5 Breathing Techniques To Try Immediately to Last Longer in Bed

There are numerous ways to improve your experience in the bedroom, whether you are after firmer erections or want to beat premature ejaculation and last longer in bed.

Breathing is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to do it – unfortunately, most men overlook it.

Sometimes, sex can be stressful. But just like deep breathing is often recommended against stress, it is just as effective in bed.

Here are some breathing techniques to last longer in bed and prolong sex for an unforgettable sexual performance.

How Long Should I Last in Bed?

According to most therapists, sex is desirable if it lasts between 7 and 13 minutes. If sex only lasts a couple of minutes, it is not considered enough – at least not for women, even if the man ejaculates. Such a short duration underlines premature ejaculation.

On the other hand, if you think your sex life is great just because you can go for half an hour, you are wrong.

Most women find it difficult to stay wet for that long, which is a bit too much. Up to 13 minutes is perfect for most couples, but this range only refers to penetrative sex – vaginal or anal sex.

Even if your sexual stamina goes further than that, you can burn your energy with other techniques before the penetration. Oral sex is a good starting point for both partners and other options in terms of foreplay. Most women agree that penetrative sex alone is not enough for them to finish.

Bottom line, if you do your job right for around 10 minutes, your partner should be able to come too. Your sexual abilities will help, but at the end of the day, you may want to beat biology, too if you suffer from any issues with your erection.

Remember that good sex should help both partners finish and not just one.

5 Breathing Techniques to Last Longer in Bed

You might have heard about exercises for your pelvic floor muscles, PC muscle control, pubic bone techniques, and other ideas to enhance your sexual abilities.

While they do help, there are times when you can just take a few moments and try out some breathing exercises.

Breathing Techniques to Last Longer in Bed

Using Muscles While Breathing

Breathing slowly is one thing, but doing it is just as important. You do not necessarily need to suffer from any form of erectile dysfunction to try out such exercises. They will give you more control over your erection, as well as extra staying power in bed.

When you breathe deeply, the pelvic floor is naturally engaged as well. You may not feel it, but it is. The area covers more muscles going between the public bone and tailbone. These bones are also responsible for more intense orgasms and better sex.

To last longer in bed, take a deep breath and try to experience it in your muscles. Pay attention to the sounds you make too. A deep breath feels more like moaning rather than a breath. You will feel the air going into your body, but you will also experience more pleasure.

Deep Breathing For Prolonged Sex

To most people, sex is super intense, so they breathe irregularly – most commonly, there will be short and rapid breaths. It makes perfect sense – you feel like performing an exercise. But then, your penis could do with longer and calmer breaths instead, and getting there takes a bit of practice.

Focus on your actual breath, especially when you inhale. Shallow breathing is the norm, but focus can keep you on track. Focus on deep breathing even as you are close to reaching an orgasm. Not only does it help your erection, but it also provides a longer-lasting orgasm.

Furthermore, you will feel a better connection to your partner as you exhale. You can feel happiness in your head, and anxiety related to premature ejaculation seems to go away. Sometimes, this issue is only in your head.

While shallow breathing feels more natural and will step in every now and then, you need to retain your focus – perhaps keep your eyes closed when doing it. Take it slow, and intercourse will no longer be a race, but a moment of passion.

Keep Calm And Keep Going

Stress and perhaps the anxiety associated with premature ejaculation can often prevent men from having meaningful sex and enjoying the moment.

Sometimes, this is not a race to ejaculate but an exercise that takes practice. Sex can be fun and exciting if you keep calm rather than stress yourself.

You need to enjoy every moment of intercourse, so keep calm and relax each muscle in your body. Deep breathing is also the best way to keep calm. This is because such a technique is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system.

This is practically a reflex that occurs on arousal and prevents stress. On the other hand, shallow breathing is more intense and can bring in a fighting response – far from what you want to achieve while having sex. It can cause stress, and the last thing you want when you are stressed is an actual erection.

Different people have sex in different ways. But at the end of the day, keeping calm while having sex is much easier than doing it under stress. It will help your erection and can provide better sensations when you ejaculate.

Breathing Deeply Into The Body

A deep breath is not everything if you do it just because you have to. You need to put meaning into it.

According to every article regarding breathing techniques, you need to focus on the air, feel it entering your body, and travel throughout the whole system.

The exercise is fairly simple. As you inhale, imagine the air going through the airways. Focus on the genital area while you breathe, whether you are in the foreplay state or already having penetrative sex. Breathe in and feel the air going into your penis and testicles.

Not only will this sensation make you last a bit longer, but it will also enhance your pleasure. Some men may find it difficult to focus on breathing while having sex, but you can always practice masturbation. You will also experience different sensations, and the orgasm will hit you like a train.

Focusing on your breathing technique may sometimes go in the wrong direction and may push you to come faster, hence the necessity to master it while you masturbate. It will also provide more energy as you search for ways to delay the orgasm.

Breathing Through Your Nose Only

As things get pretty hot and sex becomes more rapid, people breathe through their mouths because it feels more natural. They feel like they can get more oxygen. The sensation is natural, and it might signify that you need to change something.

How about breathing through your nose only? Assuming your airways are clear and you do not suffer from any conditions or stuffy nose, begin breathing through the nose. It will actually give you more oxygen than doing it through the mouth.

From many points of view, it feels like a health plus – pretty much like a natural high. As a result, your pelvic muscles will be more engaged but completely different. Breathing through your nose only will change the course of sex, provide a different type of stimulation and help last longer.

It is worth noting that you may be unable to pull it out of nowhere. This is a deep breathing exercise, and you need to practice first. As things get close to orgasm, you may find it difficult to breathe through the nose only, hence the necessity of a little exercise.

Other Breathing Techniques to Increase Your Sexual Performance

Take deep and slow breaths – obviously, difficult before you orgasm, but doable throughout sex generally.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Keep it slow and deep, as you will get more oxygen.

This is important during foreplay, as the blood flow increases a little. You can try different breathing techniques before being with your lover or in a relationship. Yoga may also help you control your breathing.

Never hold your breath – a common instinct when experiencing high pleasure. It could be a penis stroke or perhaps a good penetration angle – if it feels good, just keep breathing in a controlled manner. Holding your breath will push the sensation a bit too far, so you might come before your partner does.

As sensations increase, you can prevent the orgasm from happening by slowing down. As you slow down, you can also slow your breathing. Breathing influences your orgasm – as well as other things, such as sounds or touches. The secret to delaying it is being able to slow down before it is too late.

On the same note, you can increase the breathing frequency as you get ready to come.

The five breath technique implies inhaling for five seconds through your nose, then exhaling through the mouth or nose for another five seconds. Wait for five seconds before doing it again – three reps will make you feel calm.

The 4-7-8 technique is similar – breath in for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and exhale over eight seconds. If you find these techniques too difficult, go for the 4-4-4 alternative, which helps you train.

Other Ways to Beat Premature Ejaculation

There are several ways to ensure your partner comes first.



Do the foreplay by the book, and your partner will be halfway there before the penetration even begins.

Pay attention to the sounds she makes and insist there. Kiss, touch each other, and make sure you try your best oral sex techniques.

You can basically engage in foreplay for 10 to 15 minutes, then make her come in less than 10 minutes.

Clitoral stimulation is also necessary while penetrating her – it will rush the process, so there will be no embarrassment from your side. For your own stimulation, you can try applying natural oils that can invigorate blood to your penile.

Pelvic Exercises

Pelvic floor exercises will strengthen muscles responsible for your ejaculation. You can simply stop the urination for five seconds, then start again, and so on. This is an exercise that will add to your holds in the bedroom.

Sexual Techniques

There are sexual techniques to last longer in bed, but they require training and should be done when you are by yourself – the squeeze method in edging or perhaps the stop-start exercise. You can likewise use vacuum penile therapy to train your cock for longer erections.

Accidental orgasms may occur while exercising – nothing to worry about.

Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes, premature ejaculation is the result of bad lifestyle choices. If you do recreational drugs, stay away from them.

Smoking is terrible for your erections, too, not to mention moderate amounts of alcohol. Instead, exercise regularly, stick to a healthy diet, and take yoga and meditation classes.


Medication is the fastest way to last longer, meaning most doctors will prescribe it when everything else fails.

Taking male endurance pills for ED – which does not require a prescription – can help, but you should still discuss this option with your doctor.

How to Breathe While Ejaculating

Breathe While Ejaculating

Different people experience orgasms in different ways. Keep breathing while ejaculating for a more intense orgasm, but you can also control it accordingly this way.

The instinct is to hold your breath, and while some people feel it more intense this way, some others do not.

The truth is there is no such thing as a general rule when you orgasm. You can hold your breath, breathe deeply through your nose, open your mouth for shallow breathing, and so on.

After all, it is only a matter of a few seconds, so do whatever works for you to enjoy it.

Closing Thoughts

It is incredible how much breathing can affect your sexual performance. The oxygen intake affects everything about your body, and sex makes no exception.

While difficult to believe, it could make the difference between satisfactory and unsatisfactory sex – you just have to do it by the book.



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