Beetroot Benefits for Men in Bed – How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Like any other plant, beetroot has unique characteristics that make it suitable for all kinds of medical affections.

It is rich in vitamins and minerals, but it is also tasty and can be used in a wide plethora of recipes.

Drinking beet juice has numerous benefits – most men have no idea about the beetroot benefits for men, though.

The beet juice has many effects on the human body, but there is something special about its benefits over erectile function.

So, what should you know about this wonder juice?

General Health Benefits Of Beetroot

Beetroot will boost the lungs and heart function – ideal for blood vessels and blood pressure, especially during exercise.

And if you think about it, sex is considered a form of exercise with a happy ending. Drink beet juice, and you will get plenty of nitric oxides, which boost the blood flow to the muscles.

Beetroot juice is also rich in folate – also known as vitamin B9, which adds to the health of your cells. It controls damage to your blood vessels, reducing the risks of heart affection – strokes will be successfully prevented as well.

Beets are helpful against high blood pressure. They lower blood pressure due to the high amounts of nitrates. Blood vessels will dilate but also relax, meaning the blood will travel freely – an actual necessity for erectile dysfunction too.

You can buy fresh beets and make your own juice, look for juice bars mix beet or find vendors that sell beet juice – opt for a natural product. It will boost the immune system by promoting the development of good bacteria, which is also great for the immune system.

The Link Between Beetroot And Erectile Dysfunction

Besides being used as a natural high blood pressure medication, the nitric oxide beet juice will dilate blood vessels.

Lowering blood pressure means blood will travel with no issues at all – and this is exactly what you need for a healthy erection.

Now, what else should you know about this connection?

Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure occurs when blood vessels are too tight or covered in various deposits on the inside – such as cholesterol. Beets appear to affect circulation in a positive manner. Now, high blood pressure is often associated with erectile dysfunction because the blood cannot always reach the penis.

Sustained blood pressure lowering will help you avoid this issue. The interesting part is that this is the most common cause of ED in men – the impossibility to get an erection or maintain it due to the poor blood flow throughout the body.

Create the best juice or find them in many juice bars – you might as well buy them from many health foods stores – and the nitrates in the composition will lower the blood pressure. A cup a day might be more than enough to experience this unique advantage.

Extra cGMP In The Body

Reduced blood pressure beets will go even further – beet root juice will provide plenty of cGMP throughout the body. You can enjoy beet juice safely and at the same time, help your arteries relax. As they relax, they also dilate, allowing even more blood to go through – excellent for your erections.

cGMP stands for cyclic guanosine monophosphate. Beetroot is one of the few root vegetables providing such effects – plus, it lowers blood pressure. Believe it or not, many ED medication pills work on the same principles – they make the body recycle cGMP and reuse it.

Foods rich in nitrates increase the flow to the penis – such as celery juice too. You can also try to monitor blood sugar levels, but overall, a decent intake of such foods will prevent the necessity of drugs at a later stage. Most renal and urology news journals recommend nitrate-rich foods for such issues.

More Nitric Oxide In The Body

Have regular beet juice, and you will notice improvements straight away. When a person eats beets, the nutrients will be absorbed into the body within minutes only. When a person stops eating beets, these effects will slightly fade away if you have pressure problems.

Adding regular beet juice will add more nitric oxide to your body. This substance keeps the pressure in the corpus cavernosum high – you need it to obtain and maintain the erection throughout sexual activity.

Corpus cavernosum is a tissue that fills up with blood when you get an erection. More blood in this tissue will add to your erection. You can use medical vacuum pump for ED to produce more blood to your penile. Pressure will keep the blood trapped in the area.

You can have the body produce nitric oxide itself, but more is better, especially if there is a deficiency.

You can find a dietary supplement to help with the production as well.

How To Use Beetroot Juice For ED

The general idea is fairly simple to understand – beet root juice dilates blood vessels and provides plenty of other health benefits with its high amounts of vitamins and minerals, such as manganese, potassium, or iron. Now, how do you have it for maximum efficiency?

Beet juice helps more if you prepare it yourself. In other words, the best way to have this juice is to make it yourself. Get some fresh beets – keep the greens, do not get rid of them. Clean them thoroughly, then throw everything into a juicer or a blender.

Processing fresh beets will give you better results – beet juice may also help if processed, but the effects will be less significant. Other than that, you can also find bottled beet juice in pretty much every natural health store or juice bar. Some places may even sell shots of beet juice – all fresh, of course.

Beets tend to be naturally sweet and improve blood flow as soon as they are absorbed into the body. Eating beets will give you a sweet beverage, so there is no need to add sweeteners or anything alike. If you dislike the taste, you can always add more healthy ingredients to the mix.

If you dislike the sweetness of beet root, add some carrot, celery, or ginger, apart from whole beets. Apples and oranges also work well in this combo – at the end of the day, it depends on what you like to drink.

Beet root juice will open blood vessels immediately and makes a good addition to your healthy diet – even better when mixed with other root vegetables. There is no such thing as a daily recommended dose – or daily allowance.

However, if you suffer from any conditions that might be affected by beetroot juice, discuss it with your doctor. In theory, there should be no problem if you manage to open blood vessels, but then, a discussion with a specialist is still needed.

Risks And Considerations

There are no medically reviewed side effects of beetroot juice. Besides the possibility to increase blood flow, beets provide other health benefits when served fresh – the essential vitamins, for instance. But then, you should still have beet juice in moderation.

Beet root is considered the natural little blue pill – there are certain substances in beets called betalains. Even though nitric oxide helps sustain sexual health, excessive drinking is not recommended. Vitamin C is another solid vitamin that will support the body.

The possibility to increase nitric oxide should not have any side effects. However, some people can find their urine slightly colored. This is a condition called beeturia – it makes the urine red even if you have small amounts of beets.

The condition is less likely to cause problems – it will go away once you stop the supplementation.

While beet promotes weight loss and offers access to a healthy dietary nitrate, you may want to consider other high nitrate foods if you have had kidney stones before. Beetroot is high in oxalates, yet many other foods have decent amounts of them.

With all these, you need to maintain a balance. Avoiding high oxalate foods is contraindicated because they are super nutritious. But on the same note, you should not exaggerate with your consumption. On the other hand, if you take drugs for high blood pressure, keep the beetroot juice intake under control.

Despite the earthy flavor and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, beets are high in sugar. If you suffer from diabetes, seek treatment from a doctor instead.

Other Lifestyle Factors That Can Reduce ED

A healthy lifestyle is the best treatment for erectile dysfunction. You may not control every factor causing it, but most of them can be easily avoided. If you smoke, quit it – your whole body will thank you for it. Excessive drinking is also a common cause of ED.

Overweight? Maintain a healthy weight. It will not happen overnight, but the results will pleasantly surprise you and give you a healthier approach against ED. Stay active and exercise regularly – half an hour or one-hour long walks will do if you are too inactive.

Stick to a healthy diet and discuss the opportunity to handle other health conditions with a doctor – diabetes, heart affections, or high blood pressure. Finally, ED can also be caused by stress and extreme anxiety too – learn to manage them or discuss them with a psychotherapist.


Beetroot juice and ED are highly connected. ED is most commonly caused by the lack of blood flow in the penile area, and beetroot juice promotes healthy circulation.

Keep in mind that this medical condition can be kept under control, but feel free to discuss it with your partner too.

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