Average Penis Size: What Is Normal Length And Girth Of Erect Penises

If you’re just like most men, you probably wondering what’s the average penis size. You might be thinking if your penis is just the norm for everyone else.

For a long time, there’s also a myth that a man’s shoe size is related to his penile length. Well, that’s not really the case.

This has prompted scientific studies to try and answer the question men (and women) have always asked: Is there a normal size of the male penis?

Not surprisingly, a lot of men are not satisfied with their penis. They feel anxious about whether their manhood is large enough to bring sexual satisfaction to their sex partner.

Essentially, the idea of the ‘standard penis size’ can greatly affect a guy’s self-esteem and how he would proceed with his sex life. More often, these beliefs are without basis.

To find out what’s the real answer to the question regarding the average size of a man’s member, we’ve dug deep into the facts of penile sizes based on medical research and personal reports. Knowing so would provide you that comfort to know that your phallus is just within the mean of the penises around the world.

What Is the Average Penis Size?

In reality, there’s no standard penile length, width, or size of men’s manhood. The reason for this is that there are boys who have different genes and grow at different rates.

However, there’s a general consensus in terms of what’s the typical size of a flaccid and erect penis based on medical research and personal reports.

Most of the men’s penile average length falls around 3.5 when it’s soft.

Though there’s nothing wrong if it’s shorter than this number. Also, many factors affect the size of a man’s member. The penis may become smaller temporarily due to cold temperature, swimming, or tight underwear.

On the other hand, the normal erect penis size (or penis size when it’s hard) could range from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches.

More so, the erect penis length can vary in terms of angle. It can likewise slightly bend to the right or left, with varying shapes. These variations in angles and directions further provide a range of sizes of erect penises.

Every penis has unique characteristics that young boys develop as they mature. A male usually see changes in his penis between the ages of 12 and 19 years old. The penis and testes usually develop rapidly in puberty, where penis size continues growing until the boy reaches 21 yrs old.

So, if we take this “mean”, having 5 inches erect penis length is a “normal” size.

Average Erect Penile Length And Circumference

So, what does the actual research say in terms of the length of a flaccid and erect penis?
The BJU International Research compiles data from 17 studies, where they take into account a systematic review of nomograms of 15 521 men and placed them into percentiles.

For instance, a hard erect penis of 6.5 inches is within the 95th percentile of the participants. This means that for every 100 guys, 5 dudes would have a dick longer than 6.5 inches.

Also, the study found that those with an erect penis of 3.95 inches is within the 5th percentile. This means that five out of every 100 men generally have an erect penile that’s shorter than 3.95 inches.

In the 2018 PubMed study, researchers looked into the normal size that includes the penis length and circumference from 1,661 males in the United States.

The standard measurements for the erect penis were 5.6 inches in length, with a mean of 4.8 inches in circumference/girth.

Average Flaccid Penile Length And Circumference

The penis stays most of the time in a flaccid state, where it’s soft and hangs loose. This flaccid state is known as the penis at rest.

According to the 2018 PubMed study, The standard flaccid length of the penis is 4.5 in when stretched. The mean circumference of a soft penis is 3.6 inches, with the girth measurement at its widest.

Important to note that the flaccid penis can usually temporarily change in size based on external factors like temperature, water, or tightness of underwear.

For instance, the cold weather can make a soft loose penis become shrink smaller in a short period. This usually happens since the body will try to protect the penis from the cold temperature.

Interesting to note from a study of the Journal of Urology that the length of the average flaccid penis does not determine the same mean when it’s erect in a percentile. Simply, guys with erections of similar size in penile length can have a varying length in the flaccid.

So, some can have a short soft penis that can stretch longer when it gets hard. While there can be some with longer flaccid penises but shorter than the norm when it’s erect.

Penile Size And Sexual Orientation

In one study from the Archives of Sexual Behavior, it reveals the correlation between penile size and sexual orientation.

The penile dimensions were assessed, with homosexual men reporting larger penises than a straight or heterosexual male.

It explains findings provide of prenatal hormonal levels that affect sexual orientation development and penile size.

Normal Penis Erect Length Based On Self-Reports

Aside from medical studies, the measurement of penis sizes can also be determined based on personal reports or cock sizes as self-measured by males. The surveyed participants submitted their own data.

Normal penis size based on personal reports put the average length at 6 inches. However, men’s self-report measurements are often viewed as inaccurate.

According to the peer-reviewed journal, Psychology of Men Masculinity, most guys overestimate their penis sizes in self-reporting. The research asked 170 college males who are taking a sexuality course.

The results showed that “guys that have sexual experience” would most likely “overestimate their penis size”, compared to virgin males or those with no sexual experience.

The researchers hypothesize that “men with sexual experience” tend to feel a “higher sense of masculinity, competence, and sexual prowess,” which they infer for the size of their manhood.

What’s The Best Method To Evaluate Average Penile Sizes

So, which research study or report provides the best method in finding the correct measurement mean of flaccid, erect, and stretch penis?

According to an abstract from the International Journal of Impotence Research, there’s no real consensus on how to evaluate the penile dimensions. They’ve looked into the various methods and systematic reviews on reports on the measurement of penile length and girth that includes Cochran Library, PubMed, and Google Scholar.

The International Journal of Impotence did not find definitive evidence that would make a given measuring method favorable over the others.

How to Measure Your Penis Size

Do you want to measure your penis so you have an idea of how it compares to the typical penis size of other males?

Start measurement from the top of your penis, right at the tip of your glans (the round part of the penile head), then extend measure tape to where the penis connects to your body’s pubic bone.

Try to compress the fat (if any) in front of the pubic bone when you measure. Do not include the length of any foreskin.

To measure the girth of your penis, locate the widest part of your member, the wrap the measuring tape around it. The widest part of the penile circumference is usually in the middle of the shaft (the body of the penis).

The dimensions of the penis actually extend into the back behind your testes, though when the erect length is measured, this is not included in studies.

Penis Length And Girth Size Chart

Knowing the penis size is not just important for self-assessment, it’s essential when you want to buy condoms. This is also important if you’re looking for a comfortable fit for boxers or briefs. Here’s a simple guide for penis length and circumference.

Small (Snug Fit)6.7" to 7.08"1.92" to 2.08"
Medium(Regular Fit)7.28" to 7.9"2" to 2.13"
Large (Larger Fit)7.87" to 8.46"2.13" to 2.24"

How Many Guys Have 7 Inches?

Journal of Sexual Medicine study found 15% of men have 7 inches penis size, with only 2% of guys having 8 inches penile length.

Important to note that the opening of vaginal tissues can expand, though a 7 inches long cock can be quite longer than the vaginal canal of the woman.

If your girl has a shorter torso or generally shorter in height, this long size can be an excruciating experience for them and can be quite dangerous to their organs.

Is 9 Inches A Good Size?

While men can only dream of having a 9” long phallus, the truth is finding girls who want to have that size inside them would be challenging.

Notwithstanding, if your partner has experience on this length where they’re comfortable to receive this length in penetration, the majority of ladies would have discomfort in a nine-inch. They would be intolerable to the lengthy size and would not enjoy sex.

This especially true for petite girls born with small vaginas. Even if many guys would find it pleasurable to penetrate a tight pussy, women would complain of pain on the penetration of these large cocks.

This is the reason some ladies develop anxieties about sex and they avoid sex with men altogether.

Is 6 Inches Girth A Good Size?

While most guys would do anything in the world to have a longer penis, some find satisfaction in a fat cock.

The most common question we’ve read online is whether a 6-inch girth a good size? This is actually a good circumference size for the penis compared to the typical girth between 4.67″ and 4.97″. Well, yes, having a 6-inch girth is a good size.

In fact, based on some feedback from girls, they speak positively of more than average penis circumference.

So, take this into account if you’re one of the majority of guys who have been obsessed with having a super long penis.

Do Tall Guys Have Bigger Penis?

Though studies from NCBI suggests that men above 6 ft can most likely have above average cock size with relation to shoulder to hip ratio, there’s no correlation that the taller the man, the longer and bigger is his manhood.

Based on personal reports in forums, the penis size of tall men can vary. There’s a 6’8 guy who only has 5 inches, a 6’1 dude with 8 inches, and a 5’10 man with a 7-inch penis.

It’s easy to assume that tall people can have super long 8 to 10 inch penises. However, in reality, this is not the case and there’s actually no connection.

How Small Penis Is Too Small For Women?

So, do women really put a lot of importance on the size of their partner’s penis? How do girls view men with the average-sized phallus or smaller?

Many men would usually be very concerned about their penis size thinking they wouldn’t be able to satisfy their partner if it’s smaller than the mean. This is especially true when some guys see themselves naked and starts feeling anxious about their manhood.

In reality, having a normal range member can be efficient and provide women with just as better orgasms if men know how to grind it.

Men who have an average range of 5 to 6 inches can be just as fine to go with a sex partner and have a successful sex life.

This average penile size is acceptable and the norm, which you can easily insert with any consenting partner. This can fit comfortably into a women’s vagina and can be comfortable in anal sex just in case.

Having an average cock size or smaller also allows you to maneuver better and penetrate targeted stimulation in her pussy.

According to a study of peer review journal PLOS One, researchers asked 75 sexually active women with regards to penis sizes. They were asked what would they prefer in a one-night stand and a long-term relationship.

For one time sex, women preferences on the average penile size is 6.5 inches long, with 5 inches in girth. In long-term relationships, girls would like a penis that’s 6.3 inches long, with 4.8 inches circumference. In comparison to the mean based on reports, these numbers were just slightly higher than the penis size average.

In another study published in BMC Women’s Health, the research found that ladies prefer penile girth or circumference is more important to them. That’s in contrast to most men’s perceptions of sexual satisfaction that penis length fulfills their partner.

So, taking into account women’s preferences for penis size, it does not align with the general perception of men on their penis size which can have an effect on their self-esteem and body image.

Guys who feel self-conscious of their manhood size may even experience anxiety and emotional problems during sex which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Having erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual health problems that ruin sex lives and break relationships.

It’s important to note that having average or below the norm penis size is not the end of the world. With regards to sexual intercourse, having a bigger cock is not always better. Women do not view the penis size of their man as a deal-breaker in relationships.

Erect States Guidelines for Penile Augmentation

If you’ve measured your penis and think you really below the average size of your penis, you might be asking if you can increase your penis size.

Well, you can do so. However, you have to carefully decide if you want to increase the size of the phallus. Doctors consider the penis flaccid and erect states before they recommend augmentation.

According to a study of the Journal of Urology, it’s recommended that those with a soft penis length below 1.6 inches or an erect penis that’s less than 3 inches should only be the ones to considered lengthening their penile.

Though there are many options to increase the penis such as penis pumps, penis extenders, penis pills, hormone treatment, and penile surgery – you should initially seek a psychological evaluation with a therapist.

Going to a doctor can address your concerns and can give you professional advice. You would know if you really have a small penis or you just within the mean. Proceeding to psychological counseling can also clear up any unrealistic perception of the size of the male penis.

Most experts suggest undergoing consultation if you have concerns about small penis size and thinking of lengthening their penis through surgery or other penis enlargement methods. Doctors often note that many men overestimate the size of an average penis, perhaps based on adult videos they’re used to watch.

In a study from Mondaini N et al published in PubMed, they found men to be concerned over penile size with a common desire to have a longer penis. Of the 68 males who seek medical consultation with regards to their short penis, none of them have severely short penises.

In the 2019 report, the general motivation that men seek treatment often experience issues on their self-image, lack of self-confidence, desire to impress women, and other psychological factors.


While it’s true a lot of men put great importance on the size of their penis, the reality is this measurement is just part of how humans can enjoy sexuality. Unless you like to work in the adult industry, women or any sex partner does not put seriousness on penis size.

Yes, some women would say the stimulation of a larger penis gives them pleasure. However, the majority of ladies look for an emotional and intellectual connection with their partner.

When it comes to sexual function, well, average size or smaller is just as effective. You can have a penis that’s near or below the average penis size, but you can make up with performance such as foreplay, cunnilingus skills, or just great enthusiasm and creativity in sex.

If you do feel that your member is really small and that you would like to increase penis size, be sure to consult with a urologist with regards to your concerns and the augmentation options available for you.


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