5 Top Penis Enlargement Pumps – Get Porn Star Size Dick

For most men these days, penis size will always make a difference, mostly because they feel need to satisfy their girl. Even if they admit this or not, their penises surely show how manly they are in front of their partners. Who wouldn’t see their shaking in orgasm in bed because of a huge manhood? Big penis, means more confidence in approaching women.

However, not a lot of guys are born with a large ‘size‘. This is a disappointment for some and many feel hopeless.

Fortunately, recent discoveries that help men treat sexual issues in erection led to innovation and advancements in the design of penis devices. I have made an effort to review the best penis pumps right now that you can use, to achieve harder, fuller, and bigger cock.

EVO Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump
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Canwin Penis Pump
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Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme-Series
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Bathmate Hydro Pump X-Series
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Penomet Penis Pump
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5 Best Penis Pump Reviews

Here are the best penis pumps available right now in the market if you want to enlarge your penis so you can be a real man on the bedroom.

1. EVO Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump Review

If your hands and arms are already tired in office work, either after using a computer, phone, or driving, you may want something automatic if you’ll be using a penis pump.

The EVO Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump is one of the popular devices in the market today.

Fortunately, the advanced design has provided the means for penis pump users to move away from manual use.


This penis pump stands out due to its special design and operation. As it is, at first glance it looks like a regular pump like the others, but EVO comes with a clear chamber for the body and buttons for easy to use operation. It’s around 290 millimeters in length, and 70 millimeters wide. It weighs 345 grams. This device is made of ABS and TPE materials, so its skin safe. You can choose the colors which come in black and white.

EVO is a good male enlargement device. Some of the details listed below so you can learn about the many features that make this pump among the best in the market.

Simple to Operate – It has a strength button so you can manage the pumping rate and another release button to discharge the stress.

All of the other procedures can be managed through the control keys.

Different Speed – EVO penis pump has an assortment of control to increase the moving speed. So for your convenience, this pump offers a few different options.

Battery – You don’t want to use the pumping by hand all the time because that will be tiring, so this electric pump is capable of automatically working for you personally.

This is a comfy, convenient and safe to use the penile pump. This product is made of high-quality latex-free rubber material. It also features a soft jelly opening so you can insert your penis inside the pump without irritation.

The EVO penis pump features a unique design style, so I personally like how it looks but the best thing about this device is its great suction power. In addition, it provides you with the choice to pump by hand or use it automatically by charging. Generally, this device is a superb value for money if you want to improve erection and gain size.

  • Portable and convenient
  • Includes control keys for easy use
  • Feature CE/RoHS/FDA Accreditations
  • Risk-free and comfortable
  • USB 2.0 rechargeable
  • Automatic Penile Enlarger
  • Offers 15% growth in 6-8 weeks
  • Quite pricey

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2. Canwin Penis Pump

This is notably a basic but good pump. It’s among the cheaper penis pumps on the market, so if you don’t have the funds to get expensive brands, this is the one for you.

The good thing about Canwin is its usefulness despite deficient other products. It gets the job done, and allow you to achieve your goals in male enhancement.

Somehow most companies, establish high prices because of their advertisement cost, though if you look closely, there are products just as effective without the fuzz.

In this product, you’ll see some of the characteristics that make this a good investment in vacuum pumps.

Canwin Penis Pump is generally safe and convenient to use, with the risk of injuries is thin so long as you follow the instructions in use. This pump is sure to provide growth in penis length and girth. Furthermore, it gives more difficult and much stronger erections.

Canwin Penis Pump is a great solution especially if you can’t afford pricey branded penile pumps. If you want a good quality penis pump to help you get started in penile health, this one for you. This pump is safe and convenient, and it brings good results in erection and size gains. So, I suggest that you try this product.

  • Lowest priced penis pump
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Can be used in bath and shower
  • Increases girth size
  • Reduces erectile dysfunction
  • Gives more powerful erection
  • Metric is not as clear

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3. Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme-Series

For guys who know what they want, then the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme-Series is a good option.

This is a good pump for those who have outgrown their old penis pumps, as this product from Bathmate is more advanced in terms of features.

This is one the best water penis pump from Bathmate. The new feature includes a high-level hydro pump style design, with new controls.

It also has an easily removable advanced handball pump. It has the essentials on what you need for male enhancement.

The Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme’s new superior handball makes it easier for you to use the device. This can be attached instantly to the pump control or you can use an optional tube

Each Xtreme Hydro pump is complete with accessories that come with a holding case to make it secure if you carry it. It also has a clear measurement to see your progress. The package also includes a cleaning kit, Bathmate soft towel, sponge, handball pump, and power hose, lubricant, shower room strap, and luxury insert cushion.

One of the best penis enlargement pumps from the company, it offers growth and gains that you want. You’ll have peace of mind with its refund and warranty policy. This product is perfect for men, even for beginners or experienced users. The drawback relating to the item can be the price, but, considering the quality and satisfaction, this is worth the cost.

  • Increases size and girth
  • Harmless to use
  • Complete add-ons
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Assured results or whole refund
  • Expensive

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4. Bathmate Hydro Pump X-Series Review

This is the second release in the series by Bathmate for its Hydro Pump product line. This is 35% stronger than the original series.

In case you had the original Bathmate, the Bathmate Hydro Pump X-Series is a good choice for you.

This penile pump includes the new bellows pump and valve, which comes with the new super smooth comfort patches for a more comfortable seal against the body.

In addition, it has a precise measurement at the front to help you know your advancement in size.

The Bathmate Hydro Pump X-Series is an improvement of the initial product line of Bathmate. The New Bellow Pump provides 35% stronger suction than the previous series. It really is stronger and more adaptable, while delivering a great suction power with less effort in operation.

Also, the new removable comfort pad helps you achieve an even more comfortable seal on your body. Thus, you’ll significantly less pump and there’s less suction loss. The soft-touch exterior edge is upgrade and press nicely against the body. Its robust inner hose offers a powerful protection from the internal bellows. The pads are detachable for your easier cleaning.

Another feature is the New Superflow Latch Valve perhaps a technical and challenging design to put into action, but Bathmate made it happen. The re-engineered latch valve can be closed to stop any liquid seepage, which makes it convenient to use. Due to this characteristic, you can now just use one hand to fill it up.

It has a clear metric guide, so there’s no reason to guess your growth since the metric dimensions are clearly printed and readable in the body.

This is a great upgrade from Bathmate Originals as its more convenient and functional to use. Additionally, the results in use by users confirm that its new gaiter and latch valve is a nice added feature. However, this is expensive since its a new released Bathmate so be prepared to shell out some cash if you really prefer the product.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • New Gaiter Process
  • New Superflow Latch Valve
  • Increases girth effectively
  • Delivers stronger erections
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Guaranteed results or full reimbursement
  • More expensive than Hercules

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5. Penomet Review

Penomet is one of the market’s first and licensed penile pump, proven to improve erection and enhance size.

Though it has the exact same look as the majority of the pumps in the market, Penomet has a tinted chamber and uses a gaiter technology.

Contrary to most pumps, this comes with an advanced two-part layout with the exchangeable gaiters offering a scalable and powerful enlargement pump. This means all you need to do is buy new gaiters if you outgrow it after months of use.

The exchangeable gaiters come in a range of sizes as they are created to exert different kinds of forces to securely increase the stress of the product. The change in pressure setting further allows you to increase your gains. It is recommended to boost the pressure of the pump.

The Penomet’s gaiter depends on the color with corresponding force:

Crimson (Force 60)
Blue (Force 65)
Black (Force 70)
Grey (Force 75)
Red (Force 80)

Ordinary pumps that use air vacuum, compress and expand airflow unevenly, so some parts of your penis are bigger while the other area is not. To manage the explained size issue, this pump uses water to provide the same volume and pressure in the cylinder. So, your entire penis would throb and get swollen in proportion.

Since this pump has replaceable gaiters, it makes its cleaning easier. The Penomet package even includes the “Gun Oil Shine” to clean the pump even more conveniently.

Penomet is one of the best pumps on the market with its high quality, functional, effective and results-oriented design. Aside from these, if you don’t like the results, the money-back guaranteed assure you that you can return the product.

If there’s one concern, if any on this product, it could be the price. Nevertheless, overall, this is a great value if you truly want to have a stronger erection and sizeable manhood.

  • Results after first days of use
  • Results are 65 percent faster
  • Interchangeable gaiter system, to change strain without having to get a new pump
  • Stronger erections for a lot more satisfying sex encounter
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Costly

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What Are Types of Penis Pumps?

Water penis pumps – As the name indicates, the water penis pumps work by filling the vacuum pump with water.

Water penis pumps have a concept much like that of air pumps, but they are thought to be safer and a lot more hygienic.

Tepid to warm water is recommended when you use this device.

Electric penis pumps – These pumps need batteries or charge from USB to work, where it works as pump guide for the user.

These are recommended for men whose palms feel tired following several minutes of nonstop pumping.

Electrically powered pumps have more functions than manual pumps, but they are also effective and efficient like the water pump variants.

Choosing Penis Pumps

Since the inception of penis pumps, a lot of male enhancement products have been introduced throughout the years. The options have been everywhere on the Internet, thus providing you with hope for enlarged cock.

However, this makes the decision tougher for you and often brings difficulty in choosing a good penile pump. Once you have tried out a device, there can also be severe and serious effects on the penis, but of course, there can be huge gains.

In selecting a penis pump, understanding ultimately how the device works and noting how it does provide the results is important. You can’t just base your assessment by way of guesswork.

It is your responsibility to know that the product has what it takes to provide a sense of achievement in bed. With the wide availability of penile pumps, to know what will be good for you, I suggest you consider some of the factors below when you make a choice.

Materials – Initially, take note of what components make up the penis pump. It is good to go for transparent cylinders since this gives you access or perhaps a better look at how the pump operates.

If something goes completely wrong along the whole process of using it, you’ll see it inside a transparent tube.

The materials used to create the penis pump should be considered. Skin-harmless products help avoid chaffing, and it’s essential for a device to skin safe if it will be used for hours.

Reviews – Additionally, consider how other users view the device. In this case, you are encouraged to browse through consumer reviews of your product of choice. Ensure that the assessments are genuine and that the item is backed up by experts from the field.

Benefits – More so, it’s wise to think about how the benefits side by side with the cost. The phrase for this is to know the cost-benefit percentage, which means that whatever you pay for, ought to deliver the results you’ve been seeking in the penis pump.

Usefulness – More than anything else, you don’t spend money on something that does nothing. Just what will be the point in using something that does not help? Check that your pump of choice has, for some time, working for other people. Start with testimonials but do not stop there.

Dimension – Despite the fact that pumps are designed to assist guys to expand their dicks, even dudes with extra fat cocks intend to make improvements occasionally.

Be sure the size of the holding chamber will accommodate your girth or else you’ll be awkwardly returning it for something different.

Scientific Study – One of the better ways to determine whether a penile pump is worth it, the medical data support and studies. Not all merchandise on the market has this. Nevertheless, it makes choosing for the best pumps incredibly easy. You might have despised class, but now is the time to do your homework and read about the product.

Durability – Good things can be found in all styles and sizes, but it’s the durability that matters most. Considering several penis pumps should be used for several months before ideal results are attained, you’ll want something that is in it to last. Silicone, polyurethane, and resin are good materials so opt for that.

User Friendliness – Some of today’s penis pumps can be used so much often if they weren’t difficult to use. Strapping on a pump should not feel like an hour-long project. It has to be user-friendly, or easy to use, without any complex operation.

Design – They say appearance isn’t almost everything, but explain to that to a girl that looked at your tiny penis. Well, the design might be deceiving, but a pump that looks complex or even hideous means it’s poorly made, there are more best option out there. Don’t have to be vain, but don’t be desperate to go for badly designed pumps.

Cost – At the end of the day, the price matters to us all. Enhancing your penile is super thrilling and essential, but so is having warmth and lighting fixtures.

Spending an excessive amount on a pump is ridiculous. Look for average costs and that meets your budget.

Being mindful of these factors in your purchase, you should be able to come up with the decision and choose from the most effective penis pumps in the market.


A penis pump is a useful and versatile male enhancement system which can improve your penis size, notably the girth. It can also help you to fix erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and premature climax issues.

Before using a penis pump, consult with your doctor should it be suitable for your problem. Your doctor will ask questions on your overall health, including medication you’re taking, any traumas you have now or have had in past or surgical intervention that you had in your penis, testicles or prostate. Seek medical advice to avoid any harmful reaction on your body. It’s your penis that we’re talking and you certainly don’t want to harm this part of the body that provides pleasure.

Do you have questions, comments, and reactions, let us know in the section below.


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