How Getting Hydrated Can Improve Your Sex Life

Sometimes, the necessity of hydration is advertised on TV through public service announcements – everyone recommends at least eight glasses of water a day.

Other times, you see your doctor for a random checkup, and they always recommend or ask you about hydration.

Most people associate hydration with a healthy lifestyle. Statistics show that women hydrate better than men. However, if men knew that dehydration and erectile dysfunction are highly related, things would change.

So, where is the connection, and what can you do about it?

Becoming Familiar With Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem in men and relates to the impossibility of getting an erection.

Most commonly, it is related to the blood flow – the penis needs red blood cells and plenty of blood to get erect. If blood vessels are not properly filled, he fails to get an erection.

This sexual dysfunction is also observed in men who can obtain erections. However, they find themselves unable to maintain them throughout the sexual act. This issue is also diagnosed as erectile dysfunction ED.

No matter which issue arises, the patient’s sexual health will affect his sex life.

The treatment for erectile dysfunction depends on the cause. There are medications out there, vacuum ED pumps for men, psychotherapy, and – most importantly – small lifestyle changes that can improve sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction is often associated with stress and high blood pressure. The blood volume in the penis must reach a certain level for an erection. A low sexual desire may also be linked to it, not to mention emotional or physical problems or lifestyle abuses – such as alcohol or tobacco.

Now, hydration is one of the lifestyle changes that can improve erection, and it makes sense. Drinking water will help the blood circulate and ensure nutrient-rich blood. The penis increased blood flow will aid the erection and boost the erectile function while aiding the sex drive too.

Treating erectile dysfunction takes time, but it is usually doable.

Most Common Signs Of Dehydration

Central effects of dehydration are caused by multiple factors, including a hormone called angiotensin.

Of course, most people will be unaware of it. You will not check yourself for this hormone just to stimulate blood flow. The good news, if any, is that some signs are quite obvious and will give you immediate hints.

Feeling thirsty is the most common sign of dehydration. You need as much blood volume to the penis as you can get to get an erection, but if you feel thirsty, it is less likely to happen too easily. You could feel thirsty after exercise or carrying something heavy – or perhaps on a hot day.

Even if you are not doing any physical activity, the fact that you feel thirsty is a sign of dehydration.

Your urine will also let you know that something impairs blood flow. An increased blood flow will provide light yellow urine, without a very strong smell. On the other hand, dehydration will give you dark yellow urine – at times, it may also have a strong odor.

Feeling dizzy or lightheaded could also cause erectile dysfunction because it is a sign of dehydration. Get enough blood water, and the flow will prevent a dry mouth, dry lips or dry eyes – other common signs of dehydration.

Feeling tired all the time is another clue that you do not have adequate blood flow, not to mention peeing small amounts and less than four times a day. Boost the water intake, and you will naturally increase blood flow too – higher fluid levels will help the whole body.

Impaired memory could be a sign as well.

Dehydration is not the most obvious cause of erectile dysfunction, though. Blood vessels constricting will, however, reduce blood flow. They will cause increased blood pressure and cause temporary ED. It is not a medical emergency.

However, if you accidentally reduce blood pressure, you can make lifestyle changes to get back on track. By this time, you should already notice that you struggle a little in bed – if things aggravate, you may need to seek help from a medical professional.

Does Dehydration Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Dehydration is not directly associated with erectile dysfunction, but many indirect links exist. In one way or another, dehydration can lead to erectile dysfunction, yet it takes time, and signs will be pretty obvious – it is less likely to happen out of nowhere or overnight.

Mild dehydration – or temporary dehydration – will not give any signs. It happens to everyone now and then. You will end up hydrating yourself as soon as possible – problem solved. But then, believe it or not, some people barely have a glass of water a day.

They stick to soda drinks, coffee, and other beverages that do not necessarily hydrate the body.

Now, the link is fairly simple to observe. Not having sufficient body water will make blood circulating throughout the body at a slower rate. It can become a chronic problem in the long run, but normally, it can be fixed with a glass of water.

Slow circulation may prevent nutrients from reaching organs. At the same time, it will reach the penis at a much slower rate. Getting an erection will be quite difficult. Then, sex anxiety will inevitably kick in too, leading to a more problematic issue.

Dehydration does influence temporary ED, even if not in a direct way. Apart from bothering your erections, it can also cause heart and vascular disease or affect a person’s mental state. Different people face different issues when water levels in the body fall.

How Drinking Enough Water Can Improve Your Sex

If you already hydrate yourself, you are less likely to have a low blood volume in the penis because of dehydration.

Your erectile dysfunction is caused by something else. But you have a problem if you fail to have 8 to 12 glasses of water a day.

Penis swelling could be another sign of dehydration, while the body releases more sex hormones when you hydrate yourself. Sexual virility medicines may not always help if you fail to hydrate yourself. All in all, here is how water can change everything in bed.

Keeps The Blood Going

This one is classic – dehydration lowers the blood volume around your body. The blood flow to different parts of the body is reduced. You need plenty of blood in the penis for a healthy and firm erection – no blood, no erection. Drinking water can help with this issue.

If you find it hard to drink plenty of water, you are not the only one. Some people hate the idea of hitting the toilet every half an hour. Simply have water in random sips throughout the day, rather than two glasses in one go. If you hate the taste of tap water, go for ionized water.

Lubricates Muscles

Muscular cramps are among the common signs of dehydration. Sure, maintaining a healthy weight will also prevent them, but a person’s hydration levels can prevent or cause such issues. The fluid intake will prevent the necessity to stop now and then, wait, recover and stretch before starting again.

Sex can be an exhausting activity. Dehydration affects humans and will impact penile erection not just by reducing the blood flow, but also by causing limitations in your muscular movements. Plus, well-hydrated muscles in the pelvic area can also prevent premature ejaculation.

Cleanses The System

A body full of toxins will never function at its full standards. Dehydration will affect the operation of an enzyme affecting the penis, called angiotensin. Indeed, having lots of water will boost your mood, but it will also cause numerous trips to the bathroom – annoying, but not bad for your body.

Water will flush out toxins and other harmful elements whenever you go to the bathroom. Fail to hydrate yourself, and these toxins will affect the whole body, causing various imbalances. Exercise regularly, massaging essential oils for ED,  and hydrate yourself to push toxins out and improve your sexual arousal.

Keeps You In The Mood

Impaired memory, anxiety, and tension will inevitably lead to a few different issues in bed, such as your libido. Sexual stimulation will not help much, while sexual activity will become rare and rare in the long run. If you feel like you could do better in bed, find the issue and work on it.

Staying hydrated will clear out stress from your life. Hydration will also boost the activity of the enzyme angiotensin II, not to mention giving you the energy to go for it. Imagine feeling thirsty, tired, and a bit stressed – getting engaged in intense physical activity is the last thing you want.

You already feel miserable, so you do not want to make it worse. Hydration levels can change all these.

Provides More Energy

Forget about water for half a day, then exercise and start breathing heavily through your mouth – not too long, just 15 minutes.

What does it feel like? This is what sex is like when you are not hydrated. You feel miserable, and it feels like you are not getting anywhere – that, in case you can get an erection.

Water will boost the blood cells and plasma. Most healthcare providers will recommend water as a primary solution because it fuels the body, moves nutrients throughout the organism, and helps with the energy. Do the same test again, but have some water after five minutes – what does it feel like?

Boosts Libido

Such health problems are fairly simple to understand – if your libido goes down, your penis will soon follow. Boost your libido, and your erections will be back on track in no time. How come? Your libido determines your desire for sex – if there is none, there will be no erection involved.

Most healthcare providers agree that dehydration will provoke the production of stress hormones, which ruin testosterone. As a result, your libido and everything related to it goes down. Such medical conditions can be prevented with 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Makes Erections Feel Firmer

You can influence ED with proper hydration and may even help against an underlying condition causing it. The idea is easy to get. To obtain an erection, your body needs harmony – blood flow, air, nutrients, a healthy overall system, and so on.

Dehydration will destroy everything – more fatigue, less blood flowing around, and so on. One thing leads to another – it feels like a vicious circle that takes you lower and lower. Boost your water intake, and you will notice faster, firmer, and longer-lasting erections.

Adds To The Breathing Function

Can you have intense sex breathing through your nose only? A bit difficult. How about holding your breath for a minute while having sex? Almost impossible. Your body needs oxygen to function by the book, and your erections follow the same rules.

Less red blood cells flowing freely throughout the body means nutrients and oxygen will circulate at a slower rate. The lack of oxygen will affect a person physiologically and not only. Get enough oxygen pumping throughout the body, and your sexual performance will rock.

Stimulates The Sex Function

Whether you are trying to achieve more intense orgasms, longer endurance in bed, or just get a kid, you need to know one thing. Semen is based on water. Sperm is liquid carried around and pushed out of the body with water. Indeed, pelvic muscles will help too, but without water, it will fail.

Water carries fluids and sperm to the prostate, and this is how the whole body prepares for the inevitable release. When a man achieves ejaculation, a healthy and happy orgasm is reached with water. Water keeps juices flowing, and it is not just a saying but the actual reality.

How Much Water To Drink Daily

As a general rule of thumb, most specialists recommend 8 to 12 glasses of water daily – stick to two or three liters.

If you can have more water without feeling too bothered about peeing all the time, it is even better – go for it.

While having water before sex is not a bad idea, do not overdo it – you may feel the urge to pee in the middle of it.

You will no longer be able to focus. When stress kicks in, your erections will also suffer, so half a glass will do, especially if you feel thirsty.

Water is more important after sex – hydrate yourself after intense physical activity.

Bottom Line

Hydration will inevitably lead to healthy sex life. Dehydration may not show any obvious effects over your erections, but it will provoke them through many indirect factors.

You do not need a British journal or specialist advice to realize that hydration will boost everything about your body, and that includes your erections too.

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