Home Remedies To Keep A Man Hard – Causes, Solutions & Home Remedies

Given today’s unhealthy habits in terms of lifestyle, erectile dysfunction has never been more common. Whether it comes to getting hard or staying hard during sexual activities, sexual dysfunction can be devastating from a psychological point of view.

Sometimes referred to as impotence, this condition prevents the blood flow from reaching the penis, meaning the blood vessels cannot pump enough blood for an erection. The erectile function is then affected. The patient cannot get an erection or maintain it for sexual intercourse.

Now, you are not alone in this venture. Moreover, you can treat erectile dysfunction and improve your sexual function.

To help you get an idea about how common this sex life issue is, there are more than 150 million men across the world suffering from it.

There are more types of erectile dysfunction, and once you figure out which one you suffer from, you can find home remedies to keep a man hard and boost your sexual performance. It could be the blood pressure, sleep disorders, or perhaps some medication, not to mention anxiety.

For each cause out there, there are at least a few different solutions – most of them medically reviewed. Whether you need ED medication or just some lifestyle changes, you need to start with the beginning – find out what can affect sexual function, and then you can get an erection and boost sexual activity.

Before digging deeper, how do you know that you suffer from a dysfunction? Normally, men can stay erect for a few minutes – up to half an hour. It depends on the sexual activity involved though, so there is no such thing as a universal time.

If you are not sure about one thing or another, it pays off to discuss an erectile dysfunction treatment with your doctor too. In theory, the issue is mild and can be handled at home. If it feels severe, an erectile dysfunction treatment is more appropriate.

Early Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological erectile dysfunction is the most common issue out there.

If it happens once – just an accident, the fear of failing again may lead to failure.

Sexual stimulation becomes stressful and can cause anxiety, affecting your sexual health.

The inability to get or sustain an erection will affect pretty much every man in the world at some point or another. In most cases, random erectile dysfunction is considered an accident. It becomes a medical issue when it happens on a regular basis and over a long period of time.

Erectile health is dramatically affected then, and apart from this issue, the patient will also face the fear of sexual activity, not to mention low self esteem. Interpersonal relationships will also be affected in the long run due to this fear.

Recurring Failure To Get An Erection

Sometimes, it is just the effect of being tired or perhaps cold. You had a long, exhausting, and stressful week at work, so you may find yourself unable to engage into sexual activity on a night. It is perfectly normal.

A recurring inability to get an erection is a good enough reason to find an ED treatment. You might be able to get a bit of an erection with sexual arousal, but you may not be able to maintain it. All in all, even if you get an erection sometimes, failing on a regular basis means you need to figure out how to treat ED.

Regular Difficulty To Maintain An Erection

Sometimes, an experienced partner and sexual arousal will work wonders. Things seem to go in the right direction, and you actually manage to obtain an erection. However, erectile dysfunction is also diagnosed when you fail to maintain it throughout sexual activity.

Sure, you can get an erection, but it may not last long enough to have a fulfilling experience with your partner. You lose the erection in the middle of intercourse or during any stage – even before the action actually begins.

Difficulty Of Getting An Erection

This is the most obvious symptom of erectile dysfunction. Talk to your doctor if nothing works. There are lots of natural treatments that can help, though. This issue means you cannot get an erection at any given time.

Ideally, you should not wait so long. You should seek professional medical advice when you feel like things are going in the wrong direction and they keep aggravating.

But then, there are times when erectile dysfunction aggravates overnight. Luckily, sexual medicine is more advanced than ever today.

Note: Premature ejaculation is not always considered erectile dysfunction.

Potential Causes Of Sexual Dysfunction

Now that you are aware of the signs – which are pretty obvious, what are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction ED, and what do medical associations believe about them?

This is the first step in the process, as each cause requires a different treatment.

Cardiovascular Causes Affecting The Blood Flow

High blood pressure is a common issue, not to mention heart disease. About 40% of all men suffering from sexual dysfunction also have some sort of cardiovascular disease.

The relationship between these two issues is not perfectly clear, though, but the flow to the penis is clearly affected.

However, it is worth noting that you have the same risk factors. Clogged blood vessels represent another issue – known as atherosclerosis. Basically, there is plaque building up inside blood vessels, preventing the blood from reaching parts of the body – the penis, in this case.

Hypertension is the most common issue associated with erectile dysfunction. They basically represent the same thing, although they affect different organs. High cholesterol will also affect the heart and blood vessels.

Nerve Causes

Nerve related problems could also lead to erectile dysfunction. Diabetes, for example, means high blood sugar will damage nerves and blood vessels. Over 50% of all men with diabetes also experience some form of ED.

ED is also quite common in those suffering from Parkinson’s – about 70% of all patients. Some say that erectile dysfunction could be considered an early sign of Parkinson’s. There are no actual links, but the connection between these problems seems to be obvious.

Any disruption in the nervous system can cause erectile dysfunction, and a stroke is also a common cause. The medication given after a stroke may also interfere with the erection. On the same note, the same rule applies to blood pressure medications.

Multiple sclerosis is not to be overlooked either. According to peer-reviewed studies, multiple sclerosis has a high rate of sexual dysfunction too – women may also be affected. Mental health is, therefore, a significant cause.

Other nerve causes may include epilepsy, spinal cord injury, or prostate surgery.

Other Physical Issues

Despite this list, you can improve erectile function with the right treatment and home remedies.

Health conditions can be tackled in different ways, and hard work will remove sexual performance anxiety. It can help you reach and maintain an erection without even needing ED medications.

Here are a few other physical causes to consider:

  • Peyronie’s
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Sleep related issues
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Poor oral health
  • Obesity – maintaining healthy body weight is a must, so start some physical activity

It is worth mentioning sleep restriction, too or even obstructive sleep apnea, as well as prescription medications for sleep issues. Bottom line, an underlying health condition could easily lead to ED. Fortunately, once you are aware of the cause, finding the solution is much easier.

Legal And Illegal Drugs

Lots of prescription medications have been associated with low testosterone levels, performance anxiety, and other factors that are known to cause sexual dysfunction – oral medications, prescription drugs, you name it. Antihistamines are some of the most common ones.

The same rule applies to diuretics or high blood pressure drugs, antidepressants, medication for Parkinson’s, hormonal drugs, and opiates. Illegal drugs go in the same category and can also affect your functionality.

Then, tobacco is a very common cause of sexual dysfunction. In countries where cigarettes and tobacco packs come with warnings, impotence is by far among the most common ones, so it is worth trying to quit smoking.

Male subjects in various alcohol studies have also developed some sort of sexual dysfunction. About three out of four men with alcohol problems are known to suffer from erection problems, so it is worth cutting on it too. Alcohol dependence has more adverse reactions.

Psychological Causes

Depression and anxiety – more specifically, performance anxiety – represent some of the most popular psychological factors. Depression affects the sexual life of all people, including men. The connection is difficult to prove, though.

Performance anxiety is the fear of failure, especially if you have already had a few unpleasant episodes in the past. This is one of the most common types of ED – basically, it is only in your head, and learning to relax can prevent it.

Focus on your sexual desire instead. The negative effect of being too stressed about it will basically make you fail. Overthink it, and bad things happen – developing ED takes time, but sometimes, it is only in your head.

Stress will also prevent you from reaching harder erections. It will provide a low sexual desire, affect the sex drive and give you low sexual responses. Sex toys could help at times, but then again, you need to relax.

Stress can come from more directions – work, family problems, money, or even a penile erection.

Relationship problems go in the same category, not to mention low self-confidence. Shame from previous bad experiences will also make it more difficult than ever. Sex toys can help add to the stimulation – blood flows when you use something new and kinky.

Masturbation Habits

There is an unofficial form of ED known as masturbation impotence. Masturbation habits can give you low testosterone and can contribute to sexual dysfunction, especially when mixed with pornography. It is mostly psychological – you expect to see what you see in pornography, but this is less likely to happen.

On average, men have about 11 erections per day – about five more per night. There are more factors that will influence these numbers – some may get more, while others will get much less. Adults will require a bit of arousal, but teenagers are more likely to experience random erections.

Now that you know what could cause ED, how do you improve it?

How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction – Home Remedies To Keep A Man Hard

There are lots of solutions when not sure about the right home remedies to keep a man hard.

There are plenty of medications, lifestyle changes, toys, and supplements to help with such things – the blue pill is only the most common one.

When erect, the penis should gain around 50% extra in size. It is not a general rule, though – there are no correlations between the flaccid state and the erect one. Some men gain much more than that, while others only get the penis hard, without any major size differences.

Vacuum Pumps And Other Sex Toys

Penis vacuum for erectile dysfunction have been around for decades already. They come with more parts, and the plan is to create a vacuum. Some of them are manual, while others run on batteries. The pump draws blood into the penis and helps reach the erection.

Once the erection is there, you need to keep the blood in. This is when the rings step in. They go around the base of the penis, and they prevent the blood from escaping. You can use more rings – never leave them on for more than half an hour.

Vacuum pumps and rings could cause a bit of discomfort until you get used to them. Another problem is that getting an erection naturally could be difficult once your body is used to them. However, the good news is they do work.

Lifestyle Changes

Quit smoking and alcohol dependence. Lose weight, and your whole body will benefit from it. Start doing any type of physical activity – even walking helps. Men who want to get and stay hard need a healthy lifestyle.

Even if you use other treatments – such as the oil for strong penis, nitric oxide, or other medications, lifestyle changes still represent a must. Plus, all these changes will improve other functions of your body in the long run too.

You need to move, adopt a healthy diet, and quit smoking and alcohol.

Sleep More

Since poor sleep adds to stress and can reduce blood circulation, it is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. It will also reduce the levels of testosterone. The solution is fairly simple to understand – go to sleep.

If you go to sleep late and wake up early, try dodging all the time wasting activities you do before sleep. Go to sleep early and get your eight hours. You will find yourself more energetic, and testosterone levels will soon go back to normal.

Acupuncture Helps

Acupuncture can reduce stress and help your body heal from the inside, regardless of the issue. Now, acupuncture is more effective if erectile dysfunction is a side effect of using different medications – such as SSRIs or SNRIs.

Most of these drugs have sex-related effects and can target up to half of the patients. Acupuncture can go in more directions, though. When discussing with a professional, it pays off being honest about it – results will be much quicker.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Oral medications for ED are more common than other invasive procedures. The blue pill is classic, but these days, there are many other products based on the same active substances – avanafil, vardenafil, tadalafil, or sildenafil.

The primary role of these drugs is to boost the blood flow towards the penis.

It takes around an hour to get an erection – not suitable for spontaneous sex, though. These medications are not suitable if you take other drugs for heart related problems though.

Finally, apart from all these, you can also rely on penile injections or surgical interventions. Such operations are not to be done at home, though. Instead, you need to see a specialist doctor – these are the last resorts, though, and most people never need them.

It is important to know that such medication will also keep a man hard after coming and will reduce the time needed to recover. Basically, some men have to wait for hours, but those taking such medication will be able to do it much faster.

Kegel Exercises

Weak pelvic muscles are also associated with erectile dysfunction. Strengthening them will enhance everything in the area – including the penis. There are numerous floor exercises a man can do to improve sexual function.

However, based on studies, results will not show up overnight. Instead, it may take up to half a year to see some improvement. But then, this is often seen as a first approach towards enjoying a healthy sexual life again.

Testosterone Therapy

Whether it comes to vaginal sex or other types of sexual activities, low testosterone is often associated with dysfunction. Some people rely on testosterone replacement therapies – for instance, gel patches or other similar applications.

Some others opt to boost their testosterone levels with different types of food or perhaps supplements. Sexual motivation will skyrocket, as well as desire and enjoyment. More importantly, extra testosterone will improve performance.

Talking About Diets

When it comes to your diet, you need plenty of fruits and vegetables. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which will help the body overall. Obviously, certain foods can provide vitamins for sex and they will be more likely to help with the blood circulation around your penile area.

Herbal Remedies To Keep A Man Hard

Natural remedies will not work over a day or two, but implementing them into your lifestyle will certainly help you gain in the long run.

Such remedies should not be used on a temporary basis, though, but become part of your lifestyle.

Horny Goat Weed

This Chinese herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It has been associated with reducing the causes behind sexual dysfunction.

Women can also benefit from it – higher libido. The herb may have secondary effects on the heart – those with heart disease should avoid it.

Ginkgo Biloba

Widely available in nutritional shops, ginkgo biloba is an herb with benefits over numerous health conditions – including blood flow, anxiety, and dementia. It is also known for diluting blood vessels, so the blood will circulate freely.

In terms of side effects, ginkgo biloba can increase the risk of bleeding.


The amino acid is used in all sorts of supplements with the purpose to boost the nitric oxide throughout the body. Achieving a normal erection will take a few months, but having the supplement on a regular basis will keep improving things until the sexual life goes back to normal.

In terms of side effects, stomach upset is the most popular one, but it fades away as the body gets used to the amino acid.

Note: L-arginine should not be taken at the same time with the blue pill, as it can interact negatively.

Red Ginseng

Ginseng has been used in various Asian cultures for centuries, mostly because of its ability to handle erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues. While studies on it are not fully conclusive, it is believed it can influence the hormones responsible for the erection, not to mention boosting the blood flow.

When it comes to adverse reactions, red ginseng can cause insomnia – take the supplement in the morning and avoid it later in the day. This way, you can take it safely without experiencing any major issues.


Yohimbine comes from an African tree. It used to be the primary supplement for sexual dysfunction until the blue pill was invented. It boosts the activity of certain hormones that can cause an erection. Plus, it prevents other hormones from constricting blood vessels, so the penis can get plenty of blood.

Yohimbine will also increase sexual desire and libido. The supplement may have more side effects than others – high blood pressure and anxiety. If you have heart problems, avoid it. Besides, you should still ask the doctor for advice.

Fruits And Vegetables

Some fruits and vegetables are better than others when it comes to boosting the sexual function:

  • Watermelon – dilates and relaxes blood vessels.
  • Spinach – helps arteries expand and get more blood.
  • Coffee – relaxes muscles in the penis to allow more blood.
  • Dark chocolate – rich in flavanols, which help the blood circulate faster.
  • Salmon – rich in vitamin D, which is essential for erections.
  • Pistachio – encourages the natural production of nitric oxide.
  • Nuts – rich in good cholesterol, which prevents the bad one.
  • Blueberries – rich in flavonoids, just like oranges.
  • Spicy foods – great to boost the natural levels of testosterone.

When it comes to drinks, smoothies based on the above-mentioned foods and supplements will work wonders.

Throw in some beetroot too, and come up with different recipes based on what you like – lots of combos and alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure about the best remedies to keep a man hard? Here are some insights.

Is Age Important When It Comes To Erections?

Absolutely. As men get older, different problems kick in. Processes slow down.

The blood flow is no longer as intense as it was 30 years ago. Levels of testosterone also drop. With time, maintaining an erection in a natural manner is almost impossible.

Does Lifestyle Play A Role In Achieving And Maintaining Erections?

Absolutely. Eat the wrong foods, and your blood vessels will constrict, meaning there is less blood reaching the penis.

Go overweight, and you will inevitably make it more difficult for blood to circulate. Alcohol and tobacco have proven negative effects over erections.

The conclusion is fairly simple – adopt a healthy lifestyle, reduce alcohol consumption and quit smoking.

Physical activity will add to your stamina and increase the blood flow, not to mention helping with weight loss.

What Is Priapism?

A long and hard erection is not always desired. In fact, it could be associated with a different health condition, Priapism involves a hard erection that can last for long periods of time, even when there is no sexual arousal. It tends to be painful and can cause permanent damage if not treated straight away.

Wrap Up

As a short final conclusion, home remedies to keep a hard on go in more directions. Ideally, the patient should figure out what makes the erection difficult to achieve or maintain. Too much porn? Cut it for a while and stop masturbating.

Each potential cause has a few solutions, which makes erectile dysfunction a temporary problem.

To most adults out there, the issue is psychological. It becomes a physical problem in older men, though, but there are still some handy solutions.

Most men choose to tackle erectile dysfunction from more directions. Apart from a healthy lifestyle, herbal remedies also become daily treatments.

They follow all the rules they can find to ensure a consistent evolution, and the good news is results will not hesitate to show up.



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