How Often Should a Man Ejaculate Sperm? Everything You Need to Know

As you grow up and learn more about sex, you are constantly hit with all kinds of myths and misconceptions. The bad news is many of these things are taken for granted because they come from reliable sources – your best friends as a kid.

Now, when it comes to ejaculation, most people associate it with orgasms. Surprisingly, some men can have an orgasm without ejaculation too.

Now, how often should a man release sperm? What is the optimal ejaculation frequency? What are the benefits and is there a prostate cancer risk?

Reasons to Control Ejaculation

The ejaculation frequency is an issue for many men, mostly because they know it is related to the risk of prostate cancer.

According to professional medical advice, frequent ejaculation can actually cancel the risk of developing prostate cancer.

When it comes to controlling your ejaculation, there are no actual reasons to do it. Ejaculating too often will not cause any health-related issues whatsoever. Your sexual activity will not be affected, but then, it depends on a few factors.

For example, if you are trying to have a baby, ejaculating too often may reduce the sperm quality. Basically, you should refrain yourself from ejaculating every day, but build up a little before sexual arousal – it helps in the process.

On the same note, frequent ejaculation will not cause erectile dysfunction, but masturbating too often can cause masturbation-induced erectile dysfunction. You lose sensitivity in the penis head, especially as sex feels different – in other words, it could affect sexual activity.

These things do not have too much to do with the actual ejaculation. If you ejaculate while having sex, it will not affect your erectile function.

If you masturbate a lot, it might be affected – so, how often should a man masturbate? It depends from one man to another, but keep an eye on how you feel.

Chronic masturbation is, therefore, an issue, but it is not necessarily related to the actual ejaculation.

Is Semen Retention Healthy?

Semen Retention Healthy

Semen retention is not necessarily healthy or unhealthy – it implies avoiding ejaculation for a while.

There are more ways to do it. For instance, you could avoid sex and masturbation. You can also have sex and stop it before ejaculating – quite uncomfortable though.

Some men may also learn to get orgasms without ejaculation. Rare or moderate ejaculation is not scientifically proven to have many health benefits or disadvantages in men. It will not affect your physical health or add to your immune system – just an old-school myth.

If you do retain semen, it will be broken down and released into the body. Some complications might occur in the long run though. If you refrain yourself from ejaculating for too long, you might experience actual issues when you want to ejaculate – premature ejaculation could also kick in.

Epididymal hypertension may also occur – the possibility to get aroused, but without actually having an orgasm. Blood builds up throughout the arousal and failing to ejaculate may cause painful sensations – then taking natural male supplements could help .

On a positive note, semen retention could add to your stamina, provide multiple orgasms, increase self-control and awareness, add to the sperm quality and potentially increase testosterone – obviously, with some limits.

Semen retention is not associated with cardiovascular disease – another myth. It can, however, increase the frequency of wet dreams.

Health Benefits of Regular Ejaculation

There are more physical benefits of ejaculation than potential side effects.

Better Sleep

Ejaculation drains you. Can a man ejaculate and go to sleep straight away?

Most men feel tired after an orgasm, so the answer is positive. There is no scientific research, but actual physical activity will kill some energy.

Better Sperm Quality

The quality of sperm cells can be improved by refraining from ejaculation, but it is also one of the health benefits of ejaculation.

Again, there is no scientific evidence. Moreover, you need to find the right balance between frequent ejaculations and semen retention.

Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

There is some evidence regarding the effects of ejaculation on prostate cancer, but more research is needed.

To keep it simple, the prostate is kept working by producing sperm – more ejaculations will keep it busy and active, just like other body parts.

Lower Depression Risk

Arousal and orgasms are associated with extra releases of dopamine and oxytocin.

They are associated with good emotions, comfort, and little to no stress. Simply put, you can release sperm daily and feel happier than ever.

Other potential benefits associated with frequent ejaculation include:

  • Better immune system
  • Fewer migraines and headaches
  • Lower subsequent risk of cardiovascular health conditions
  • Testosterone levels at normal limits

Is Ejaculating Once A Day Too Much?

There are no medically reviewed studies regarding the effects of ejaculation on the male reproductive cell.

Scientists believe men are different, so some of them will do daily ejaculation for healthy relationship status, while others will ejaculate once or twice a week.

You need to do whatever feels comfortable. As long as there is no sex addiction – an actual affection that can become painful – and you do not suffer from chronic masturbation, daily regular ejaculation will not cause any harm at all. In fact, ejaculating daily will do more good to your body.

You will get rid of stress, benefit from a better mood and positive emotions and basically refresh the semen, which could add to the sperm quality. Ejaculation has nothing to do with muscle mass – just another irrelevant myth.

The male reproductive cell will be removed, making room for new semen. There are no medically reviewed studies regarding this aspect, but daily ejaculation could affect sperm both positively and negatively. For instance, doctors recommend holding sperm for a while if you try to make a baby.

How Many Times Should A Man Release Sperm In A Week?

Unused sperm cells will not really lose quality and will not affect you negatively.

Avoiding ejaculation will not really cause any issues, yet it might cause premature ejaculation if you keep doing it – based on self-reported data.

Your sexual behavior may also be impacted – you will be more stressed.

Now, from a medical point of view, it is perfectly healthy to ejaculate once a week or seven times a week.

Different men have different needs, and their sexual behavior may also be affected by different factors around them. Your sex life will also determine how often you can do it.

The average ejaculation frequency goes between twice a week and seven times a week. Some women have sex a couple of days a week, while others masturbate once a day. Frequent sex and masturbation will not affect you. There is no right or wrong answer here.

The gap is quite high, so you need to focus on whatever makes you feel comfortable in your sex life. Frequent sex is healthy, your sperm count might be slightly affected and unlike most expectations, more sex will not enhance masculinity.

The average sperm count will not really be affected if you orgasm too often either – there is no Harvard medical school study to claim otherwise. You are less likely to experience incident cardiovascular events or face poor sperm production.

Can You Die From Ejaculating Too Much?

Releasing sperm will lower the risk of prostate cancer. The sexual frequency is responsible for reduced stress too and there are no issues with releasing sperm daily.

But then, what if ejaculating frequently may gain in intensity? What if you need to do it more and more often?

The body produces millions of sperm cells and they will naturally build up again. Now, there is a fine line between sexual addiction and other issues. What if you have to masturbate or have sex more times a day? Can you die from ejaculating too much?

There is no such thing. There is no research published or peer-reviewed studies to claim any major health risks associated with ejaculating too much. You cannot die because you ejaculate too much or too often and the body will keep replenishing sperm cells.

If you have a low sperm count, ejaculating too much may cause issues with the quantity, but nothing major to be concerned about. However, problems may occur if you masturbate too often or have too much sex.

Masturbating more times a day may cause masturbation-induced erectile dysfunction. You need to take it easy to regain sensitivity in the penis. On the other hand, too much sex could cause excessive friction and burns. Make sure you use lubricants.

Benefits of Semen Retention

Semen retention is not considered unhealthy or healthy, but just like anything else in life, it does have some good parts as well.

Sure, it will not lower blood pressure or reduce migraine symptoms like an ejaculation, but it does have some good parts – sometimes, an ED treatment too.

Extra Stamina

Ejaculation drains you. Fail to ejaculate for a few days and your stamina will build up. This is one of the reasons wherefore men refrain from coming – they build the energy up to continue pleasuring their partners, which reduces stress levels in bed.

More Orgasms

This is not very common, but if you have had multiple orgasms before, you may get them again by refraining yourself from orgasms for a while. Multiple orgasms are more common in women, but men can get there too.

Higher Sperm Quality

Unused sperm will not get damaged if you refrain yourself from coming. While not scientifically proven, it is believed that holding sperm for a while will add to your fertility. Your reproductive system is likely to gain in quality, which is great if you are trying to conceive. More research is needed.

Full Body Orgasms

Tantric sex often involves stopping your orgasm – or better said, delaying it. Once you are ready to come, your orgasm will be explosive. If the partner follows a similar rule, your relationship satisfaction will most likely skyrocket.

Extra Self-Control And Awareness

The process of semen retention will teach you to control your body. You rediscover what orgasms are about and you understand what it takes to ejaculate. You can last longer in bed if you control yourself – one of the proven benefits of holding it.

How Semen Retention Affects The Testosterone

How Semen Retention Affects The Testosterone

There are more health benefits associated with semen retention – some of them are believed to be true, but based on self-reported surveys.

Testosterone levels are higher at a younger age, but you can keep them at normal limits as you grow up too.

A few studies have shown that testosterone levels go up with semen retention for a couple of weeks. The idea has caused plenty of skepticism because there is no scientific data, just proven results. It is hard to understand how it works.

There is nothing wrong with trying it though. If you feel like you need more testosterone and you are willing to refrain yourself from orgasms for a while, go for it.

On another note, testosterone is associated with many things (taken for granted, such as a deeper voice), but such things are not backed either. In other words, it may actually be true.

How To Orgasm Without Ejaculation

Can you reach orgasm without ejaculation? Here are some techniques.

Back to Back Orgasms

Dry orgasms occur if you have already ejaculated. You may have an orgasm again soon after, even if the body fails to produce enough sperm in time. You can even try to have back-to-back orgasms until you finish all the semen.

Retrograde ejaculation is not harmful, but it could cause mild infertility in the long run. If you do get back into an erection quickly for another round, you can use erection aid devices to get a boner quicker.

Practice Self-Control

Train yourself to control ejaculation. While you can always discuss with a sex coach, you can also try out Kegel exercises for better control, as well as mindful awareness. Having full control of your PC muscles will take you there.

Edging Helps

Edging implies multiple techniques and all relate to sexual stimulation prior to the orgasm. Once you are there, stop all the stimulation and restart after a few minutes. The practice is more common in those suffering from premature ejaculation – as well as those who want more intense orgasms.


Bottom line, sperm release is associated with multiple health benefits – from preventing heart disease to lowering the risk of prostate cancer. Man-release sperm, on the other hand, does have its benefits as well, yet there are also some potential side effects.

Overall, there are no rules regarding how often you can come, as long as you avoid sex addiction and sexual masturbation.

You can even get better orgasms and ejaculation by rubbing oil in the penis, which are actually considered healthy and will bring in more good things than bad things.