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If you feel embarrassed because of your penis size, inability to hold an erection, and even premature ejaculation, it’s time to take some action. I have sex problems myself just like many other men around the world. But I like to start satisfying relationships and passionate sex life, so I started to search and find solutions to my penile size and performance issues.

Fortunately, I discovered male enhancement products and penis enlargement devices. After regular use in a year, I feel like a teenager who just found out about sex. My sex drive got a boost, I developed longer and harder erections, and my cock gained additional length and girth!

Right now, I feel confident to ask women to go out. I know I can provide the sexual performance and satisfaction that ladies want from a man.

You may have arrived at my site in search of answers to your problems on erectile dysfunction, rapid climax, and small penis size. Well, look no further coz you’re in the right place.

Be sure to read all my articles here as I’ll share with you tips, strategies and of course the best male enhancement and penis enlargement products available right now.

Best Penis Enlargement Creams to Grow Your Penis Size

What is penis enlargement cream? Penis creams are topical medications that you externally apply to your dick, where it enhances and improve the size of your manhood. The products available provide various levels of efficiency and strength based on the formulation and blend of penis enlargement ingredients.

When you apply these ingredients into the penile area, it infuses into the bloodstream in your genitals. Its process works the same way as anesthetics, since you may feel tingling sensations in your genitals which shows how the ingredients work to bring you the results in penile size gain.

The warmth feeling that you feel in your skin is the nitric oxide boost that flows into the penis area, which is the reason for more blood to flow towards your manhood.

This healthy rush of blood into your shaft then engorges your whole penis. It then makes it solid, hard and enlarged. Also, you’ll notice that your cock stays hard longer than usual and you can control the timing on how you ejaculate, which is how your body starts to learn how to delay the release of your cum. This shows the positive effects on how the penis cream work.

For ejaculation issues, I highly recommend male enhancement penis delay creams for their efficiency. This allows you to hold off your cum, so you can enjoy and have sex longer. In turn, this provides you to extend sex time and display your stamina in bed, making sure your woman is satisfied.

Trying to control the ejaculation of your semen is not as easy as it seems. Of course, you wanted to delay it as long as possible so you can spend more time with your partner. A delayed climax allows you to explore your bodies longer, which strengthens your relationship.

MaxMan, Strongman, and Lanthome are the best selling penis creams right now, with lots of positive reviews and feedback from its users. I’ve used penis creams for more than a year and have since noticed an increase in sexual pleasure, as I don’t ejaculate early. However, there’s something more shocking which I discovered after more than a year of use. I also achieved gains in penis girth and length.

If you’re looking for male enhancement products that can take care of your sexual issues in the size and stamina department, the penis creams are highly recommended. You’ll be able to fulfill your sexual fantasies with your lover since you’ll spend long nights with her with more stamina for sex.

You should be able to surprise your lady on how you perform in bed and they’ll be shocked as they have yet seen this version of you before. As you penetrate in and out, she’ll repeat how much they enjoy sex with you. Be sure to use and apply penis creams every day to get the results you want.

The penis enlargement cream is your cost-effective way if you want penis growth, hard erection and longer duration in sex.

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Penis CreamRatingPrice CheckFeaturesBottle Size
4.9Shop HereEffective sex enhancement cream. Get hard, big, longer erection. Girth size gains with the daily use.60 grams
Strong Man Herbal
4.8Shop HereBoosts larger, fuller erection. Smells good with sex enhancing the aroma. Also delays ejaculation. Size gains with the long-term regular use.50 grams
Lanthome XXL Men
4.7Shop HereBoost harder and longer erection. With transdermal nanotechnology for penis absorption. Cares to help you in ejaculation. Effective penis enhancement cream.50 ml

Best Penis Enlargement Oil To Grow Your Penis Size

If you’re looking for a natural treatment on male enhancement, I recommend you check out penis enlargement oils. Using sex oil on your penis is the best way to enhance your penis size, ejaculation time, and erection quality.

No one wants painful surgery which most guys can’t afford, so your best option is to use penis enlargement oils. Using penis oils has lots of benefits and all you need to do is just apply to your genital area. Oils have a good aroma, they smell great and this also helps put you in a good mood for sexual activities. This can then bring you a stronger sex drive, more energy for longer sex, and harder erections for women’s sexual satisfaction.

Simply massage penis enhancement oils in your cock regularly to make it longer, firmer and larger. Penis oils are one of the trusted topical applications on male enhancement.

The ingredients go into the bloodstream when applied to the male genital skin. They’re generally safe to apply and use since the ingredient in oils comes from natural ingredients. Essentially, you want sex products without worrying about substances that can harm your body. Often, this would depend on the product, ingredient formula.

That’s why I recommend that you get the penis oil products that I talked about in this review. I bought and tested the male enhancement products and I can attest that it works for me.

The ingredients in penile oils include amino acids and also essential nutrients like arginine. These ingredients are known for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and they have been known to help folks with other sexual problems.

The Lanthome Penis Oil, VigRX, and MK Penis Enlargement Oils are my top recommended penis oils. This is based on good reviews and positive feedback from users. Use penis oil regularly and you’ll notice growth in length and girth by a couple of centimeters. I use penis enlargement oils along with penis pump and penis extender for best results. I usually massage the penis oil daily for a couple of minutes waking up and before going to bed.

The best thing about using penis oils is that it’s made from 100% natural ingredients. Yes! they’re safe to apply to your cock. I drop some amount in my palm and then massage the penile head, shaft, and balls. This smells good too, so it will lead you to a great mood in sex.

How do penis enlargement oils work? By enhancing the circulation in your genitals, so you’ll have a quality strong erection every time you drop your shorts. For the best results, you should also do penis exercises using penis pumps and penis extenders.

I discovered how to best use penis oils and that you also need to do some exercises like pumping and stretching since this works out the arteries and tissues in the penis. You usually apply the sex oil on your penis before exercise, so the vitamins and nutrients get absorbed faster.

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Penis OilsRatingPrice CheckFeatures
Lanthome Herbal Penis Oil
4.9/5Shop HereEnhances your sex drive. Boosts larger, fuller erection. Smells good with sex enhancing the aroma. Also delays ejaculation. Size gains with the long-term regular use.
Boarun Penis Oil
4.8/5Shop HereFast absorption. Organic ingredients. Harder solid erection. Nonsticky feel. Well known sex product company. Treats ejaculation issues. Penis growth with the long-term regular use
MK Penis Enlargement Increase Oil
4.8/5Shop HereUses natural sex health enhancers. Enlarges your cock safely. Noticeable size gains in length and girth. Boosts nitric oxide, for more blood flow. Improvement in erection quality. Helps in ejaculation problems.

Penis Enhancement Supplements That Really Work

It’s natural to desire and so does your partner that you both be fulfilled with blissful orgasms. If you feel you have lost your stamina and vitality and it influences how you have sex, you may want to try out male enhancement supplements. An erection that has gone wrong is frustrating and most men don’t have any idea what to do with it. Well, you can start taking male enhancement pills to bring you that youthful sexual excitement again.

You need to have long sex time if you want satisfaction for both you and your partner. However, in some cases, stress and age have effects in influencing how you perform in bed.

Give yourself a shot for that exceptional sex again with harder erections by using male enhancement tablets.

The best selling male enhancement pills right now are Delay men sex pills and Ejacutrol sex pills. I can attest after months of use that it can give you solid erections, better stamina, increase testosterone levels and even help last longer in bed.

These male enhancement pills have been tried and tested by thousands of users around the world. Throughout the years, users share their positive reviews and feedback on their efficacy. The male sex pills work by increasing nitric oxide into the penis, so your cock gets massively engorged, and in turn, help you satisfy your love.

Other than helping you get that bigger hard-on, male enhancement also increases your vitality and stamina in sex. You’ll feel like a young stud who hasn’t had intercourse for a long time. It should enable you to unwind so you’re most relax and do not hurry in sex.

I recommend that you use male sex pills if you want to treat untimely discharge of your cum. Keep in mind that male enhancement pills work best if you also incorporate a healthy lifestyle as well as doing penis exercises.

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Penis Sex PillsRatingPrice CheckBenefitsBottle Contents
Delay Men Sex Pills
4.9Shop HereIncreased strength and stamina. Boost testosterone levels. Harder longer erections. Fights premature ejaculation. Promotes hormonal balance.60 capsules
Ejacutrol Male Pills
4.8Shop HereEnhances your stamina in sex. Made of natural herbs. Increases libido and sex drive. Gives intense orgasm. 18 pills
Morgasm Climax Pill
4.8Shop HereEnhances libido. Heightens sexual pleasure. Works effectively and quick. Uses natural ingredients.60 capsules per
Male Extra
4.7Shop HereBigger and harder erections. Helps you last longer in bed. Enhances sexual stamina.60 Capsules
VigRX Plus
4.6Shop HereGet the long solid erection. Boost endurance in sex. Increased erections length and girth.60 capsules

Best Penis Extenders And Penis Stretchers to Increase Length Size

In case you’re not satisfied with the size of your dick, there’s an answer to your sexual embarrassment. I’ve used penis extenders regularly and now I have some smile on my face. Before I used penile extenders, I have no confidence in the workplace, bars, beach and other places where you have a chance to meet women.

I see that somehow guys want self-assurance to show women a sizeable cock. All things considered, man don’t want to feel they have a little penis before they have sex with their partner.

A larger penis is definitely a lift on how you meet ladies, since you know yourself that you can fulfill the needs of their vagina. I know that coz I’ve been there and being little in the manhood is awful on sex. Women know that! That’s the reason I’m happy to share with you my reviews on the best penis extenders.

At some point, you may have thought if growing a small penis is even possible. Well, I can attest to you that it is!

Size Doctor, Size Genetics, and Male Edge are the top penis extenders and penis stretchers right now. It has picked up a significant number of good reviews from users for its effectivity in expanding the penile size.

The penis stretchers are innovative and extraordinarily designed sex device, following years of profound research. The experienced by those who have used it after periods of tests indeed proved on how it can boost the penile size to a more respectable sized dick.

Penis extenders work by developing new tissues, where it stretches the male genitals after longer periods of use. The cylinder tip and support bars then support the size and weight of you’re penile.

This male sex product is user-friendly, so most men can startvwith it and have no difficulty with its use. It’s helpful in every aspect for those with small length size as you get to increase your cock size length after long periods of wearing.

Penis extenders functions by protracting your penis, while it even develops the glans or head. This can likewise address penile shape, so you can start fulfilling the ‘desire for big cock’ of your partner.

The number of positive reviews from users demonstrates the best results that penis stretchers brings to them after regular use. The penis extenders I recommend here have a success rate up to 99%, so you can get as much as 1 to 2 inches long, with your glans increasing up to 70% in size.

Also, in the event you have Peyronie’s, a curved or bend penis, it can also straighten up to 90% after only 8-10 months use.

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Penis ExtendersRatingPrice CheckFeaturesSuccess Rate
Size Doctor
5/5Click Here to Buy-Worldwide ShippingSolution for small penis size. Helps straighten penile curvature95%
4.1/5Shop HereEffective in size gain. Improve your erections. Solution for Peyronies Disease.95%
Male Edge
4/5Shop HereUse it for size gain. Aids in overall sexual health. Peyronies Disease treatment.94%

Automatic Electric Vacuum Penis Enlargment Pumps – Top Rated

Most men hoping to increase their sex time, improve erection hardness and bigger size all wanted the same thing, which is to have a lively and better sex life. Well, is there a man who doesn’t want a happy wife that enjoys sex everyday. It’s no surprise how men look for ways and search for sex products like electric penis pumps.

With the majority of the penis enlargement devices around, it’s may be hard for most men to choose for the best in the market. For that, I made this guide to enable guys like you to know whether electric penis pumps can truly bring the gains you desire.

You can familiarize yourself with electric penis pumps in this review and check whether it can truly help you to increase the size and length of your cock. I’ll help you to pick the best ones so you get the bang for the buck to enlarge your dick.

To further help you in your goal to look for that best penis pump, I’ve accumulated three cost-effective penis extender sex products, the absolute best three electric pumps as indicated by excellent design, helpfulness, safety, and effectiveness.

Electric penis pumps is actually just a type of penis enlargement pump that you can get right now in the market. It’s mostly used as an increase-the-penis-size device to help not just in the size, but also improve erection quality. This is the reason why I highly recommend that you get an electronic penis pump, just like different men around the world have done, if you truly want to improve your cock size and erection firmness.

The EVO Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump, New Electric Penis Pump, and Liquid Crystal Rechargeable Automatic Penis Pump are the most affordable and
effective electric vacuum male enhancement pump right now.

Electric penis pumps can be operated simply by a regular guy, it’s not that complicated.

The pumps also provide greater erection improvement and longer ejaculation time. I can say, my recommendation is that you get the Evo Penis Pump as it will give you the money’s worth in case you want to really invest in a penis enlargement device.

The Evo pump has been voted as the best electric penis pump in the market this year, with its basic handheld vacuum framework if you want to use it every day. This is a simple electric pump that you can even control with just one hand.

This can fit men with cocks around 3 to 6 long and 0.5 to 1 inch in width. The EVO Automatic Electric Penis Growth Pump is a reasonably priced penis enlargement device in the market, especially if you have a small penis size.

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Electric Penis PumpRatingPrice CheckPenis GrowthEarliest Results
EVO Automatic Electric Penis Pump
5 / 5Shop Here 2.5 inches2 weeks
New Electric Penis Pump
4.8/ 5Shop Here1.5 inches
2 months
Liquid Crystal Rechargeable Penis Pump
4.8 / 5Shop Here1.5 inches
2 months

Best Water Penis Pump For Longer and Thicker Penis Enlargement

If you’ve been worrying about penis size, it’s only natural but can be debilitating your confidence on how you look and maintain relationships with a partner. After all, you’re always worrying that you wouldn’t be able to satisfy the sexual needs of your girl.

If you’ve been looking for a solution to small penis online for a long time now, you may have heard about the male enhancement product penis pump and already have questions on its effectiveness, type, and use.

I’ll show you in this section if it’s possible to enlarge your cock using penis pumps. I’ll give you a full rundown of the best water penis pumps available in the market right now.

You’ll learn how a device like a penile hydro pump function and how it effectively work to help you get a bigger Dongo and get a rock-solid boner. Would a water penis pump help solve your wildest dream to be a sex machine for the ladies?

So, what is a water penis pump? A water penis pump is also called a hydro pump, where it uses water to make a vacuum rather than air. This is another process in penile pumps, yet it’s significantly been demonstrated to be more powerful than customary penile pumps using only air tension. This kind of penis pump resembles just like any standard sex pump cylinder but uses water inside the device to help your penis grow.

I’ve purchased and tried different penis enlargement products and used them every day in the past year and so far had found 2/3 inches gain in size.

From my research, I found there were good and effective brands online. I bought varieties of Bathmate and Penomet so I could look at them and have since been using them for as part of masturbation and also prepare before sex.

Hydromax X-Series comes at the top and is my recommendation since it demonstrated very well that it can help you to improve the size and also boost erection quality.

Hydro penis pumps are approved by medical specialists and studies showing how it can also help those dealing with a curved penis or Peyronie’s.

An affordably priced penis growth device, the Hydromax X-Series is one of the best selling male enhancement products around the world.

Think about it, the hydro penis pump is convenient. You can use it while taking a bath in the shower and the penile device comes handy in the morning as you prepare for work, business, or class. The hydro penis pump has undergone improvements throughout the years.

Bathmate has come out with a series of water penis pumps in different sizes, dimensions, and tension. The X-Series penile pumps come in as the most efficient if you have a cock that’s as small as under 3 inches.

The same features and qualities can be said on other brands like Penomet. Anyway, the benefits that your penis will get using these devices is more than having a hard, firm and full erection – it’s practically what every man would ask for to improve their sex life.

Depending on how often and how you use a water penis pump, you can look forward to an increase in length and circumference of your penis. However, you must go for a high quality hydro penile pump, as this will help you get the results and gains you want.

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Water Penis PumpRatingSiteGains in lengthGain in girth
HydroMax X-Series
5/5Shop Here2-3 inches35%
Hydromax Xtreme
4/5Hydromax Xtreme
25% or 2-4 inches30%
Penomet Penile Pump
4/5Shop Here3 inches30%

Best Penis Enlargement Pumps – Get Porn Star Size Dick

Ask any dude what change would they want in their body. Having an increase in penis size will not be a surprise. Why is that? Well, whether you deny it or not, size does matter to ladies.

Having a large penis does have lots of influence on how you maintain relationships and it’s true since you feel there’s a need to fulfill your partner. Regardless of whether you agree with this or not, the size of your penis will most likely determine how masculine you are in front of your girl.

Who wouldn’t want to see a woman shake in orgasm in bed from a big cock? An enormous penis shows that you can give what ladies want the most in sex. Don’t ever think that size is not a great deal on women, because it is! That’s a mistake a few guys always think that size don’t matter and many feel bad after they discover this themselves and lost relationships and their sex life.

Right now, it’s a good thing that penis enlargement pumps right now have been designed to help men treat sexual issues aside especially small size problems. I have searched and tested the best penis pumps in the market right now that you can use to get a more full bigger cock.

One of the highly recommended brands today is the EVO Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump. I’ve tried standard penis pumps in the past and all I got was tired hands and arms. If you have a job in office, driving, or machinery, you need to work your hands for hours and that would be tiring. By the time you use a manual penis pump, you can’t hold the pump to work the pump in your penis.

An automatic male enhancement device helps you maximize the use of a penis pump, without tension on your arms and hands. This automatic penis pump’s design has given lots of users a atuomatic way to work on penis enlargement exercises without getting tired.

EVO is a top-rated male enlargement gadget that stands apart from other brands because of its advanced and innovative design. You’ll see the measurement on the pump that allows you to monitor your progress. The EVO penis pump includes a new incredible suction control, but it’s easy to operate and has good quality, at different speeds.

For the most part, a penis pump like Evo is an affordable way for you to improve erection and increase size. A penis pump is a helpful male enhancement product that can improve your penis size as well as the circumference. It can likewise help you fix erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and quick ejaculation issues.

Yo can buy Evo Penis Pump below. You can also choose my other recommended penis enlargement pumps.

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EVO Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump
Shop HereAir/ Electric2-4 inches35%
Canwin Penis Pump
Shop HereWater/Air2 inches25%
Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme-Series
Shop HereWater/Air2-3 inches30%
Bathmate Hydro Pump X-Series
Shop Here
Water/Air25% or 2-4 inches35%
Penomet Penis Pump
Shop HereWater/Air3 inches30%