and both you and your partner will enjoy it. It can go both ways. The longer the foreplay is, the more intense the sexual experience will be.

With all these, foreplay is more important for women, so if you want to be a better partner, you need to go through this stage first. With these thoughts in mind, most women cannot have an orgasm from intercourse only. They will also require clitoral stimulation – even during penetration.

2. Use Your Mouth… To Communicate

Communication will make you better in bed, of course. It will lead to better sex because it clears out all the guesswork. You need to use your words, yet there are other ways to communicate sexual desires as well.

Be open with your partner. Talk about what you like in bed – as well as what turns you on. You can discuss such things openly or just rely on body language for guidance. You can direct her hands or slow her down, for instance.

Now, the same rule applies to you. Forget about yourself for a minute and pay attention to what she likes and how she guides you. Suppose she wants to watch porn, fine. Good sex is about knowing what the other wants. You’ll never be able to deliver a great time if you have no clue what they crave for.

3. Take Your Time When You Go Down There – Oral Sex Takes Practice

Oral sex is an art and not all about getting your partner a bit wet before penetration. Instead, you need to practice and take your time.

Learn about different techniques and apply them – but also while paying attention to your partner’s reactions.

Most importantly, never rush this experience. While doing it, you can also go for other parts of the partner’s body. Good oral sex will add to your sex lives. Pay attention to the partner’s reactions – they may give you signs that there is too much stimulation, which could become uncomfortable.

Your partner may also show signs that they want more. Teasing is part of the game too. Instead of focusing on the clitoris only, you can focus on the whole area and get everything wet. Build the tension up and go firmer with time – a bit more speed, for example, or perhaps more pressure.

4. Sex Tips – Never Underestimate Her Pleasure Points

The best sex is about doing the right thing, and what works for some people will not work for everyone else. For instance, if some women worship you for your technique, some others may find it average. This is why you need to adjust your work based on the partner.

Now, most women cannot reach orgasm from intercourse only. Many of them require clitoral stimulation for relationship satisfaction. Those who don’t need stimulation can agree that orgasms are more intense with it though.

So, what does this tell you? Each woman is different. Some women need clitoral satisfaction for the best sex. Some others are after the internal one, so you need to hit that G spot. Then, there are lots of women who benefit from cervical stimulation, which is achieved with deep penetration.

Other women may find sexual enjoyment through anal penetration. You get the point – you don’t need a sex therapist to figure out what helps your partner. Instead, you need to communicate or just pay attention to what works for her.

5. Take Sex Out of Your Bedroom

Sex in living room

This is what sex therapy would suggest – A classic way to spice things up.

Sometimes, great sex is not about sex techniques, boosting your sexual performance, or deep penetrative sex. Sure, good mental health will help against anxiety, and a good sex technique will also work wonders.

But then, sex is also about the location. Having sex with her parents in the next room, and the intensity or the risk of being caught will take everything to another level. If you live by yourselves, how about changing the room?

Go for it in the living room, while watching a movie. Is she taking a shower? Join her. The kitchen counter? Why not? To most people, sex is about nighttime and the bedroom. Shake your routine a little, and you’ll definitely see an improvement in her reactions.

6. Manage Stress and Anxiety

If sexual dysfunction seems to become an issue, you should know that most causes are psychological, meaning you don’t necessarily need the blue pill or medical treatment, but just some lifestyle changes. Besides, if you fail once, anxiety will inevitably kick in the next time.

These feelings will prevent you from focusing or engaging. Now, there are easy ways to avoid these problems. For instance, you can focus on the physical sensations and not necessarily the sexual performance. Rub a natural oil to your cock to relax and calm the nerves. You can also get more sleep, exercise, meditate or find some hobbies so you’re not as stressed.

7. Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the biggest enemies of sex. It will increase your blood pressure, affect your lungs, smell, and taste, cause erectile issues and eventually kill you. Everything in your body is affected, and your sexual performance makes no exception.

If you feel like you run out of breath during sex, smoking is an issue. If you can’t maintain a hard-on, smoking is an issue. Premature ejaculation will also affect penetrative sex and your sexual health. Overall, your entire sexual experience will benefit if you quit this unhealthy and stinky addiction.

Your human sexuality will skyrocket as your erections are firmer and your energy goes through the roof.

8. Make Out More

Kissing more often will relieve stress by enhancing your connection. The more you kiss, the more endorphins are naturally produced. These chemicals affect your mood and can prevent depression, anxiety and stress.

Obviously, having your lips together brings in more benefits. This is one of the most common types of foreplay – lots of touching involved too, of course. Now, you need to make this a goal – at least 10 seconds for a kiss, one or more times a day.

Once a kiss gets over six seconds, your brain will release cortisol, dopamine, and oxytocin. All these hormones boost happiness, but they also get the blood pumping. Your heart rate will go up a little – not only about pleasure but also about establishing a deeper connection.

9. Hang Around Naked

young lovers playing together bed wearing sexy lingerie hotel room scaled

Sure, it depends on your lifestyle. If there are no kids around, you can always hang around naked – just keep some clothes nearby in case you have some unexpected guests. Indeed, being naked is usually seen as a prerequisite for sexual activities.

However, it doesn’t always need to lead to sexual stimulation, a sex session, or intense orgasms. Instead, it will also release happiness hormones. If it does lead to sex, even better. But then, nudity will boost self-esteem too.

Skin-to-skin contact will also lead to better sexual stimulation. All these things make perfect sense. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more comfortable you will be with your partner. As a direct consequence, your sexual experiences will be more successful.

10. Breathing is Extremely Important

If you’ve done yoga before, you probably know already what pranayama means. Many women are into this form of physical activity. Men can also go for it. It will help you figure out how your own body works. Talking about pranayama, this technique implies controlling your breath.

The technique is mostly aimed at breathing deeply, but only through your nose. It will boost your attention, add to your energy and even relieve stress. It will also boost your sex life – you may not necessarily need your partner talking dirty to you, but just better breathing techniques to control yourself.

Deeper breathing is not all about longer orgasms. Instead, they also work on the pelvic floor, which affects the muscles used throughout an orgasm. Furthermore, if you do most of the work in bed, you will need good breathing control, or you’ll feel exhausted within minutes only.

11. Never Overlook the Importance of a Quickie

Every relationship therapist out there will recommend a quickie every now and then – an easy way to reach orgasm on a daily basis. As people grow older, different priorities take over – money, mortgage, kids, and so on. Sex is often left at the end – if there’s still time for it.

If you’re always busy and on the go, a quickie could be the best way to ensure you get your fair share of sex. A quickie doesn’t involve too much foreplay. Instead, figure out the partner’s pleasure points, focus on nerve endings, and reach orgasm within minutes only.

Save the cuddly part for later, if you still have time. You may need to focus on the same position in a quickie, though – you want something quick and efficient. You won’t need to delay ejaculation either, especially if she can reach orgasm quickly.

Standing doggy is usually a fairly good choice – more sex without being pressured by time.

12. Kegel Exercises Do Help Your Sex Life

No matter how high your sex drive is, premature ejaculation is an issue that will affect pretty much every man out there at some point or another. It is usually easy to overcome if you follow a few steps, and kegel exercises represent some of the most common solutions.

Indeed, most people find kegel exercises to be more suitable for women. They are. However, you can still have a few exercises at home, in a private way. Such exercises strengthen pelvic muscles, meaning you’ll gain more control over your sex.

There are more types of exercises out there, so come up with different workouts for diversity.

13. Edging Will Help You Last More and Gain More Sexual Satisfaction

This type of technique will also add to your sexual experiences, especially during internal stimulation of your partner’s body.

Basically, if you suffer from premature ejaculation and you know that penetration will make you come in no time, edging could be a good workout.

You need to train yourself to delay the orgasm. It’s not about the blood flow – reducing the blood flow to the penis will kill the erection. Instead, you can only practice while masturbating. Bring yourself to the moment before orgasm, then stop the stimulation. You can use vacuum pump for penis to get an erection fast.

Do it again and again and again – make it a regular exercise. With time, you’ll gain more control over your body and pelvic muscles. Sure, seeing your partner’s body won’t help too much, hence the necessity to train while masturbating.

14. Set The Scene For An Unforgettable Moment

Unless your relationship is still fresh or you cannot settle on one partner only, chances are things will slowly turn into a routine – A bad idea. As time goes by, you’ll have sex once or twice a week. There are other priorities involved too.

Now, how about you spice things up with a nice scene? Light some candles – she’ll appreciate it. Come up with some soft music. Create a romantic space and make your long-term relationship feel fresh and exciting again.

You know better what your partner prefers. Even if it sounds a bit of a cliché, it works, so no one’s really bothered. Choose the type of music that works for her. Aggressive music screams for aggressive sex, while soft music and dim lights will make the evening more intimate.

15. Try Herbal Remedies

Whether you like the missionary position (keep it classic) or opt for something more modern, herbal remedies can seriously add to your sexual relationship. Sure, nothing will happen overnight, but give these remedies a bit of time.

Herbal remedies will prove even better if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. Even if you don’t, you’ll notice firmer erections, more pleasure, and – more importantly for some men – You’ll last a bit longer in bed.

Ginseng, for example, provides a bunch of improvements. Then, there are also some types of pine that will add to your erections, not to mention maca root. Some other herbs are known to help, but there are no conclusive peer-reviewed studies – Saffron is one of them.

These herbal remedies will affect the whole body and not just the male G spot. They do not provide a singular focus. Instead, according to the Kinsey Institute, some of them boost the inner thighs and everything in the area. Tribulus terrestris is one of them.

Now, it pays off to discuss such herbal remedies with a doctor first. At the end of the day, male enhancement drugs are not necessarily regulated. They may also have side effects that interact with certain medications, hence the necessity of medical advice.

16. Eye Contact Does Help

couple eye contact

Eye contact is often overlooked during sexual activities – a bad idea though. Sure, you would rather focus on your partner’s body and parts that normally turn you on.

But then, looking into the partner’s eyes more often will make you a better lover. Why? Because this is how you connect.

Now, there are more levels of eye contact. Plain eye contact is not enough – how about eye gazing instead? This is an intentional act of literally staring into your partner’s eyes. Practice it for a few minutes. Looking at your partner and seeing different facial expressions of pleasure is just as attractive.

According to science, eye gazing is healthy for men’s health too. Most guys will find it a bit difficult, but do it for a few minutes first. Increase the duration with each session until you can do it for five minutes straight. You will notice an unusual feeling of being in love, which will overcome your body.

17. How About a More Intimate Solution?

There are a few common positions most people stick to – some of them are more intimate than others. For instance, most men would prefer the doggy style, but this is not a very intimate solution. How about the classic missionary position? How about the spoon position or perhaps the lotus one?

Educate yourself, and you will find plenty of positions that can boost your intimacy. It is all about how bodies touch each other, but eye contact is also a priority for extra intimacy. You need to see your partner’s face before anything else.

Some sexologists recommend the oasis position, which is not very popular, but extremely intimate. You make it feel a bit different by trying something new, but without losing intimacy. Now, how does this position work?

You are supposed to sit on the floor and slightly lean forward. Your legs must be a bit bent by the knees – also, drive them wide apart. Your partner needs to spread her legs by your buttocks. She must use her arms to hug you by the neck.

She needs to lean a bit forward, while you grab her by the back and hold her in position. You guide her movements while she rides. What makes this position so special? Deep penetration is a plus, as well as the embrace of both partners.

18. Getting Off Before Sex May Help

Worried about short orgasms? Soon orgasms? Premature ejaculation? There are a few things you can do to prevent such issues and enjoy stronger orgasms – plus, you’ll also make your partner enjoy sex more than ever.

Research fellow specialists recommend trying your best foreplay, which is great if you feel anxious. Then, you can also get off beforehand. Once you ejaculate, you probably know already that you’ll need a bit of time to recover. The orgasm will start you up again, but you have to replenish it.

Now, this idea is not necessarily great if you actually struggle to finish in bed. However, if you tend to finish too soon, try masturbating an hour or two before sex. You will most likely require some sort of sexual stimulation then – hence the necessity of foreplay.

The good news is you will last longer – something your partner will definitely appreciate.

19. Holding Hands For Even More Intimacy

Holding hands is a simple act. It may not be as important as doing pelvic floor exercises, for example.

However, many guys overlook the necessity of holding hands for women – and while you might want to grab something else during sex, hands will work wonders.

This simple act will improve arousal, as well as the closeness between partners. For example, you can hold her hands while you’re kissing her, whether you kiss her lips or you’re actually going down on her.

You might as well hold hands in the spoon position. If you go on top of her – such as in the missionary position, you can use one of your hands for support and another one to pin her hands down, just above her head.

Holding hands is about comfort and closeness, but doing it in an aggressive manner will be kinky.

20. Foreplay Doesn’t Start In The Bedroom

If you think foreplay starts in the bedroom, you’re wrong. Sex doesn’t begin there – more importantly, it doesn’t even end there. If you have some kinky plans for later tonight, you might as well keep sexual tension and communication up throughout the whole day.

Foreplay can start as soon as you wake up. You two are up, and you can start playing a game. Send out a kinky text during the day. Flirt, even if you’re not really there. Build the tension up and let it explode the moment you walk through the door.

21. Try Out More Types of Orgasms

There are more types of orgasms out there, and each of them has its own particularity and intensity levels.

To men, there’s not too much to think about. To women, you can mix things, hit the G-spot, or even provide an external type of orgasm.

Most men never pay attention, yet the results can be extraordinary. Guys only care about penile orgasms. It is also important to know that there are more pleasure centers spread all over the body. You need to identify all of them and work on them.

When it comes to men, the prostate is known for helping with orgasm intensity, so it’s often referred to as the male G spot. It can only be accessed through the anus or the perineum. Your partner has similar pleasure centers, and each of them can provide a different type of orgasm.

22. Always Keep Some Lube Around

Lube is part of the game whenever you think about sexual conversations or ways to improve yourself as a stud in bed. Now, there is not much to think about because vaginas have the possibility to lubricate themselves. This is not always the case though.

Your partner may feel aroused, but she may not lubricate enough. Then, there are times when vaginas go a bit dry during sex – especially if your partner has already achieved an orgasm. This is when a bit of lube kicks in.

Lube replicates natural lubricants. It reduces the friction, which normally causes a lot of discomfort, redness, and irritation. If you use different toys to spice things up, you should use water-based lube only. Otherwise, you can use pretty much any type of lube on the market, including silicone-based lube.

23. Hit The A-Spot

The classic orgasm can make a woman shake, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, women struggle to reach an orgasm or they simply need more stimulation. Now, just like you deserve different types of orgasms, the same rule applies to your partner.

This isn’t all about the classic clitoral or vaginal types of orgasm. The A-spot is often overlooked – In fact, lots of men are not even aware of it. The A-spot is located right behind the G spot. It is slightly over the cervix. Less known than other pleasure spots, the A-spot is just as exciting for women.

Stimulate this spot by the book, and you’ll give her a completely different type of pleasure. Besides, hitting the A-spot will also boost natural lubrication. Reaching it is quite difficult, though – you’ll need deep penetration because it’s located further away.

24. Explore Each of Her Erogenous Zones

When not sure how to be better in bed, simply explore each of her erogenous zones, and she’ll thank you for it.

Now, most men tend to focus on the genitals, but this isn’t really about how to perform well in bed – instead, this is what she’s used to.

Instead, you want to pleasantly surprise her, so take sexual stimulation a bit further. What you really want to do is target all of her erogenous zones – not all of them go around the genitals though. Some women go wild if you kiss their neck. Some others do the same if you kiss their back or their abs.

Then, there are women who appreciate having their armpits touched, not to mention the nipples – some of the most sensitive parts of the body. In fact, stimulating nipples can take women straight to orgasm. You can ask her what turns her on, or you can just explore her body yourself and pay attention.

25. Bring in Some Toys For Her

Lots of women will require more than just vaginal stimulation to reach an orgasm – again, clitoral stimulation is just as important, even during sex. Some of them require lots of stimulation – something aggressive.

If it feels like too much for you, bring in a machine that can keep up with her needs. A small sex toy will get the job done. You can bring in a small vibrator that won’t take too much space. Bring it out next time you have sex, and the intensity of your sex performance will reach unusual limits.

26. Spanking Works For 30% of All Women

Spanking turns some people on, but it can also turn people off. About 30% of all women enjoy spanking while having sex, but don’t be too aggressive – unless she asks for it. Otherwise, you’ll cause more pain than pleasure.

Some women appreciate the physical sensation associated with spanking. The butt is quite meaty, so it can take some spans. Besides, that’s where the spinal cord ends, so there will be plenty of nerve endings in the area.

Then, if she’s into more aggressive spanking, she probably finds control and power more erotic, so you may try other dominating gestures. Different women have different needs – identify them or simply ask upfront.

27. A Threesome May Change Everything


A threesome can spice things up overnight. Lots of people opt for this sensation in order to experience new things.

Now, it can go in two directions. You’d probably appreciate another girl in bed with you two, but would you like to see her ride a different man?

Don’t adopt this idea too soon or too fast. It takes time and preparation. If done incorrectly, it can literally ruin relationships. Come up with a joint profile on a sex dating app and let things go on from that point – find something you both like and set some rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure, here are the most commonly asked questions on how to be good in bed as a man.

What Makes A Man Bad In Bed?

One of the most important things in focus. She won’t appreciate it if you only focus on yourself and finish way before her. Other than that, another major rule is to make her feel comfortable – don’t push her into doing something she doesn’t like.

Does It Help To Be Open To New Things?

Absolutely. Just like everyone else, she obviously has some fantasies. The more you know about her fantasies, the easier it becomes to make them a reality. Even if something feels a bit unusual, keep your mind open – you may actually like some of those things.

Is Sexual Confidence Important?

Of course, it is. Take your time to acquire information and knowledge, but also gain some sexual skills. Listen to your body, as well as her body. Knowing what to apply and where will make you more confident, and women appreciate that.

Closing Thoughts

Bottom line, being good in bed is not difficult, but it takes time, education, knowledge, practice, skills, and an open mind. Sex is often considered a taboo topic, even among long-term partners. However, there are ways to gain as much as possible from this experience.

Take your time and learn. Most guys learn from their closest friends. But then, what works for some women will not work for everyone. As you change partners, you’ll have to communicate. Then, you need to adapt.

The same rule applies if monotony intervenes in your relationship. Love becomes irrelevant if the sexual desire disappears, so you need to spice things up in one way or another – fortunately, there are lots of different ideas out there.

No matter what your circumstances are, remember that communication is key, be it physical or verbal. You need to be comfortable around your partner, just like she has to be fully confident in you – only then you can achieve great things.​

Hope you like the tips we share about how to get better in bed for guys. If you have any questions or suggestions, comment below.



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