How To Fix Performance Anxiety

Sex should be enjoyable: it is a typical and medically recommended way to release tension and stress.

However, sadly, this isn’t always the case for some persons, especially men. This set of people always finds themselves worrying about their performance. So, instead of enjoying the moment, they are usually anxious, embarrassed, doubting themselves, etc.

Sexual performance anxiety and, by extension, erectile dysfunction (ED) are common sexual conditions whose side effects cannot be exaggerated. Usually, people who suffer from performance anxiety develop a coping mechanism to avoid sex and any sex-related activity.

But is this a lasting solution? Nobody deserves to suffer this unfortunate situation. Thankfully, there are multiple actionable solutions to this regard. Therefore, the big question is, how can you treat and overcome performance anxiety?

First, understand that you aren’t alone: there are several other men globally experiencing or have experienced something like this currently or before, as the case may be. This is the first step to your journey of complete freedom from erectile dysfunction and ultimately enjoying sex with your sexual partner.

This article carefully examines and demystifies the concept of sexual performance anxiety while identifying sexual performance anxiety symptoms and causes and how it can be completely treated.

Without any further ado, let us get straight into it!

What Is Sexual Performance Anxiety?

It’s normal to feel anxious before sex. However, it becomes a problem when such anxiety begins to prevent you from having an amazing sexual experience, or worst still, from having sex. This condition is called sexual performance anxiety.

Sexual performance anxiety happens when you overly prioritize the perception of your sexual partner about you before or during sex. Typically, performance anxiety is about your genitals – does my partner find my penis big enough? What if I can’t maintain an erection? Etc.

However, unlike popular belief, sexual performance anxiety isn’t a specific medical diagnosis. Although, of course, if left unattended, it may result in erectile dysfunction, such as anorgasmia in women and premature ejaculation in men.

Are your fears (or mental stress) becoming intrusive during or before sex, consequently interrupting your overall sexual performance?

Then you may be suffering from sexual performance anxiety. Continue reading to find out the possible causes and expert proven ways of treating sexual performance anxiety!

Symptoms of Sexual Performance Anxiety

The symptoms of performance anxiety vary. Most importantly, do not confuse the little nervousness you feel as a symptom that you are anxious about your performance.

It is natural to be excited about the upcoming sexual experience. However, it is when you excessively duel in the euphoria of such a feeling that requires attention.

Identifying these sexual performance anxiety symptoms is crucial to ensuring early treatment, ultimately preventing the escalation to sexual or erectile dysfunction.

The Symptoms of Sexual Performance Anxiety for Men May Include:

• Having zero or little interest in sexual activities, including “naughty” talks.
• Premature ejaculation and inability to have or maintain an erection during sex.
• Seldomly aroused.
• Tensed muscles, increased heart rate, panic attacks, etc.
• Finding it challenging to orgasm during sex.

The Symptoms of Sexual Performance Anxiety for Women May Include:

• Seldomly aroused.
• Painful sexual experience.
• Vaginal dryness.

Please, note that while sexual performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction are somewhat similar, they are two different sexual issues. Although, the former is a major prerequisite to the latter.

The major difference, as mentioned earlier, is that performance anxiety isn’t a medical condition – at least, it hasn’t been recognized as one yet, while erectile dysfunction is a sexual medical condition that demands that you seek professional medical advice immediately.

Albeit having recognized a few common symptoms of sexual performance anxiety, next is understanding “why” it is happening. In other words, what are the causes of performance anxiety?

Causes of Sexual Performance Anxiety 

The causes of sexual performance anxiety cut across both physical problems and psychological factors; understanding and familiarizing yourself with these factors is a major step to overcoming the sexual condition.

Interestingly, most of these causes are a result of negative thoughts. These thoughts do not necessarily have to be about sex – they may be about different life issues.

Such negative thoughts ultimately put you under pressure, allowing the infiltration of fear and anxiety, which extends from your regular day-to-day activities to affecting your sexual life.

Below are the top four (4) most common causes of sexual performance anxiety:

1. Poor Self-Image

It’s normal to want to feel good about yourself. However, inevitably, there is at least one aspect of yourself that you don’t particularly feel good about – and this is the same for everyone else, too. Sadly, many transfer this insecurity to their sexual activities.

Many believe that being intimate with their sexual partners would expose their flaws and ultimately lead to rejection. Most common issues include the men’s body weight and muscle mass, how long they can last, is their erection hard enough, would they be able to orgasm, etc.

Having such a poor image of yourself only prevents you from having an enjoyable sexual experience – it has no advantage. These worries only affect your mental health, significantly contributing to sexual performance anxiety.

For instance, most guys these days concern mostly about their penis appearance and size. Though using enhancement products like enlarging essential oil can somewhat alleviate the size issue, more often than not, problem could be mental which you would have to look deeper to calm down any anxiety you feel in the bedroom.

2. Having Issues With Your Partner

Undoubtedly, there is more to keeping a relationship than sex. Most notably, the healthiness of your relationship significantly affects the quality of your sex life.

Is the relationship with your partner outside the bedroom poor? Sooner than expected, you would start feeling its effect in subsequent sexual experiences with your partner.

Therefore, ensure you communicate and address whatever issues you have in your relationship with your partner – apart from this being a tip for maintaining a healthy relationship, it also saves you from the stress of sexual performance anxiety.

3. Having Zero Sexual Experience or Entering a New Relationship

You are most vulnerable to sexual performance anxiety if you do not have any sexual experience prior.

Another possibility is when you are in a new relationship – of course, new things are sometimes different; trying something different from what you are used to might be stressful and scary. This theory also applies to sex.

However, with time – for those entering into a new relationship – you should get used to the different atmosphere, consequently overcoming the sexual performance anxiety you must have undergone.

To a considerable extent, the same also applies to those with zero experience, and it’s their first time having sex.

A good method you can employ on treating sexual performance anxiety is by using an erection pump device. It can be used as a training tool for your penile to get an erection and to even help you last longer in bed.

4. Inadequate or Lack of Exercise

Insecurities may be highest when you are out of shape, whether male or female. Asides from this, being out of shape is a primary cause of breathlessness and loss of energy. These two conditions can significantly affect your sexual activity.

The inability to perform sexually as desired or as expected by your partner may cause embarrassment and feelings of inadequacy, resulting in people completely avoiding sex and any sexually related activities.

Take note that you can increase your stamina in bed but would require serious lifestyle change.

So, there you have it – the top four (4) commonest causes of sexual performance anxiety! Now, having examined these causes alongside the symptoms to look out for when diagnosing sexual anxiety, the next is knowing how this sexual dysfunction can be treated.

We’ve comprehensively covered the various ways to treat sexual performance anxiety in the section below.

Sexual Performance Anxiety Treatments

Due to the multiple physical and psychological factors associated with sexual anxiety, treatment options are typically focused on identifying and solving these factors to ensure long-lasting recovery.

Some persons do not require any special treatment plan to overcome sexual performance anxiety. They only need to become more comfortable and familiar with their sexual partner, and that solves the puzzle for them!

However, for those who demand more than that – that is, their anxiety doesn’t resolve on its own, we have carefully examined the top five (5) ways of treating sexual performance anxiety below:

1. Therapy

This is one of the commonest and most recommended ways to treat sexual performance anxiety.

Therapies, such as sex therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc., explore the various lifestyle changes like mindfulness to help you reduce and manage stress levels, negative thoughts, etc., thereby improving your overall mental health.

2. Prioritize Foreplay

Have you noticed you are always tensed before and during sex? A proven way to overcome such tension is through foreplay. Technically, it helps you buy more time for stabilization. Unlike popular belief, foreplay isn’t only for women – men, most times, also need foreplay to get in the mood.

Foreplay such as kisses, erotic massages, caresses, cuddles, etc., significantly helps make you charged up and ready to get wild in bed.

3. Exercise Often

As mentioned earlier, being out of shape is amongst the leading physical causes of insecurities, ultimately leading to sexual anxiety. Poor exercise alongside an unhealthy eating habit reduces blood circulation and makes the body sluggish.

Poor blood flow, particularly in the penile area, may result in delayed erection (a variant of sexual dysfunction). And, of course, it is almost impossible for a sluggish body to perform brilliantly in bed.

Exercise does more wonders than weight loss. It boosts your sex life.

4. Discuss With Your Partner

Men are naturally egoistic, and this extends to wanting to hide their (sexual) problems from their partners.

Discussing your sexual challenges, such as sexual performance anxiety, often relieves stress and rescues you from undue mental pressure, especially when your partner is the understanding type.

With maximum understanding, you both can find common ground, ensuring sex is enjoyable for both parties. Let your partner know about your anxieties – the reassurance they’d offer is even just enough to help you scale through the phase.

5. Erectile Dysfunction Medications

As mentioned earlier in this article, although most persons misconstrue sexual performance anxiety for erectile dysfunction, they are different.

However, certain medications have proven to be instrumental in treating performance anxiety. These ED medications include Tadalafil, Viagra, and Avanafil.

Many persons often ask the question, does viagra help with performance anxiety? Well, yes.

These drugs for ED treatment are usually recommended because of their confidence-boosting capabilities, especially for men. However, ensure you consult a healthcare professional before using pills.

Also, note that these erectile dysfunction drugs are most effective if your sexual performance anxiety has been medically confirmed to be caused by ED.

When this happens, the anxiety you experience can be regarded as a side effect of ED. Once again, remember to seek professional medical advice. Do not self-medicate!

Conclusion – You Are Not Alone

Sexual anxiety is a common issue, especially among men. Everyone is vulnerable, and as you must have learned in this article, it requires intentional and concentrated efforts to overcome this type of sexual dysfunction.

While you are conscious about not letting your partner down, you shouldn’t affect your sexual experience unconsciously. This is what sexual performance anxiety cause.

Thankfully, with the solutions explored in this article, you will find yourself overcoming performance anxiety in no time.

Do you have further questions? Do not hesitate to ask via the comment section below.

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