3 Best Automatic Electric Penis Pumps

Most guys looking to enhance their erection hardness and stamina, are also looking to have more orgasms, better sex, and of course, bigger cock. So, it’s no wonder how men became curious about a sex product like a penis pump!

However, with all of the penis devices around, it can be difficult for someone inexperienced to search and decide for the best in the market.

With that in mind, I created this article to help you know if electronically operated penis pumps can really bring numerous benefits.

You’ll learn the best electric penis pumps and see if it can really help you gain size. I’ll help you choose the right one by knowing the features, specifications, and details.

Of course, I’ll show you the ideal sex product that fits your manhood to exponentially increase its dimensions to satisfy your partners and vitalize your sex life in ways you only dreamed about.

Electric Penis PumpRatingPrice CheckPenis GrowthEarliest Results
EVO Automatic Electric Penis Pump
5 / 5Shop Here 2.5 inches2 weeks
New Electric Penis Pump
4.8/ 5Shop Here1.5 inches
2 months
Liquid Crystal Rechargeable Penis Pump
4.8 / 5Shop Here1.5 inches
2 months

Best Three Electric Penis Pumps

To further help you in your search for the best penis pump, I’ve gathered a couple of popular products, the very best three electric pumps according to high quality, safety, usefulness, and acceptable pricing. Here are a few of our recommendations.

#1 EVO Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump

EVO penis pump vacuum erection erectile dysfunction penis enlargement pump erectile dysfunction penis pumps

Rated Top Electric Penis Enlargement Pump this year, EVO Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump is a safe, efficient, and helpful electric vacuum male advancement product available right now.

Its unique design makes it practical and comfortable for everyday use, with suction strong enough that it can pass as a masturbator!

This is a product that functions well to offer you stronger, bigger erections, as well as enhanced vigor and more intensive orgasms. I can say Evo Penis Pump will give your money’s complete worth.

This pump by far is the very best electric penis pump, with a simple, finger-turned vacuum treatment method system that you want to use every day. It’s an electric pump that you can control even with one hand.

It suits men with penises between 3 to 6 inches in length and 0.5 to 1 inch in width size. Its capabilities have 4 rates of speed and a release button with craftsmanship that can surpass your male enhancement goals.

EVO Automatic Electric Penis Growth Pump is a dependable and affordable penis product in the market.

It has few complications compared to other erectile dysfunction remedies.

Compared to surgical procedures that can be costly and risky, it’s definitely a better option for penile health.


EVO Automatic Electric Penis Growth Pump features a ring sleeve, with a distinctive ring layout that provides a comfortable and discreet fit. Battery and manual are included in one kit.

Most enhancement surgical treatment is costly and if you opt to use meds, you would have to keep it for years and spend more along the way.

You’ll have more savings if you select this penile pump since you only have to spend once.

When you get EVO Electric Penis Enlargement Pump, you already own it and there’ll be no additional costs later on. However, for guys who want to use EVO Pump with other sorts of treatments, whether it be penile workouts or medication, can be done without any troubles.


EVO Automatic Electric Penis Growth Pump gives you great suction power without any problem.

The tubing is large to accommodate above-average sizes. Additionally, it comes with the inch and centimeter measurements that keep you informed concerning your gains.

One user has attested that his manhood indeed increase.

“I was just 7 inches long and 3-inch girth. Following 2 months of daily use, I now fill the tube length and girth. I need to get a bigger pump,” he wrote.

Various other benefits involve boosts in your sex performance and enhancement in sexual pleasure. You can use it without notice if you are not in the mood for this as well as it improves libido.

Made from superior, medically tested materials that are non-harmful; no need to concern yourself with what you are putting on your skin. All parts are really easy to put together and nice and clean, so cleanliness is never a concern.

The device is fully automatic and quite simple to use. Basically, slide your penis into the tube and drive the key. Then you can unwind and enable the motor to do its function.

It’ll produce immediate suction power that will incite your penis to grow huge and hard with almost no effort on your part.

If it starts to hurt a bit, there’s a safety discharge valve that lets you release all pressure with nothing more than the push of the button. It’s an easy one-hand operation when you’re active with the other.

Alternate rates of speed include slow, moderate, and high. I recommend you begin slow and progress when your penis becomes familiar with the suction power.

The level on the clear cylinder lets you monitor your penis growth, allowing you to start to see the real improvement that you’re making, regarding size results. It’s a feeling of accomplishment that other pumps may well not provide. It’s a good pump for men of any size.

  • Best Rated Electric Penis Pump in America
  • Different Speeds
  • Clear Cylinder With Metrics
  • Comfortable Ring Sleeve
  • Automatic Function
  • Quite pricey for others

EVO penis pump vacuum erection erectile dysfunction penis enlargement pump penis pumps

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#2 New Electric Penis Pump

new electric penis pump vacuum erection erectile dysfunction penis enlargement pump penis pumps

Numerous users are trying to find an inexpensive but efficient electric pump to enlarge their penis, well we have the solution — the New Electric Penis Pump!

This product functions as a vacuum sex activation device that can provide you with an even more rigid penile erection that will last for hours.

The initial factor you notice when looking at the product is that it’s much cheaper compared to others. This one is also absolutely risk-free to use and fairly secure.

It’s a removable pump, so you can clean the electric components without damaging the pump with water.

The sleeves and penile tube can be cleaned using a simple mix of soap and water. If you would like to use more, carefully clean the penile hose, just use a soft clean cloth to do so.

The entire cleaning method is easy and needs nothing more than inexpensive household items, although do take care if you wash the product by hand and don’t place it in a washing machine.

Comes with sleeves, with more options for sizing for a number of customers.

The Electric Vacuum Penis Pump System is a top-ranked product in sex shops.

One of many customers even took the time to record a relevant video demonstrating how robust the suction power is, and how versatile each of the 3 sleeves.

With power like that, you are pretty much assured to get the results you desire. All particular information in regards to the product, which includes pricing, actual customer reviews, and a lot more, can be found on its product page.

This electric penis pump is good at doing what it’s designed to do, and it’s admittedly one of the very best to give you a boner.

The pump is comfortable and has suction power. Taking note of its design, meaning that the pumping process will be more efficient if you decide to put money into this product.

I would say this is an effective, safe selection for anyone who is not willing to hurt their budget but wants a penis pump. If you want to test out a penis device, this is a good option.

Easy To Use

New Electric Penis Pump provides a quick and easy-to-use penile device. In addition, you can actually load and fit your dick comfortably.

To work, you just place your penis within the New Electric Penis Pump, then apply a minimal amount of vacuum pressure to obtain an erection.

Customers who used this gadget were really impressed with its quality and features. So, for those who want to enhance their sex life, then just test it out.

Increase your manhood during sex with the New Electric Penis Pump as your helpful tool. The makers of the latest Electric Penis Pump built this product with high-quality material.

Works potent enough to offer you a penile erection in seconds. Much more, it works quietly.

Enhanced Sex Life

Sex partners who use this, especially those been together for decades, like this device as it’s beneficial to reinvigorate their intimacy.

Likewise, they use it to include excitement in their sex life.


Some guys who have been using the New Electric Penis Pump for years mentioned how they are astonished by its functionality. They love its durability.

They did not have any trouble with the device use. A user recommends, “I advise this penis pump for any boy looking for an economical electric penis pump.

For a pump, the suction power is highly effective and I feel, for ease, you should not use more strain than that. Also, you don’t need to hook up any accessory, so it doesn’t cost anything else just put the batteries and that’s it.”

“I like it. I enjoy its simple design and operation. Its function is just like really high-priced pumps do, for an actually decent cost,” another buyer said.

New Electric Penis Pump has 1 electric penis pump with 1 cock ring, 1 flesh silicon sleeve, 1 adaptor. The penile tube is 8 inches long and 6 3/4 inches in circumference.

So, for men who desired an inexpensive and efficient way to improve their sex function and satisfy their partners, New Electric Penis Pump is a good choice.

The package Set includes 1 electric battery pump, 1 dick ring, 1 flexible silicone sleeve, and 1 adaptor.

  • Electronic Function Pump
  • Flexible Silicone Ring
  • Vacuum releasing button
  • Easy to use, comfortable fit
  • Affordable Penile Pump
  • Diameter can be small for others

new electric penis pump erectile dysfunction penis enlargement pump penis pumps

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#3 Liquid Crystal Rechargeable Automatic Penis Pump

liquid crystal electric penis pump erectile dysfunction penis enlargement pump penis pumps

The Liquid Crystal Chargeable Automatic Penis Pump functions as rechargeable power hand penile pump.

This affordable package is a well-liked choice in men that want to improve their overall performance in the bedroom. The Crystal Rechargeable Automatic Penis Pump is efficient and reliable, but importantly give you the gains.

There is nothing more harmful to self-confidence than poor erections or low stamina in sex, ending in nothing but awkwardness for both of you and your partner. This electric penis pump can alter all this once and for all. You can expect a much better sex life.

A trustworthy electric dick pump should provide you with bigger, much longer, and better erections, alongside much stronger orgasms.

You’ll be able to preserve a penile erection for longer and realize it’s time for steamy lovemaking with your love. You’ll go at it and relieve some sex fantasy.

The good erections that this electric penis pump provides you can be the difference to rekindled interest with your partner, in addition to a more healthy penis. It’s scientifically known to work, and it’s the key to turn your sex life from good to great.

If you’re interested to check more or buy the product, you can see the product in the link provided in this section.


Liquid Crystal Rechargeable Penis Pump features a comfy ring sleeve that’s exclusive for your comfortability.

It has a special ring layout that by far provides the most pleasant and discreet rings available.

The penile pumps are placed as a single kit. This product comes along with the ring, lubricant, and carrying case for your convenience.


Customers who ordered the product were thrilled and happy with their device because it is very rewarding, very easy to use.

A user attested that Liquid Crystal Rechargeable Automatic Penis Pump does work saying it carries a vibrant and snug operation, ideal for regular use.

A user attests that he was not as responsive while he used to in sex. Despite the fact that his partner is very comprehending, he noticed the pressure of always neglecting to satisfy her.

He tried out pills but it really only helped him and he had severe headaches and a stuffy head that felt discouraging.

Also, he sensed that the treatments had been tough, so he tried the Chargeable Automatic Penis Pump. The first time he used the Liquid Crystal Chargeable Automatic Penis Pump, he notices a little irritation and soreness.

However, he continues with it but adjusted the lower pressure to let his body respond to it little by little.

He achieved the ideal erection he had not got in a while. He even a slight increase in girth size. As he used it along with his wife, she was thrilled.

The package kit contains a battery and manual pump in a single kit, ring sleeve, comfortable ring.

  • Rechargeable battery function
  • Comfortable ring sleeves
  • Automatic operation
  • Well designed penis pump
  • Speeds can be slow

liquid crystal electric penis pump erectile dysfunction penis enlargement pump penis pumps

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What’s an Electric Penis Pump?

Electric penis pumps are a type of penile pump available right now in the market.

It’s popularly used as an effective penis device to increase tension and pressure, where it helps enhance libido, improve erection quality, and add size to a small penis. These are the reasons why I believe you should get an electronic pump, which thousands of other guys have done.

With an electric penile pump, you can use it in the comfort of your bed, couch, or office chair. Electric pumps are cheaper, easy to use – just hold, insert, and activate, even with one hand.

How To Use Electric Penis Pump?

If you want to use an electric penis pump, it’s quite simple and every dude can do it at home (or on your trips).

Just place the tube portion of the pump across your penis. The electric part is in control of creating the vacuum, where it forces the bloodstream into your penis, pulling it closer to the cylinder walls. This force helps make your cock larger, even hardening erections during the process.

When you use the pump, take things slowly, don’t raise the pressure way too rapidly. Doing this may result in pain and potentially some bruising. If you feel soreness, release and lower the pressure as needed.

Usually, do not increase the strain on a penis pump past a degree that you can put up comfortably. Should you get bruised, it usually goes away inside a day, but you want to rest your genitals for several days.

As I mentioned, electric pumps are not just for penile growth, but it’s helpful to guys who suffer from low to modest erectile dysfunction.

Using the pump regularly enhances the capacity for you to get a boner.

You can use it to further improve your sex life or just stop your penile muscle tissues from atrophying.

Just remember, too much tension can be hazardous. But so long as you adjust the suction strain according to your own personal comfort, there’s no risk in using an electric pump.

Immediately relieve the vacuum if you feel any type of discomfort or pain when using a pump. The method should be relaxing; if it is not, then stop. Give your penis a massage and let it relax for a while, and you should be ready to go.


Using an electric penis pump can help you have a better penile erection and pleasurable erotic activity. The pump operates a vacuum on your penis that brings tension to the body.

It’s essential in choosing the right system as it can bring the results. Obviously, you want it fitted in your penis and effective once used regularly.

As always, consult your doctor if you discover any untoward symptoms or changes in your penis and your body.

Do you have questions, reactions, let me know in the comment section below. Or if you are looking for other penis enhancement products, you might visit this shop.

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