​Effects of Edging – Everything You Need to Know to Boost Your Sex Life

Are you looking for ​the answer to what are the effects of edging in sex? Let’s discuss this briefly below.

From premature ejaculation and low sexual stamina to poor orgasm control and less sexual pleasure, these issues may target most men at some point or another. More lifestyle factors can cause such issues – both physical and psychological.

Lifestyle changes can add to your sexual stimulation, but a few techniques could make the difference, and edging is one of them. Effects of edging help during sexual intercourse, but what else should you know about it? What is the best way to benefit from edging, and are there any side effects?

The Connection Between Premature Ejaculation and Edging

Premature ejaculation is a popular sexual issue that will prevent men from having satisfactory sexual activity. The sexual pleasure is greatly reduced because they simply come too fast. They barely manage to get the erection going, and they come within seconds only.

Most men experience it at some point, and the duration of sexual intercourse varies. Those with a severe problem will finish within a minute or two.

They fail to enjoy the sexual encounter, and their partners will be disappointed. Anxiety inevitably kicks in, too and men with this problem end up avoiding sexual activity at all.

Most causes are psychological, but anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and abnormal hormone levels may also be among the reasons – not to mention more intense medical conditions, like prostate cancer. Altogether, orgasm control is the best way to prevent it. You can also use erectile dysfunction male pump but it takes time to train yourself.

This is when edging comes in. It may not be medically reviewed in the smallest details, but it is a universally accepted solution against premature ejaculation. Edging avoids all sexual triggers and implies some sort of exercise once you are about to reach orgasm.

Men who experience premature ejaculation will need time to get there – meanwhile, ejaculation frequency should be reduced as well. Sexual health is less likely to be affected, and more importantly, it makes no difference what your sexual orientation is.

How Edging Works – Effects of Edging

Edging is often referred to as orgasm control, teasing, surfing, or even peaking. It works like an exercise – the more you do it, the better you become.

Just like you lift weights to gain more power, you perform edging to last longer in bed – excellent for your sexual response cycle.

The exercise implies bringing yourself close to orgasm, but at a controllable level. You do not need to go over it. Pause the sexual stimulation until the urge is gone. Once you are back to normal, start again. With time, you will get to know yourself better and better, so you will know precisely when to stop.

Sexual health will be improved as well. Those who perform edging will sometimes go over this point, and even though they stop stimulation, they will come – it is perfectly normal. It happens, and you will know better next time – this is the purpose of repeating the exercise.

You do not have to perform the exercise for an hour or two. There is no need to go that far. In fact, most men can come within five minutes – it is usually more than enough. On the other hand, women need about double that time – up to 13 minutes.

The goal is to extend the sexual intercourse, so your partner can come as well.

When edging, you need to go as close as possible to the point of no return – the intense orgasm. This phase goes to that point when you know that if you continue, you will come. Sometimes, ejaculation is inevitable.

While most practices perform edging themselves, there are no rules – your partner can also stimulate you. You need to stop before getting there and restart when it feels safe – a few seconds or minutes will do. There is no professional medical advice regarding edging – just do it based on what feels right.

Benefits of Edging in Sexual Intercourse

Lasting longer in bed is just one of the multiple benefits of edging.

More Intense Orgasm

The longer you drag it, the more intense your orgasm will be. Your pelvic floor muscles will contract harder, meaning everything about your orgasm will go to another level.

Reaching orgasm is no longer a race, but a slow and steady go towards a happy sex life for both partners.

Sperm count may not be affected, but you will shoot further and experience more contractions.

No Premature Orgasm

Lasting longer is a matter of control. Premature orgasm will no longer be an issue. Whether sex toys are involved or not, you will know when to stop and take a break before going for more. Your partner will love it, especially if she is also able to come before you do.

More Satisfaction

Intense orgasms are not the only reasons wherefore you will experience more satisfaction. Edging implies going off before reaching climax. All these stages will add to the excitement, so satisfaction inevitably skyrockets.

Pleasure will explode before reaching orgasm.

Extra Confidence

Whether it comes to penetrative sex or other forms – with or without a sex toy, couples will gain more confidence in bed with edging. This benefit is more obvious in new couples, who feel a bit nervous when it comes to sexual activity.

Rediscover Yourself With Sexual Stimulation

Finally, you do not need a healthcare professional to tell you that edging will help you rediscover yourself. You will learn more about your sexual play and interests. Repeating these cycles may reveal new triggers and sexual activities for a more intense sexual play.

You can also allow your partner to discover you – edging with a partner is just as common.

Is Edging Bad?

In theory, edging is not bad. The sexual experience will be more intense, and you will know better what to do in certain circumstances – more importantly, you will last longer and allow your partner to come for even more satisfaction.

Now, edging may not cause issues like retrograde ejaculation (dry orgasm) or other major issues – many misconceptions and myths, though. There are also claims about causing blue balls – scientifically known as epididymal hypertension.

Edging sex is less likely to cause such issues, and even if you delay orgasms, you know your own body better than anyone else, so you can tell if anything feels wrong. Physical sensations associated with this problem include painful sensations and discomfort.

Edging – whether you use the squeeze method or another one – is not morally wrong either. Practicing edging is like Kegel exercises. Wellness professionals and peer-reviewed studies agree that it is a form of exercise that will add to the sexual experience – nothing else.

Different Ways to Try Edging at Home – Boost Your Sexual Stamina

Experimentation is critical for healthy sex life. Here are a few ways to handle your ejaculation problems.

By Yourself

Lock the doors and turn off the lights if you have to. Make the environment great. You can start massaging your penis with natural oil. Touch yourself and start masturbating – no issues with current health conditions.

As you are about to reach orgasm, stop stimulation. Take a few deep breaths or think of something else for a few seconds or minutes.

Do it again three to five times before coming. You will notice stronger orgasms. Change positions between different sessions if you feel like it. Stopping stimulation at the right time is critical.

With A Partner

Get aroused and engage in foreplay. Oral sex is a pretty good option. Your partner should know about this while having sex. As your penis gets ready, make sure the partner stops – all stimulation must be over. Go back to a plateau and restart.

Do it three times until you are ready to come. Your partner needs to know what you are doing, or it may seem weird – an invaluable service from your loved one. You can also practice Kegels together if it helps.

Squeeze Technique

The squeeze technique is quite straightforward and implies following the same steps, with a difference before reaching orgasm. You can do it yourself or with your partner. Start by getting aroused until the penis gets hard – masturbation or sex.

Reduce stimulation before reaching orgasm, but do not stop completely. Instead, simply squeeze the head of the penis to prevent the orgasm. Stop stimulating for about half a minute, then restart and follow the same steps until you are ready to come.

Ballooning Technique

More powerful orgasms can also be reached with the ballooning technique, according to Healthline media websites. Ballooning implies using relevant experience to find a super sensitive area on the penis. Avoid touching anything else.

Move a finger with circular motions on the respective area. The penis will go hard – keep doing it until you reach the point of orgasm. Your edging work stops then – no more stimulation. Masturbate again once you are cooled down.

Any of these techniques can help you gain more control over your orgasms. There are, indeed, certain otc ED meds and treatment options out there, but edging is safe and can be done in the comfort of your home, without too much stress – securely process the info you find out about yourself to improve it.

How Often Should You Edge?

There is no such thing as a general rule when it comes to edging. Just like any other form of exercise, it normally depends on how much you need it. Some men might be able to control their orgasms without too much hassle – occasional edging will make them even better in bed.

Then, there are people experiencing premature ejaculation every now and then – edging is a bit of a necessity then. Furthermore, some men can even be diagnosed with PE – a serious issue that requires more exercise.

You can safely practice edging daily. Make sure you have a few moments with yourself, though – plenty of intimacy, no risks of getting caught, and so on. Doing it under pressure or in a stressful environment will not really allow you to rediscover yourself.

Even if your sex life is great, edging will help by providing more control. You can do it daily, once a week, or a few times a week, whenever you feel like giving your penis a workout. It is safe and will add to the intensity of your orgasms.

When To Stop Edging And Come

If you are new to edging, resisting the urge to come might be difficult. Besides, the point is to identify the perfect time to stop before coming. From this point of view, newbies will inevitably face accidental orgasms – it happens.

how to stop edging

Try edging a couple of times before coming if you are on your first attempt. Increase the cycle to three repetitions as you gain more experience. However, most men will end up edging four or five times before allowing themselves to come.

The more often you do it, the better you become at identifying that moment. Obviously, as you become more aware of your orgasms and body, you will be able to identify orgasm signs much easier, meaning you can increase the edging time.

You can do it as much as you want, but make sure you stop if it feels uncomfortable. If there is no comfort in the act, you can stop. If you do it with your partner, stop if it becomes frustrating because you risk causing relationship issues.

Any Side Effects of Edging?

Believe it or not, edging is often associated with erectile dysfunction. There are more controversies here. The more you masturbate, the more likely you are to experience masturbation-induced ED. Basically, real sex will never have the pressure of your hand, so you may lose sensitivity in your penis.

But then, edging is not a proven cause of erectile dysfunction. After all, ED refers to failing to get an erection or maintain it throughout sexual intercourse. While it does imply masturbation, it is mostly related to discovering yourself and identifying new sexual triggers.

Edging is not associated with any side effects. Despite some myths, it will not cause ejaculation problems, but it will make orgasms more intense and add to your time in bed. It will not cause weak ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation either.

Over time, you will, indeed, need more time to ejaculate, but this is what you train for. You want to stay longer in bed rather than struggle not to come after a few minutes. If the ejaculation is delayed for too long, the causes are normally emotional or psychological rather than physical.

Edging will not affect your sexual function whatsoever – at least not in a bad way. Regardless of how often you do it, it will not give you any adverse reactions. The more you last, the better you will be in bed. Your partner does not necessarily need to know about it unless you do it together.


Edging is a great exercise to improve your sexual experience. Here we discuss the benefits and effects of Edging.

Whether or not you actually suffer from premature ejaculation, edging will help you know yourself better and learn how to control your orgasms, not to mention reaching more intense sensations when you come.​



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